St. Germain: The Mark of a Master

St. Germain: The Mark of a Master

St. Germain 2

St. Germain:

Dearest friends and Earth angels, I will bring you important information this night to help you on your way to Ascension. I am with the Company of Heaven, and we all send you our most intensely loving energy. You are probably feeling it in your body today. It might make you feel a bit dizzy, or woozy as you might call it, as if you have been spinning around and just stopped. You might feel a flush of heat, a bit of ringing in your ears. Do not be concerned. It is our love coming through to you, clearing old shadows and lifting your vibration another notch. Know that what you are feeling is being felt by every human being on the planet, and the result will be tangible in the way people behave toward one another tomorrow, the day after, and next week.

You have ridden out the earlier energy shifts beautifully – in fact, you hardly remember the rough spots, do you? We have kept a steady increase in the vibrational energy coming through, by increasing the flow gradually and in a wave-like ebb and flow to allow you to catch your breath in between. This is accomplishing the primary effect that would have occurred if you had been lifted off the planet and given the first treatment in the Light chambers. The first phase, of course, is to transition from your carbon-based DNA to crystalline based. It is changing everything about your physical and mental functioning. Because it has been gradual, you are not as aware as if it had happened in one day, but look back, Dear Ones, and remember how far you have come.

There is a dramatic change in the number of people who are becoming psychically connected to us. In fact, my channeling schedule has expanded to several people in Europe and other places around the globe. The same has occurred for all the Company of Heaven, and we are delighted by it, for we wish to reach every single one of you, to be connected to all of you in a deep and intimate way, in constant communication as we are with so many of you who are reading these messages. The Veil is lifting, little by little. Check inside yourselves; look at your awareness of your breathing, your heart rate, the thoughts that run through your mind, and your moment by moment emotions.
You are far more aware, more cognizant of your own effect on your moods, your health and your feelings. As One has told you, it is the mark of an Ascended Master to be completely in command of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Once you accomplish that, you will never again have a bad day, or an anxious feeling, or a doubt about the importance of your role in the unfolding drama that will change the world. Yes, even as you look around you to see the much publicized brutal acts of war, know that those who have been treated cruelly have long ago made a contract with Creator to serve as the catalysts for peace.

The wars you now are witnessing are limited in scope and will not expand to encompass whole regions, as you are being encouraged to fear. Of course, killings are not pleasant under any circumstances, but your feelings of nausea and pain when you hear about them are the measure of how far we have come. It was only a few years ago that 100,000 civilian deaths were applauded on the media as the “shock and awe” tactics of the past administration. It was loudly proclaimed as a victory over Islamic “terrorists” who were somehow mysteriously connected to Saddam Hussein, who was somehow mysteriously connected to Al Qaida, a powerful and mysterious underground movement which suddenly had the wherewithal to completely shut down the entire U.S defense system and attack America on its home soil.

All this was supposedly initiated by Osama Bin Laden, who denied any involvement, was shortly afterward known to be on dialysis in a hospital in Pakistan, but who was supposedly orchestrating it all from a cave with a computer and a cell phone. He has since been identified as Tim Osman, CIA connected operative, trained and armed by the U.S. to fight in Afghanistan against Russia.

As many of you now know, there are numerous 9/11 truth videos by experts in fields like architecture and engineering, and more recently, video animation. Yes, these are the experts who will show you that there were no airplanes attacking the World Trade Center, but there were fairly sloppily edited video tapes of animated airplanes mysteriously melting into the building without any hint of a crash, or any sign of airplane debris.

New evidence has finally surfaced, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, which shows a missile hitting the Pentagon. At last, the most video-taped building in the U.S will be shown to have been hit, not by an airliner, which supposedly vanished into a tiny hole in the side of the building, but by a rocket.

Additional investigation brings to light why Building 7 mysteriously collapsed, and the kind of incriminating evidence that was contained in that building. At last, millions of Americans are remembering their high school physics and chemistry and realizing that jet fuel cannot melt steel, and airplanes cannot melt through concrete and steel without damage, and then suddenly disappear. You have seen a crash-test vehicle crumple on impact, or an 18-wheeler smash into a barricade; the barricade remains, and the vehicle is left in a heap, with all parts mangled but still identifiable.

The cabal-run conspiracy was able to pull the wool over the eyes of most of the U.S. population and to ridicule and sneer at anyone who tried to expose them as “conspiracy theorists.” Only gradually have more and more people begun to wake up to the fact that nothing about the original story-line makes any sense, given the physical evidence, and everything about it being a “false flag operation” does make sense in the light of the trillions of dollars of profits and tremendous expansion of power that resulted.

