Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

Angel - Prison

 For millennium Planet Earth has been a prison planet, quarantined from full participation in the cosmic community.

Now, in the 2nd year of New Earth, many angels are present with us. These angels are performing myriad tasks; however, all have one ultimate goal—to free humanity from the prison in which we live.

All Earth humans need to be freed in one way or another. As we look for Angels in Disguise, we may find them anywhere.

Preconceived notions of what an angel will be doing will cause us to overlook many, especially those who must play the role of a double agent in order to get the job done.

Let’s look at what is occurring as the result of the potential Angel in Disguise’s work; ask:  what or who is being freed from one sort of prison or another?   Often, we will find the potential Angel to be the object of cruel disinformation with the goal of discrediting her/him. Rather than simply “buying into” the disinformation, may we learn to look for the reason some feel the need to discredit our potential angel … ask: who wants this freedom to be denied Earth humans?

In order to find our potential Angels in Disguise, we must look beyond the borders of any one nation, political party, or religion. Earth, as a prison planet, has existed on the plane of illusion. Truth will be found by lifting our consciousness above all allegiance to a concept that separates Earth humans into “us” and “them.” WE ARE ONE & ANGELS KNOW THAT!

As we seek for Angels in Disguise, let us recognize:   THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT.   They are here to free every man, woman, and child on this planet! Angels do not think in terms of lifting one out of prison and leaving another in chains.

I’ll share a few examples of the potential Angels in Disguise I have/am observing and the freedom for which he/she is/has worked:

 President Obama

Disclosure & the freedom to reunite with our Star Families.

 President Putin

Freedom from the dark cabal’s merciless control of our planet.

 Edward Snowden

Freedom from ever-present surveillance.

 Kevin Annett

Freedom of children from sex trafficking, rape, torture, and murder.

 Maya Angelou

Freedom from the limitations/pain of childhood experiences.

 Paul Luftenegger

Freedom to be all we can be via healing music.

 There are many Angels in Disguise on our planet!

If you would like to share those you believe to be potential Angels in Disguise, please do!