Nancy B. Detweiler

All paintings were taken from C.W. Leadbeater’s book

Man Visible & Invisible


An Ascended Human Being

Ascension is the process of awakening to higher consciousness.  In order to achieve higher consciousness, we must intentionally focus on holistic growth.  Holistic growth means growth on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  The progress we make is visible to a clairvoyant through our auric field—that field of energy that encircles our being.  The paintings of the auric field found in this article were painted with the help of a clairvoyant.

Physical body – We grow physically by maintaining a healthy lifestyle—balancing work, exercise, and play; getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night; eating nutritious foods and eliminating processed foods.

Emotional or Astral body – We grow emotionally by forgiving self and others, releasing all desire for revenge, anger, competition (competition always includes a winner and a loser, instead of the cooperative effort that results in all being winners), bitterness, fear—all negative emotions.  As we release the negative, we grow emotionally by developing our capacity to focus on the positive emotions of love, caring, empathy, appreciation, nurturance, and encouragement.

Average Human Emotional Body

   Developing Human

Here we can see the progression from the average individual who is largely focused on the emotional level (represented by the intense red) and the holistically developing human.  Note in the developed human the lighter tone of red depicting the emotional (astral) body and the more intense yellow depicting the development of the mental body.  As we ascend in consciousness, we learn to control our emotions with our mind.

Mental body – We grow mentally through developing the intellectual (left) and intuitive (right) brain hemispheres.  While housed within a physical body, the goal is to learn to use both the intellect and intuition in a balanced manner.  We learn to observe our behavior … to think before we simply respond emotionally.  By mentally observing our emotions, we learn to use our mind to control our emotions.  For example:  Someone makes us angry.  We can mentally register this emotion of anger, then decide how we want to respond.  We can exhibit an explosion of anger – or – we can honestly inform the individual that he/she made us angry and explain the reason why.  Exploding with anger is an emotional response; honestly stating the facts is a mental response.  In the process of learning emotional control, we are developing self-discipline, which is also evidence of increasing spiritual maturity.

Lest we misunderstand … we are not controlling our anger when we simply repress that emotion or remain silent.  The only way to control anger is to honestly admit the emotion and seek resolution to the problem creating the anger.  According to the particular situation, this resolution may/may not involve the other person.  This is where truthful journaling can be a tool for transformation—writing down our feelings on a regular basis is an excellent release.  Once they are outside of us and visible on paper, the emotions lose power and we are freed to whatever extent we can release them.



                               Until we learn to honestly express our emotions in ways that are as non-hurtful to others as possible, we repress them, creating havoc within our auric field.  The above paintings depict an aura filled with anger and an aura filled with fear.  Whether or not we are conscious of this anger, fear, or any other negative emotion, its energy is impacting our entire being and can result in physical and/or mental illness.  We develop mentally by allowing these emotions into our conscious awareness and mentally determining how best we can deal with them.

As we mature emotionally and mentally, we increasingly replace our negative feelings and thoughts with a positive.

Average Mental Human

       Developed Mental Human

             In the average mental (or scientific) human, note the deep tones of yellow, while the emotional red is still intense.  This individual can be an intellectual while still exhibiting strong emotional tendencies that are not yet balanced.  In the developed mental human, the Mind is now predominant while the emotions have receded.  The emotional body is controlled by the mental body, which grants the individual the conscious choice to exhibit positive emotions such as love.  As we develop our lower bodies, the colors in our aura change.  Brown is the color of greed or ego involvement, both of which can cause us to react emotionally on an UN-conscious basis.  As we develop beyond the lower motivating factors, such as greed, and overcome the personality ego’s dominance, the colors in our aura steadily transform into clear, lovely iridescent colors.

Spiritual Body – We grow spiritually by evolving from a focus on worshipping another being to recognizing that every human being is a spark of the One Source.

Average Devotional Human

The average devotional human is most likely one who follows the dictates of a chosen religion.  Although there can be spiritual dedication to religious beliefs, there is not necessarily a focus on transmuting the negativity within our lower bodies.  Instead, there may be the tendency to punish self or to believe that God punishes us for being a sinner, separate from God.  In the above painting, the astral (emotional) body is intense.  Blue represents devotion and, in this painting, is tinged with brown.  The average devotional individual most often adheres to a religion in order to be considered by God as worthy of heaven—thus the evidence of ego involvement.

As child gods, we all have the same potential to evolve into Gods.  Ascension is moving away from a focus on the emotional and mental bodies and becoming one with the spark of God that dwells within each of us.  As we do so, we move beyond the intellect that is dependent upon what can be perceived via the five human senses and focus on the Intuitive Mind that has access to absolute knowing of Truth.  No longer do intellectual doctrines have meaning.  Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s Divine Self Chart explains this best.

Divine Self Chart

In this illustration, we see the physical, emotional, and lower (intellect) mental bodies in the bottom figure.  This physical self is standing within the purple transmuting flame—a gift of grace given to us for assistance in ridding our lower energetic bodies of all negativity.  Note a white cord running from the top of the head >>> through the illustration representing the Christ Self, Soul, and/or the Higher Intuitive Mind >>> to the I AM PRESENCE or spark of Source God indwelling us.  In actuality all three figures are interpenetrating.  This chart reveals who we are in our totality.

We ascend to higher dimensions of consciousness as we lift our conscious awareness from the bottom figure or physical, emotional, lower mental parts of self >>> to the Soul or Christed/Higher Self figure >>> to our I AM PRESENCE.  The circles around the 3rd figure signify our Causal Body.

The only permanent energy is positive energy.  Negative energy can move no farther than the astral or 4th dimension.  Everything that we do or feel of a positive nature is permanent and stored as treasures in heaven within our individual Causal Body.

2012 marks an evolutionary leap for those of us who choose to ascend into the higher dimensions of consciousness.  It is a time when we will exchange our lower 3rd and 4th dimensional bodies for one suitable for 5th dimensional living.

An Ascended Human Being

Ascension is lifting our beingness to union with our I AM PRESENCE.  On the 5th dimension and above, we will have access to all the treasures of heaven we have stored in our Causal Body by our positive feelings, thoughts, and actions throughout thousands of previous lifetimes.   We will use our talents in a myriad ways as we progress from 5th to ever-higher dimensions, until we reach the ultimate goal of maturing into a God.

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