Now, why am I bringing up these unpleasantries now? First, to make sure you have not gone back to sleep when it comes to exposing the culprits who masterminded the horrific event. You will soon be able to press for investigations (which were never done). Secondly, I am reminding you of how far you have come. Even those of you who were initially stunned into taking up your ire against the “terrorists” who allegedly caused it have come to realize that the “party line” made no sense at all. In spite of your reluctance, you have acknowledged that your government, as representatives of the cabal, could have done something so unthinkable.

I assure you, Dear Ones, they could and they did accomplish the most elaborate act of treason ever known to your civilization. In fact, in complexity and scope it does indeed rival the destruction of Atlantis. Fortunately, the follow-up plans were cut short by the election of your current administration, whom many of you blame for what has been the aftermath of the master plan. Only gradually has it been possible to bring the cabal into line, so to speak. The vast network of the military/corporate/pharmaceutical/agricultural industrial complex has been under investigation, under pressure and exposed to the Light in just the past 6 years.

Do you notice how your thinking has changed during those 6 years, how aware you are now of being lied to by those in power and those who have something to gain from manipulating your feelings? Yes, occasionally you do overreact and attack the ones who are actually doing the difficult clean-up work behind the scenes, and you must guard against paranoia – that is, succumbing to the belief that everyone is bad, and no one is to be trusted. You are learning to truly examine, scrutinize, weigh evidence, investigate further, and remain objective in your assessments, even as you follow your heart.

Yes, this is the work you are being asked to do now. Our messages and the articles we have asked Kathryn and Gabriella to write are addressed to this precious skill which has remained dormant for so many human beings for centuries. You are growing, and there is another step you can take: that is, to practice the skill I mentioned above, to remain objective and in your heart at the same time.

How is this possible? It is not as difficult as you might think. The problem for most of you is that you have been taught to “use your brain” to settle a controversy. This is a perfectly useless endeavor. Your brain is a computer. It can compare two colors and tell you which is blue and which is red, because it has stored the common names we use for such things. It can look at evidence, but cannot determine truth.

A brain tends to see anything that is repeated endlessly as “evidence,” whereas a heart will be unimpressed by repetition or emphatically proclaimed “facts”, and will look instead to the integrity of the individual who is presenting the evidence. A heart will detect insincerity, but a brain will completely accept lies, as long as they are carefully constructed and enthusiastically presented.

You may wonder why this is so important at this moment in your history as a civilization, and your life during this incarnation. I implore you to awaken, Dear Ones, and understand that this is the work of the hour, the clearing away of old lies, deceitfulness and the damage it has caused. Whole countries have been brought to their knees, families torn apart, lives lost and hearts broken because humankind was asleep.

You cannot remain blind and in denial to the fact that there has been great evil at work in your lives, and then expect to “change the world.” How will you know where to start? Will you simply free all the criminals from jail, on the belief that there is good in everyone? Or will you lock up everyone who has ever held a political position because “all politicians are crooks”? Will you condemn a person on the word of one who has something to gain by the accused’s downfall, or will you permit your brethren to do so? How do you judge right from wrong, or do you refuse to use your powers of judgment for fear of being accused of being “judgmental”?

Your civilization has reached a turning point. It will proceed with self-righteous indignation, to bombing or hanging all the suspected perpetrators, or you will institute a brand new system of justice and fairness under the new Light we have called NESARA.
This is my point, you see. We expect you to be the ones to carry the Violet Flame. Do you realize what this means? It is not only a way of sweeping away old injuries and feelings within yourself; it is a means of burning away all that is not kindness, compassion and wisdom.

You, Beloved Ones, will be asked to judge, evaluate and assess what kinds of justice will be established in the New Golden Age, as you make the transition from the cabal-run arbitrary system you have now, to one in which those of the Light will be protected rather than persecuted, and those who have been responsible for the suffering of others will be brought to justice to answer for their crimes, and to be separated for a time from their innocent brethren who would be endangered otherwise.

This is the True Way. It involves no punishment, no condemnation or ridicule. It is simply a matter of allowing Light and Love to flourish unimpeded. As we move into the completely new and open-ended opportunities your financial blessings will allow, it will require a high level of wisdom, restraint, and above all, the spirit of investigation, to find your way to a truly sophisticated, imaginative, high vibrational way of life.

You have been told by One that it really matters how you use your energy, and that you are only beginning to realize the power you wield with your thoughts and feelings. You have the power to create great good, and you also can use your passions to cut like a knife into the quick of one who does not deserve your disapproval. Be tender with your children and delicate with one another, for you are each precious and worthy of respect.

Raise your consciousness, Dear Ones. Be always intent on sending your energies in a way that will uplift, celebrate another’s competence and free will, and will not impinge on their free expression when it is of the Light. By the same token, do not support anyone who attacks others under the assumption that it is justifiable, a matter of their “freedom of speech” to abuse or insult with impunity.

