Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Article originally written in March 2006

Underlined material = Updated August, 2013 

Life on Earth is rapidly changing. For at least the past 2000 years, Earth humans have gone about their lives oblivious to the fact that we live in a solar system within the Milky Way Galaxy within a cosmos—all operating according to an orderly Divine Plan. This lack of knowledge is about to end. Many changes are scheduled for our solar system. Earth will no longer be the home of 3rd dimensional beings; the plane of duality will pass away. All Earth humans who desire to ascend with Planet Earth are to become beings of Light and Love. No negativity will be allowed to enter the 5th dimension. A New Earth and a New Heaven are being created.

Once again, Earth humans will be consciously aware of our galactic brothers and sisters. Many members of our galactic family are already present within Earth’s environs. Now, in 2013, many of our Star brothers and sisters are present on Earth, working–unrecognized– among us.  This video offers visible proof that our galactic family is here to help, not harm humanity.  Here we can see them breaking up the Russian asteriod before it can hit ground.  They possess the technology to protect us in case it is needed.  

Together we will re-create a planet and solar system that functions on the God Ray of Love/Wisdom. Our solar system will once more include 11 visible planets orbiting our Sun. This restored solar system will include the following planets, listed from close proximity to our Sun outward: Vulcan, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Planet X. Pluto will once more be Neptune’s Moon. (Nidle, Your First Contact, pg.220-221.) Sheldan Nidle, who was educated on board a Sirian ship from earlier childhood to his teen years, copyrighted this book in 2000, years before our earth plane scientists announced Pluto was a Moon, not a planet. Note that Sheldan includes Planet X as a planet in our solar system.

One of many signs that the changes are underway is the arrival of Planet X in our part of the solar system as it makes its regular approximately 3600 years orbit around the Sun. Ancient historical records reveal various names for this planet, including the biblical Wormwood (Revelations 8:11), the ancient Sumerians’ Nibiru, the Incas’ Hercolubus, and the modern scientific community’s Planet X.

Although well known in antiquity, our modern astronomers only recently discovered Planet X (1983) in the vicinity of Orion’s Belt. News of Planet X was quickly covered up by the U.S. government and has remained so. Ancient records of Planet X’s periodic arrival near Earth relate stories of tremendous upheaval accompanying its passage. It is likely these stories that are now creating fear; however, our Galactic Family are present with us for a Divine Reason. We are now at the end of the 13 millennium period allowed for humanity to experience the plane of duality (3rd dimension). The Divine Plan is that humanity ascend to the 5th dimension, not that we suffer and die during catastrophic Earth changes. Our Galactic Family are here to see that humanity remains safe while the Earth changes are taking place. Sheldan Nidle has mentioned our Galactic Family can easily accommodate Earth’s population on the millions of ships waiting in our solar system. Some of us may go to Inner Earth. The resources available for humanity’s safe keeping are beyond our present imagination. There is no need for fear. Living on 3Rd dimension has taught us to ask, “But what about our property?” Living on the 5th dimension will amaze all of us … there is no need for concern. Whatever we desire can easily be produced via our Galactic Family’s extremely advanced technology.

Modern astronomers became aware of Planet X as it neared our part of the solar system and became visible through their telescopes. Prior to this discovery, numerous prophecies, including those of Edgar Cayce, predicted catastrophic earth changes. In 1976, Zecharia Sitchin’s book, The 12th Planet, was published. (Sitchin calls Planet X the 12th planet because he is counting Pluto as a planet, rather than Neptune’s Moon.) This book provides astonishing archaeological evidence of Earth’s ancient relationship with extraterrestrials and knowledge of our solar system ‘s history, including the additional planets mentioned above in Nidle’s book, Your First Contact.

During the 1980-1990’s, we heard much talk of the coming pole shifts that would result in major changes in Earth’s crust. For example: John White, editor of Future Science, wrote a book entitled Pole Shift (published in 1980) in which he looked at the scientific predictions as well as the prophecies of natural disasters. As the millennium approached, the prophecies to be found in the biblical Revelation were studied by millions. There we found Revelation 8:10-11. “The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood, and many died from the water, because it was made bitter.” Sitchin’s 12th Planet is known by various names: the biblical Wormwood, the ancient Sumerians’ Nibiru, the Incas’ Hercolubus, as well as the scientific community’s Planet X. Additional names can be found in the ancient legends of many peoples, particularly among the African, South, Central, and North American native tribes. All seem to agree that Planet X, as seen from Earth, is a Red Planet.

It is important to note here that the biblical book of Revelation ends with: “And I saw a new heaven and a new Earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away; and the sea was no more.” (Revelation 21:1) The remaining verses describe the new Earth and the new Heaven. Life does not end, but is transformed. We have entered the New Golden Age.

In 1995, Nancy Lieder erected a website,, on which she has traced the progress of Planet X’s orbit in our part of the solar system and sought to prepare Earth humans for possible massive destruction. Nancy is the spokesperson for one group within our galactic family, the service-to-others Zetas. Using technology far in advance of our astronomers, the Zetas keep us informed regarding Planet X. I followed Nancy closely during the early years. Although she feels her task is to warn humanity regarding possible catastrophic events, she affirmed her hope that my intuitive vision of the Golden Age–instead of major destruction—would take place.

