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President Reagan

Remember President Reagan? I discovered something about him today that I find very interesting. One more sign of Divine Order unfolding.  Reagan was an Aquarian. The times in which he became president felt much like it did when Obama (whose Ascendant is Aquarius) became president — very hopeful.  Both had a big smile and genuinely cared for the people … both took office when the people really needed hope. The Cold War and very real Nuclear WWIII threat was in process when Reagan took office.

I learned Lon Gibby has been working on a new documentary film entitled “Eagle One to Wanta”. It is the compelling story about President Reagan, and how he brought about the fall of the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War without firing a shot.

The remaining part of the story of what Ambassador Lee Wanta accomplished attaining the General Agreement of Cooperation with the Soviet Union and its successor the Russian Federation which was so secret that it was kept from the public until recently. That major secret is that Ambassador Wanta made a staggeringly large, almost unimaginable profit from his personal currency speculation which actually totaled 27+ Trillion US dollars.

This amazing accomplishment has resulted in Lee Wanta being given the nickname “The 27 Trillion Dollar Man” by other insiders that knew what he had accomplished.

The rest of the story which needs to be told to all Americans is that Lee Wanta and President Reagan had developed a very dynamic, ingenious plan to Revitalize and Industrialize America and also to Nationalize the Federal Reserve System, thereby removing all existing deficits and replacing a FIAT debt-based monetary production and distribution system with a currency backed by Gold, Silver, precious metals and valuable commodities.

Wanta had planned to build with his own money a large state of the art 200 MPH+ coast to coast High Speed Maglev Railroad, and to pay off the so-called National Debt.

The construction of this Maglev Railroad would immediately result in two million good paying job opportunities, many benefits for American Soldiers and their families and for American Veterans. It would bring heavy steel back to America and a great deal of heavy industry and manufacturing, ending the net loss of American jobs.

Reagan was shot in an “assassination attempt” and Wanta is still–to this day–in court attempting to get back his money—a part of the story I don’t know. I’ve read that Reagan was actually killed and his clone completed his term as president. It was very noticeable that Reagan became what I called at the time “feeble.”

President Reagan’s actions opened the door for President Putin to take office 8 years later.   Divine Order unfolds, whether or not we are conscious of the Divine Goal motivating our actions.

Putin became president of Russia only 8 years after the end of communist rule. “On December 31, 1999, Yeltsin unexpectedly announced his resignation and named Putin acting president. Promising to rebuild a weakened Russia, the austere and reserved Putin easily won the March 2000 elections with about 53 percent of the vote. As president, he sought to end corruption and create a strongly regulated market economy.”

“Vladimir Putin was re-elected to a second presidential term on March 14, 2004. In his Address to the Federal Assembly on May 26, 2004, Putin said, “Our goals are very clear. We want high living standards and a safe, free and comfortable life for the country. We want a mature democracy and a developed civil society. We want to strengthen Russia’s place in the world. But our main goal, I repeat, is to bring about a noticeable rise in our people’s prosperity.” Russia is ruled by Uranus, ruler of Aquarius.

In 2012, Putin was again elected President with 63.6% of the votes.

how-russian-president-vladimir-putin-became-the-most-powerful-individual-on-earthTears of Happiness

 President Putin is now recognized by many as the most popular and productive leader in the world.  He led in organizing the BRICS ALLIANCE, created as a model for the New Golden Age of Aquarius. It was dramatically revealed to a friend who lives in Colorado and me in Virginia thru a series of events we both experienced on July 27, 2014 that Ascended Master Maitreya has incarnated as Putin’s Higher Self to assist in leading Planet Earth to a lasting Peace.


Excerpts from Lon Gibby’s article, with Foreword by Preston James, Ph.D. were used in the above article.

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