Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 10 Ahau, 18 Uo, 11 Ik – September 2, 2014

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
10 Ahau, 18 Uo, 11 Ik – September 2, 2014



Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We return with some wonderful news! NESARA is close to being announced. The currency reevaluation process is truly done! The global currency reset is nearly at hand. These developments are only the start of a process begun decades ago by our Earth allies. Besides the changes in government and finance, it is also the time when each of you can be set free from the grand morass that is global debt slavery. A series of important events and accompanying announcements are just the start of operations, which are to bring down the dark cabal and its numerous minions. Do not be in shock over what is to happen. Rejoice and know in your heart that an operation begins that is finally to set you free and reestablish your individual sovereignty. New government is to invite you in and ask your advice. Be prepared to accept all of this with grace and a firm belief in the Light. We are to await the time when it is appropriate for you to end the cover-up and disclose our existence and benevolence. We are ready at that moment to address you and explain in detail about first contact. Our landings are to be the start of a time to ready you for the joy of full consciousness.

This road to full consciousness is the very crux of our mission. During the past nearly 13 millennia we have watched over you and reported back to our home worlds about what is occurring here. The dark cabal, with the assistance of its Anunnaki overlords, came very close to moving you into a permanent state of servitude. This heinous operation came to an inglorious end when the Anchara continuum agreed to peace, and asked that the ancient prophecies of Archangel Michael be fulfilled. This was done, and the Anunnaki left the dark side and became our allies. The last nearly 20 years have been about watching the dark’s minions prove unable to discover a means to alter the inevitable. We currently stand at a great precipice. A victory by the Light is at hand. Our Earth allies are ready to push the dark from power and put into effect new governmental and financial systems, which are to bring prosperity and freedom to your surface reality. These events are but a precursor to the final steps needed to finish your path to full consciousness.

Full consciousness is a natural state of humanity. You were temporarily pulled from this state of grace in ancient Atlantis. Atlantis was a land filled with odd dichotomies. It was a land that the dark minions of your recent past tried to contact and save on numerous occasions. But this task was doomed from the outset. Despite this and other failures, the dark minions remain resolute. It is strange to see such determination wasted on these silly attempts to alter history. Rather, they need to aid their people and lead this realm toward peace and prosperity. We have asked them previously to do so. Their collective reply is that this concept is unacceptable. So now, these dark ones are to be exposed, and suffer the consequences of their actions. Our earth allies are ready to begin mass arrests and put into power governance that is to try these dark ones and create new financial instruments ­ to bring their long rule to a most timely demise! These new governments are to end the UFO cover-up and permit us to address you directly.

Thus, the present time is one of waiting for the final steps which are to put into power governance that can announce to all that we exist. The moment that this occurs you have begun a move away from limited consciousness and toward full consciousness. You have among you many of full Spirit who deeply wished to forge a new reality. Long ago, these Beings and their associates started a campaign to bring this realm fully into the Light. The first elements were a series of ancient core families who gave themselves to divine service. The Ascended Masters and those in Agartha aid them. Hence, the dark’s earliest disclaimers are found to relate to these sacred groups. The mere thought that the Earth is hollow or that there is a divine sanctuary there is forcefully disputed. Another leg of this denial concerns us. Together, we are seen as a force with an odd agenda. This agenda is to be altered and made to appear undesirable. These manipulations are now to be seen for what they truly are: outright lies and misrepresentations. The truth is to set you free!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with great news as well! Our Agarthan supporters and our sacred secret associates are ready to start a series of events which are to lead to triumph for the Light. Heaven blesses us with supporters who have worked tirelessly to create a funding network, the basis for a new financial system, reworked global currencies and most of all, a global common law network. This has happened only because of their great dedication to the Light. We are told that these various networks are now interlocked and ready to transform this dark and distorted reality. Long ago, Heaven decreed that a special time was to come. Before this occurred, there were to be avatars to explain these prophecies to all who would listen. We came in the name of Heaven and with the divine messages given by these great Beings of Light. Our task now is to take these messages and together manifest them. Humanity is to receive these great gifts and fulfill the desires of Heaven!

Heaven is presently rolling out a divine network of redemption for this reality. She has brought your ancestors from afar, and soon your new governance is to announce their presence. In addition, you have your cousins from Agartha among you. They have provided us sanctuary and, when needed, have come among you to aid us in blessing and clearing the way for the Light. Our duties are to care for you and set up a means for the Light to regain this reality and return you to your former selves. These tasks have taken millennia, and at this time, a grand heavenly dispensation allows for the magnificent reality that is to be created for you. Blessed be Heaven and those who have so unselfishly worked to make all this possible. A new day of glorious Light is to shine upon you and begin the time of healing and forgiveness. You are to bask in this healing Light and become free!

