Nancy, with Twin Flame, Uriel

 belief shattering

AS THE OLD WORLD CRUMBLES, each of us is likely to feel shattered at some point. We have lived in a Matrix of Lies for thousands of years, while believing life as we experienced it was authentic.

Regardless of the amount of education we have received and where we received it, it has been education within the matrix of lies. To cling to what we have been taught in the past is to close our minds and hearts to the NEW WORLD EMERGING.

The educational degrees we may hold have served us well in the Old World; however, much of the information contained therein is no longer relevant. As Earth humans have awakened and progressed beyond the former use of only 10% of our brains and 2% perception of the world around us, we are finding the Old World Knowledge to be inadequate. Even the world’s sacred texts were written for the Old World and our journey thru life on the plane of duality.

Earth humans cannot make an evolutionary leap and continue to cling to Old Information. We cannot co-create our NEW EARTH using the Old Techniques.

Sadly, we are also learning that many of the people we have trusted and looked to for truth are falling by the wayside. ALL WILL BE REVEALED FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

As we move through these revelations, we are very likely to feel our world is being shattered. We may have invested time and money in the beliefs some have taught. Especially in religious communities, we may have invested our lives. Many have given their lives in fighting wars that we now learn were based on misinformation.

For years, we have looked the other way when truth was being revealed. We wanted to postpone the inevitable—the recognition that the foundation of our lives was never based on truth. We have been afraid to learn the truth … to learn that our sincere motives for taking a particular action were actually based on falsehood.

It is one thing to make blanket statements like “we live in a corrupt world” and a totally different experience to have the individual who created a portion of that corruption to be revealed. We may have supported that individual, admired him/her, and followed the information he/she declared.

The stage of transition we have now entered is one in which individuals will be revealed. Institutions we have revered, supported, and looked to for information or services that appeared to benefit our lives will be revealed for what they truly are.

THE DIVINE PLAN FOR A NEW EARTH IS UNFOLDING! But, first, the Old must be cleared away to make room for the New to be created. ALL IS WELL as we focus on GOD WITHIN US … let go of all our old beliefs … and rejoice that each of us was created in God’s image so we could be a co-creator of our NEW EARTH.

Clinging will make the journey much more difficult. NOW is a time in which to follow the popular phrase “Let go and let God.” Music helps to remind us of the Way!