Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

One of, if not the best, means of controlling humanity has been to restrict knowledge of self.  Humans that do not know who they truly are can be taught that they are limited in capability, powerless, separate from each other and all of creation, and therefore need authority figures to instruct them, to protect them, to pass millions of laws telling them what to do and when to do it to avoid penalties.  Because we lack knowledge of self, we assume that the millions of laws exist to guide us,  to create a society that works smoothly.  We, therefore, consent to robotic training, believing “this is life.”   We want to fit in, not stand apart from the norm like a sore thumb.

As a result, humanity has tended to think in terms of I am my physical body and my name is ________.  You may say, “But the Bible says:  “dust you are and to dust you will return.” (Genesis 3:19)  But, we are more, far more, than our physical body!

Dr. Joshua David Stone, in his book SOUL  PSYCHOLOGY:  KEYS TO ASCENSION, provides a diagram of our seven bodies, each of which correspond to one of the 7 major planes of existence.   

seven-bodiesNote: the small human form in the lower part of the diagram.     Many human beings tend to believe this tiny figure is all they are.  In truth, we are Multi-dimensional beings! 

Each of our 7 bodies correspond to one of the 7  major planes of existence.  Each of the 7 planes are characterized by 7 levels of conscious awareness.

7-planesThe human being who believes self to be only the physical body will tend to be conscious only of having emotions, about which many seldom, if ever, mention to anyone.  That same individual will be conscious on the mental plane in so far as he/she has the ability to learn facts.  To think independently is discouraged by authority figures.  Many do not comprehend the Intuitive level enough to gain confidence in this skill.  They sometimes “follow their gut feeling,” but have no real understanding of how to live by their own intuitive guidance.  Some will insist that they believe in being practical and dealing with life as it is.   Sadly, the one who believes self to be the physical body tends to become conscious only on the lower planes of existence.

ASCENSION involves recognition of the multi-dimensional Self that we are and becoming consciously aware of the higher planes of existence.   The biblical account of Mother/Father God creating humanity in their image and likeness, confirms who we truly are–child gods.  We are multi-dimensional beings, not simply a physical body.   ASCENSION means we lift our conscious awareness to higher and higher planes of existence.  We learn to demonstrate the skills characterizing ever-higher planes.

A most meaningful way to evolve to the higher consciousness is to know your Zodiac Sun Sign and the characteristics you need to demonstrate to move from functioning totally on the Personality Centered Consciousness level >>>to Awakening to the Soul-Personality Relationship >>>to functioning totally on the Soul-Centered Consciousness Level.  You may study the characteristics of each level of your Sun Sign by going to:  http://www.pathwaytoascension.com/astrology/index.htm  and scrolling down to your Sun Sign and clicking on it. 

Dr. Kay Johnson-Gentile has written blogs including music to assist you in attuning to your Sun energy and to assist in attuning to higher levels of consciousness.  The music for each Sun Sign is also included  at the above URL 

Enjoy learning who a most interesting individual truly is–YOU!


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