For your part, this path to freedom and forgiveness requires a diligent focus and a willingness to face your greatest pains and heartaches head-on. To assist you, Heaven established the need for spiritual and physical mentors. We watch over you daily and see how you need to use your own inner abilities to conquer your inner demons. Such a positive effort is something to be deeply concerned about. In your growing joy, you are to finally vanquish those things that still deeply hurt you. Transforming this hurt is but the first gracious move toward a new and sacred life. All of us have learned, as Ascended Masters, how difficult this process really is. Yet the healing, which it brings is truly divine! This is just a preview of what the physical and spiritual masters are to give you. You are then, after certain inner work, to be primed for the wonders that come to you in your special crystal chambers! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we carried on with our messages about what is occurring around you. Your reality is shifting and readying itself to be transformed by the Light. During this process you are to meet your spiritual and space families. You are also to be changed into fully conscious Beings of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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NUTRITION LECTURES BY MEG DAVIS Nutritionist & Acupuncturist



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Nutritionist & Acupuncturist



  Meg Davis


top 10 veggies


Lecture by Meg Davis, Nutritionist & Acupuncturist – with Dr. Kathryn May, Clinical Psychologist

“In this audio file we discuss the far-reaching effects of a diet high in carbohydrates. As the body attempts to manage increasing levels of sugar in the bloodstream, more and more symptoms arise causing minor and major diseases such as insomnia, weight gain and obesity, hormone imbalances, sweet cravings, fatigue and energy problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, auto-immune disorders, and much more. With easy and simple changes to the diet and no calorie counting, you can feel better quickly and reverse diseases or prevent them before they begin.” Meg Davis



How to maintain a healthy heart both physically and emotionally.  Heart health is more than physical; it is also a reflection of the love we have for ourselves.







 Immune system

Dr. Kathryn May and Meg Davis discuss the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of Autoimmune and other immune-related disorders, such as MS, Lupus, Type 1 Diabetes, and Rheumatoid arthritis. They connect the dots between thoughts of self-hatred, inadequate diet, and toxicity which are given diagnosis of “mental illness” such as bi-polar anxiety, depression and dis-EASE. They present a solution-oriented new paradigm for health and happiness.




In this audio clip Kathryn and Meg discuss the routine use of pharmaceuticals to suppress emotional & physical dis-EASE versus uprooting the cause of the disharmony within.







Destiny: Freedom for All Earth’s Children

Destiny: Freedom for All Earth’s Children



I am Destiny. I am the Higher Self of the one who is named Noève. She is 5 years old, and she/we live with her mother Gabriella and her adopted grandmother, Kathryn. I come today to bring a message for all the children of the world. I hope that the adults reading this will copy it and read it to the children they know. It doesn’t matter the age of the “child;” each one of you on Planet Earth are one of God’s Children, and you all need to hear the words I speak on your behalf. I appreciate the opportunity to send this message to you through Kathryn.

Beloved Children, I come to you directly from God, the Great Source of the Central Sun. Each one of you were chosen especially to come to Planet Earth at this time to act as God’s special messengers, to bring Love and Light to the Earth in this important time in history.

There has never been such a wondrous time in the history of the Planet you live on, whom we know as Terra. Many things are changing in these days; some you can see and some you can only feel in your hearts and in your intuition. You can sense it if you pay close attention to the feelings and sensations inside your body. Your bodies are changing day by day. I don’t just mean the usual growing and changing, healing and aging. It is much deeper than that.

Let me remind you of the things you may have been feeling lately which are the emotional response to your body’s changes. Perhaps you have been a bit cranky, restless and out of sorts. You have probably found yourself thinking about things like injustice, unfairness, and incidents in which you saw someone being mistreated. Perhaps you were the one being mistreated, and it felt intolerable to you. Perhaps it was an example of children being abused, or hunger around the world that made you want to cry out in pain, to stamp your foot and demand better for the ones you saw suffering.

These are normal reactions, Beloved Humankind. You are just now awakening to feel the powerful feelings of empathy that have been suppressed so long. You probably do not remember being an infant in the hospital nursery, but if you did, you would remember how terrible it felt to you to hear another baby crying. It pained you so much that you would begin crying in sympathy with the one who called out in distress. Many of you still possess that quality of empathy, but it is a difficult emotion to manage when you are living in a world that dishes out cruelty as its normal fare.

