Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

the new you

For the past several years, we have talked a lot about ascension. We say we want to ascend, but do we really?

Are we willing to approach new information about the cosmic community in which we live with an open mind? Do we really want to learn more enough to set aside our intellectual, rational mind that is dependent upon our 5 lower senses to reveal truth? Are we willing to envision the top of our head (where the crown chakra is located) as open wide to receive Truth from our own Higher Self as well as other Higher Beings? Are we willing to open our heart chakra and attune to the Community of Love that exists in the Higher Dimensions? OR, do we insist on viewing life through our two physical eyes that see life from the 3rd dimensional perspective as either black or white, without the loveliness of the brilliant colors within a rare rainbow? Do we notice a rare rainbow in the sky and respond, “I can’t accept that colorful scene because it does not conform to the black and white world to which I am accustomed”?

Western cultures, in particular, have stressed the rational or intellectual mind to an almost complete exclusion of the Higher Intuitive Mind. This emphasis on the rational mind has heretofore been very successful in blocking Truth that can only be revealed by the Intuitive mind.

We readily accept the fact that 12th grade material cannot be understood within the framework of 1st grade information. We would laugh at anyone attempting to read a science textbook with the vocabulary and reading comprehension of the average 1st grader. And yet, when we hear or read metaphysical (meaning beyond the physical) information that we don’t understand, the tendency is to immediately reject it rather than embark on the exciting adventure of learning more about life beyond the physical.

We are taught in Western elementary schools to read with a dictionary close at hand … to look up a word we do not understand. How many of us do that? Do we really want to learn more about what we do not know in this moment? Are we afraid to learn more because we cannot unlearn what we learn and to learn more requires developing a new worldview?

I ask these questions because I find the work that Dr. Kathryn May does presents an abundance of information about our cosmic community that is not widely known. I perceive that she, through her channeling, is revealing the story of how our planet is being transformed into its Golden Age. A loving community of Higher Beings are present with us, working hand in hand with us to transform our planet from a dark, prison planet to a radiate Showplace for our Solar System and beyond.

The following radio show is an example of the more advanced teachings that are now being given to Earth humans as we move toward ascension to Higher or Christ Consciousness.

It might be helpful to write down the new or expanded information you hear on this show. An example is likely to be that the Twin Flames of those Higher Beings, with whom we are familiar, will choose to incarnate into physical bodies in order to work with us on 3rd dimension to help transform Planet Earth.  We can expand our understanding of how members of our cosmic community—who live on higher dimensions—work with us. We can begin to comprehend that we are never alone—that we are one of many—seen or unseen—working together!