Command fairness, sensitivity and decent behavior, always, in yourself and others. You are the ones who will bring balance to a world that has been, literally, out of alignment. We in the Company of Heaven need your steady presence, your powerful hearts and wills, to raise yourselves into the higher levels of group consciousness which you will feel as blissful and radiant openness and connection. This will only be possible if you are connecting with others of high vibration. Otherwise, you would be joining a gang, not a high level group consciousness. You see the difference between where you have been, and where you are going?

In higher dimensions, we remain free to express individuality within the context of a cohesive whole. We operate in harmony because we are Love. We respect one another because it would be otherwise impossible to align with One. We recognize a hierarchy based simply upon the radiance-quotient of each soul and the abilities which come with experience and enlightenment. Our adoration and respect for those who are purely of the Light has no bounds, and we aspire always to attain our highest potential, to raise our vibration to combine our energies with the energies of One.

This is our destiny as souls, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters. You are learning to reach higher, to merge with your Higher Self, on the way to becoming the higher dimensional being you were created to be. Treasure every moment of this time of growth and expansion. You have been blessed with great riches. You will add money to those riches, but do not allow this to unbalance you. Concentrate on the profound lessons of the last year, and revel in the mastery you have gained along the way.

There is much more to come. You will be glad for the education you have gained, the friends you have made, and your connection to God. All these things will become the foundation for the enormous shift you will experience as you move into the Light. What could be more exciting?

I will tell you, when we meet in full consciousness, the stories of my adventures in helping to establish and distribute the Prosperity Funds, and the challenges we faced in creating and implementing the NESARA system in spite of resistance from the aging and failing patriarchs of the dying cabal. It will make a wonderful story for the history books, as you say, and you will then understand what an important part you played in the creation of your new and radiant world.

I love you with all my heart. In service to One and humankind, I am your Adamos St. Germain. Namaste, all.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept 18, 2014, 11 pm., New York

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ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – The quality of love known as justice



 September 18, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as justice which requires in each individual the ability to trust in the divine design of the universe, to ‘let go and let God’ because they know that all is in divine order. They do not waste their time labeling things as unfair or unjust, for they trust in an inherent ordering of energies that serve the highest good of all. As they trust and become more conscious of divine order in their lives and in the world, it becomes easier for them to let go of judgments about right and wrong. Instead they effortlessly surrender their preconceived notions about how they believe things are supposed to unfold. They keep out of other people’s business, focusing only on what feels appropriate for them in a given moment. They turn their focus instead on maintaining and increasing their level of light and love while continuing to believe in the goodness within each human soul, and in doing so, they experience increased fairness and justice at all levels of their own lives and in relation to the world at large. 

There is a universal law of justice that permeates and supports all of creation. The more that each individual can let go of egoist concerns about right and wrong, the more this law works in support with them to align energies in a way that is fair and just. Wrongs are instantly righted when they can maintain conscious union with the light and love of Source. Instead of worrying about whether or not they are being treated fairly or making comparisons with others around them, they instead contemplate on how they may live their truth and learn the lesson divinely orchestrated in each situation. They let go of perceptions of injustice and focus instead on trusting the divine order governing all people and all things. This response creates a space for love and light to flow in. The more light and love they carry within their being, the more they discover that wrongs are synchronously set right before injustice can even affect them. When they shift their focus in this way by strengthening and aligning physical, emotional, mental, behavioural, and spiritual energies to this law, they experience a sense of serenity, ease, and grace within their inner being and within their lives.

When every person acts in such a way that the free use of their will is compatible with the freedom of everyone else’s, they are working within the universal law of justice, for they know that justice consists of rules that are common to all humanity that emerge out of some sort of consensus. Justice is fairness. It is an understanding that pays due regard to the proper interests, property, and safety of one’s fellows. All individuals or groups of individuals concerned with fairness and justice strive to work out something that is comfortable for everyone and to adopt procedures that resemble rules of a game. They work to ensure that people receive their fair share of benefits and burdens and to adhere to a system of fair play. Justice requires that the rules be fair, and also that people play by the rules. These rules serve a function. They outline a basis of behaviour. They strive to maintain order and a sense of community and a society that is constructive and positive, that encourages growth and love. It requires that those who abide with the law of justice are those who will therefore be law abiding and fair.

The virtuous and just person who manifests this quality of love acts for what is expedient for someone else rather than for themselves. They listen to the voice of their conscience. They listen within, they take time to be still and to go within the temple of their heart where the voice of their soul can be heard in order to feel what is right and what is wrong, in order to feel what it is they should do, what they should say, so they can feel what rules should be abided by and what rules should be challenged, and so they can feel what they should work towards changing and reforming in their world. They must be true to themselves and they must listen to their truth, to their inner guidance. They must find their own way, their own sense of right action and be clear regarding its motivations, the ramifications and the end result.  They must live their life authentically standing within their power, exercising their truth in choosing right from wrong.