You probably find yourself thinking you are weak, or too sensitive, if you have been ridiculed for your empathic ways. Do not permit yourself to fall into that kind of self-criticism or disapproval. Sananda told you yesterday in his “Fireside Chat” that you must cease and desist from all acts of self-hatred, no matter how mild or innocuous they might seem. (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel/2014/08/31/ascension-training-with-sananda-meg-kathryn-and-the-arcturians).

I am here to remind you of this one: belittling your capacity for empathy, which is a kind of deep psychic connection to others, is a travesty. It sneers at one of the greatest gifts God has given humankind – the ability to feel what others feel with great accuracy. It is a talent of the heart, and it works to guide you in all your interactions with others. I gives you the ability to feel others feelings, and by extension, to know their thoughts in a general way. What could be a better basis for making your choices in life about who you want to choose as your partner, your friend or your business associate?

You have become afraid of this great ability because you were not able to remain anchored in your own Self while also experiencing the intense emotions around you. It is a skill which must be practiced and encouraged throughout childhood and reaffirmed in adulthood if you are to comfortably ride out the waves of feeling you experience in the company of others. This has been difficult for those of you who were taught to hide your feelings, or dismiss your intuition in favor of “figuring out” the best way to conduct yourself in life. Instead of following your most elegant and powerful skill, you have traded it for “thinking” – the isolated use of your brain, which was meant for lesser tasks, like adding columns of figures and memorizing large amounts of handy information.

Your human brains were never intended to be the organ of decision-making. Only a heart can know Truth, because only a heart can feel empathy, and can detect the true nature of another being.

This is one of the reasons you have become so detached from other Earth creatures. You are able to put your animal friends into small boxes in zoos and aquariums and look at them with curiosity, but feel nothing of what they feel there in captivity, suffering right under your supposedly appreciative gaze. Even worse, you allow your “domesticated” animals like chickens, cows and lambs to be crowded “like cattle” into tiny boxes, fed fat-producing “feed” (rather than food), and hormones while they are fattened up to be cruelly slaughtered for you to eat. Their conditions are so filthy and unhealthy that they must be fed a steady supply of antibiotics to fend off infection long enough for them to finish their short and miserable lives in captivity.

The misery of all these animals has created a dark cloud of pain-energy which hovers over the Earth, weighing on the hearts of all who inhabit the planet. Their fellow creatures feel the agony and are driven to aggression, attacking each other as you attack yourselves and them. It has become a feed-back loop of misery and violence which affects all beings in its atmosphere. Even the weather, as you have been told, is infused with the energy of violence, producing far greater turbulence in the form of hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis than you would experience otherwise.

You see, all creatures, all consciousness, human and otherwise, longs for peace, and the release from suffering. It is God’s way, and humanity will not be permitted to continue indefinitely to misuse your beloved planet and all her creatures. You are seeing the results of this behavior in the illnesses that plague humankind. All are a result of being exposed to suffering, either their own or those around them. You see, your empathy works this way, whether you understand it or not.

You cannot live in a “nursery” – your whole Planet – where millions of being are crying, and not feel the effects of their tears in your own bodies. Your heart registers the pain around you, even when you attempt to ignore it and turn away, in the belief that you have no power to change what is not under your direct control. Of course, this was an idea that was implanted by the dark ones, and it has spawned the epidemic of “heart disease” so many suffer from now. It is not true. You, one individual human being, have great power to manifest the change you focus upon with firm intention and feeling.

You do not have to break down the doors of all the zoos and factory farms in order to stop these cruel practices. You do need to stop supporting them and encourage everyone you know, gently and with patience, to join you in daily meditation to bring Love and Light to all God’s babies and children, human or otherwise. Animals were not placed on this Earth plane so that you would enjoy how “cute” they are. They are here to help you learn God’s ways. You will see how they change, how they too are able to turn away from violence and predatory behavior to become the vegetarian companions they will be as their DNA is also changed by the incoming energies from the Central Sun and their nervous systems are able to evolve into a calm and loving state to match your own.

You are the ones who were created in God’s image to have Dominion over the Earth, but “dominion” does not mean license to do whatever you choose, regardless of the destructive impact it might have. It does mean you are the stewards who have been appointed to administer to Earth’s needs and care for the well-being of all creatures, including yourselves. So you see, my plea here is for all the children of Planet Earth, no matter how small and helpless that little one might be.

A crying child engenders a heart-wrenching pull for those who are present and “in their right mind.” Why do you not hear the cry of the small calf when it is taken from its mother, or the peeping of the chicks when they emerge from an incubator-heated shell, without the nurturance of the mother’s warm presence? Why should any baby be born without its mother, or taken away to be orphaned, depressed and anxious while its mother sighs in despair and loneliness?