Nancy is another unsong hero. She left a very well paying job to follow the call (her soul contract) to notify humanity of Planet X. During the 1990s, persecution of those called to prepare humanity, was even nastier than it is today. Her beloved husband could not take the cruel persecution to which Nancy has been subjected. He left her. What many never took the time to learn, before seeking to destroy her reputation, is that the Zetas deliberately told her that a big event would occur in 2003. Nothing happened. Nancy was devastated and asked the Zetas why they had misled her. Their reason: they did so because they knew the Illuminati in charge of our world would not warn humanity so we could seek safety. The Zetas wanted humanity to know that we must seek knowledge on our own and follow our intuitive guidance.

During the early 2000’s, hundreds of photos from all over the world documented the presence of Planet X in our solar system. Gradually, from Earth’s perspective, its orbit took it out of sight. Now, in late 2005 and early 2006, Nancy is beginning to receive photos again.

We are also seeing YouTube videos of two Suns and other anomalies in the sky.

HAWAII OBSERVATORY – Posted August 2012

LEBANON – Posted November 2012

Then another portent appeared in heaven: a great red dragon.”

Revelation 12:3

All photos are used with the permission of Nancy Leider

Taken in Italy on Aug. 24th, 2006 at 18:14.       Used with Permission.

Made in Italy on 2/26/06      Used with permission

[Note: once again, Planet X with dust cloud found to the right of the Sun, as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. The leading edge of the closely shrouding dust cloud can be seem within the broader dust cloud trailing. Not a sundog as the Sun’s halo is seen far right.. The vertical line is a common light overload effect in Sun shots.   —–N. Lieder]

Examples of photos to be found on Zeta Talk are below. All photos are used with permission from Nancy Lieder at

Made in Arizona on 2/15/04.

Made in South Africa on 9/29/03.

SUNRISE – Made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 2/25/04

Made in Nevada on 10/5/03

Approximately 1 hour before SUNSET

Increasingly, Earth humans are learning of our true identities as Star Children. Eons ago, we left our home planet and came to Earth for the purpose of caring for it, nurturing its exquisite beauty, and creating a planet of Love/Wisdom.

Through the years, we lost our way; we forgot our reason for being on Earth. In our forgetfulness, we have almost destroyed Earth with our constant warring, misuse of technology, and our environmental abuse. In accordance with the divine Plan for this solar system and galaxy, it is now time for Earth to ascend to the 5th dimension where it may rest in peace and continue on its evolutionary journey. If we, as Earth’s inhabitants, desire to remain with Earth, we must prepare for our own ascension into the 5th dimension. Because the 5th dimension is one of love, peace, joy, and abundance, we must purify our bodies—physical, emotional, and mental—of all negativity. Planet Earth, a living being, must also go through a purification process.

Planet X’s presence in our solar system signifies one means by which Earth may choose to purify. The magnetic pull on Earth, created by the presence of Planet X, causes tension within her being. This influence of Planet X on Earth is documented on Earth humans are presented with a choice: we can choose to continue in our destructive, violent manner – OR – we can transform our behavior. We can clean up our planet. We can declare world peace. We can spread love throughout the world. The more love and appreciation for Mother Earth we engender, the less destructive the Earth changes will be.

In addition to the presence of Planet X in our solar system, we have many visitors from throughout the galaxy. Our galactic sisters and brothers have come to assist us in cleaning up Earth, in remembering who we are as Star Children. Working together, we can transform our planet within a short period of time. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and severe storms are Mother Earth’s way of releasing tension and spewing out the negativity we have driven into her with our nuclear explosions, the raping of her natural resources, the careless dumping of our waste products, and our own destructive—often violent—behavior.

Some traumatic Earth changes are likely because we have brought our planet to the edge of destruction. The continents of Lemuria (buried under the Pacific Ocean) and Atlantis (buried under the Atlantic Ocean) are to re-appear. The divine Plan remains on schedule while Earth humans can use freewill to determine just how much destruction occurs. We also have available the assistance of the Galactic Federation with their marvelously advanced technology. Many Earth humans have for years prayed for this assistance. Our prayers are answered in that our loving galactic family stands ready to help. However, they will not do what Earth humans can do for themselves. We must assist them in every way possible. They will teach us if we listen; they will guide us if we cooperate.

Together, we can quickly return Mother Earth to her pristine beauty and cleanliness. In the past few years, thousands of Lightworkers worldwide have accomplished much in saturating Earth with Light. We have been greatly assisted by higher beings from many dimensions within our galaxy.

We stand at the threshold of a Golden Age on Earth. NESARA, the landing of our galactic family en mass, the arrival of the Ascended Masters in visible form, and the continuing enlightenment of Earth humans—all can assist in lessening the destructive impact of Planet X and allow its passage to proclaim, instead, the commencement of a New Earth and a New Heaven within our solar system.

I encourage all persons to awaken and to enjoy this most magnificent journey! What an outstanding privilege we have been granted—to be present on Earth and to walk the pathway to ascension together as we transform this planet into one of Light, Love, & Wisdom!