This world is a beautiful one with much joy, much beauty and much love in it. People must allow more of the essence of their own divinity to shine from within them. They must release their judgment and start to look upon the world with the eyes of the divine. They need to give each other inspiration as each travels life’s highways and byways, trying to figure it all out. There are so many opportunities to bless, serve and extend kindness to others if only each person would look for them and would never want to be anything less than kind and thoughtful to others. The feeling of giving someone else happiness is far more intense than doing something for oneself. Many times helping others will actually make one help themselves, for when a person feels good about themselves, that is when they start to believe how empowered they are and how strong they stand against all that happens. Through such acts in expressing this quality of love to those around them is when the universal law of justice is at work and prevails.

As I take my leave, I ask each person to ponder on the true meaning of justice.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.




Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

President Reagan

Remember President Reagan? I discovered something about him today that I find very interesting. One more sign of Divine Order unfolding.  Reagan was an Aquarian. The times in which he became president felt much like it did when Obama (whose Ascendant is Aquarius) became president — very hopeful.  Both had a big smile and genuinely cared for the people … both took office when the people really needed hope. The Cold War and very real Nuclear WWIII threat was in process when Reagan took office.

I learned Lon Gibby has been working on a new documentary film entitled “Eagle One to Wanta”. It is the compelling story about President Reagan, and how he brought about the fall of the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War without firing a shot.

The remaining part of the story of what Ambassador Lee Wanta accomplished attaining the General Agreement of Cooperation with the Soviet Union and its successor the Russian Federation which was so secret that it was kept from the public until recently. That major secret is that Ambassador Wanta made a staggeringly large, almost unimaginable profit from his personal currency speculation which actually totaled 27+ Trillion US dollars.

This amazing accomplishment has resulted in Lee Wanta being given the nickname “The 27 Trillion Dollar Man” by other insiders that knew what he had accomplished.

The rest of the story which needs to be told to all Americans is that Lee Wanta and President Reagan had developed a very dynamic, ingenious plan to Revitalize and Industrialize America and also to Nationalize the Federal Reserve System, thereby removing all existing deficits and replacing a FIAT debt-based monetary production and distribution system with a currency backed by Gold, Silver, precious metals and valuable commodities.

Wanta had planned to build with his own money a large state of the art 200 MPH+ coast to coast High Speed Maglev Railroad, and to pay off the so-called National Debt.

The construction of this Maglev Railroad would immediately result in two million good paying job opportunities, many benefits for American Soldiers and their families and for American Veterans. It would bring heavy steel back to America and a great deal of heavy industry and manufacturing, ending the net loss of American jobs.

Reagan was shot in an “assassination attempt” and Wanta is still–to this day–in court attempting to get back his money—a part of the story I don’t know. I’ve read that Reagan was actually killed and his clone completed his term as president. It was very noticeable that Reagan became what I called at the time “feeble.”

President Reagan’s actions opened the door for President Putin to take office 8 years later.   Divine Order unfolds, whether or not we are conscious of the Divine Goal motivating our actions.

Putin became president of Russia only 8 years after the end of communist rule. “On December 31, 1999, Yeltsin unexpectedly announced his resignation and named Putin acting president. Promising to rebuild a weakened Russia, the austere and reserved Putin easily won the March 2000 elections with about 53 percent of the vote. As president, he sought to end corruption and create a strongly regulated market economy.”

“Vladimir Putin was re-elected to a second presidential term on March 14, 2004. In his Address to the Federal Assembly on May 26, 2004, Putin said, “Our goals are very clear. We want high living standards and a safe, free and comfortable life for the country. We want a mature democracy and a developed civil society. We want to strengthen Russia’s place in the world. But our main goal, I repeat, is to bring about a noticeable rise in our people’s prosperity.” Russia is ruled by Uranus, ruler of Aquarius.

In 2012, Putin was again elected President with 63.6% of the votes.

how-russian-president-vladimir-putin-became-the-most-powerful-individual-on-earthTears of Happiness

 President Putin is now recognized by many as the most popular and productive leader in the world.  He led in organizing the BRICS ALLIANCE, created as a model for the New Golden Age of Aquarius. It was dramatically revealed to a friend who lives in Colorado and me in Virginia thru a series of events we both experienced on July 27, 2014 that Ascended Master Maitreya has incarnated as Putin’s Higher Self to assist in leading Planet Earth to a lasting Peace.


Excerpts from Lon Gibby’s article, with Foreword by Preston James, Ph.D. were used in the above article.