I bring to you the message of our greatly loved little Noève, the champion of all children, who is here to create the world anew under her Loving gaze. All children deserve a happy childhood! Every one! When Noeve looks at the world, she sees all Life as equal, deserving, worthy. There is no difference whether it is animal, human, insect, bird or fish. All beings are loved by Noeve and by God, and therefore must be loved by humankind if you are to reach the glorious Ascension you have aspired to for yourselves.

Did you really believe you could raise your vibration to ascend to Higher Dimensions while filling your plates high with broiled cow (let us desist from naming cow meat with names like “steak” and “hamburger.” It is the flesh of the cow.) “Veal” is the body of the baby cow. “Lamb” is the flesh of the baby sheep, and so forth. Let us be honest about the barbaric practices which were established by the dark ones so long ago.

Milk and other dairy products should be taken only after the baby is weaned, and with the permission of the mother animal, who may generously choose to offer her raw milk to her human friends for a time, out of her natural ability to feel love and friendship with other species. Should humankind be asked to show less respect to their animal friends than the cow or goat shows to them?

Awaken to your true natures, Dear Humankind. Take your place as the leader of the Free World – all the natural world. It is your birthright to become the gloriously empathic, sensitive and deeply intelligent beings who will be entrusted with the well-being of all. Raise yourselves above the old traditions which were forced upon the world before you were born. It is time to experience your group consciousness, which carries with it the ability to feel empathy toward all living beings. When you truly raise your vibrations to see your kinship with all things, you will be horrified at the idea of imprisoning eating your friends.

Join with us to envision the New Golden Age in which all are truly equal, and none are in servitude to any other. That is true Freedom, peace of mind and unconditional Love.

Thank you for communicating with me through this message. I am here to serve you all. I am Destiny, of the family of your Earth’s Sun, and I Love you without end.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 1, 2014, 5 pm., New York

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Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel


Ascending to a higher level of consciousness involves looking at an expanded version of the simplistic statements we have heard for generations. The information that satisfied while we were in the elementary stages of ascension in consciousness is no longer adequate.

One such statement is frequently made by those who are channeling and by New Age teachers: We live in an illusory world while on Earth. As we ascend, it will disappear; it never happened. These simplistic statements have allowed us to build a foundation for expanded awareness; but it is now time to increase our comprehension of the nuanced meanings within them.

All of life is energy, moving at varying rates of speed. This energy can change from steam >>> to water >>> to ice; but, it cannot disappear. ENERGY NEVER DISAPPEARS; IT ONLY CHANGES FORM. Therefore, the thought and emotional energies that created the Illusion will never disappear. They can only be transmuted and re-formed.

Let’s say, for example, we watch the snow melt into puddles of water. The simplistic statement is “The snow disappeared.” We all know what that means—that the snow melted into water. It did not disappear; it changed forms.

With this understanding in mind, how do we deal with the illusion—the matrix of lies—in which we live?

We are the creators of our world. Although someone else, i.e. the power elite, created many of the forms of darkness, we have believed them to be “the way life is”–content to remain in elementary school. We have been told, “We live in a dangerous world; therefore, we must fight wars to protect ourselves. Within the illusion of our elementary understanding of life, “this is the way life is” constitutes a valid simplistic statement. However, as we ascend in consciousness, we become aware of peaceful alternatives.

Working together, we create organizations that teach living in peace with self, our families and close personal others, and the world. We focus on strengthening these organizations and stop relying on violence or war to protect ourselves. Pretty soon, there is no need to protect ourselves, our families and friends, or our country. The illusion that we have to protect ourselves via violence disappears. However, the illusion did exist as a means of granting us the opportunity to expand in consciousness.

The Genesis creation story is the symbolic story of Earth humans choosing between the Paradise of living innocently or naked … and … acquiring knowledge of good and evil. The serpent tells them that if they choose experiencing good and evil, they will become gods. They chose to live on the plane of duality—good and evil or Light and Darkness—for a purpose: so they could more quickly grow up– from child gods into Adult Gods.

Earth humans created the illusion in which we live so we could experience evil and learn to transform it into good. In order for us to have this experience, Earth had to be surrounded with the veil of forgetfulness. We created the illusion that we are alone in the Cosmos … that pain, suffering, deprivation, illness and death are the way life is. To explain the presence of evil, we created a God of violence, jealousy, revenge—an unforgiving God who is willing to punish some for eternity. The Bible and other sacred texts tell the story of Earth humans residing on the plane of duality and our efforts to find our way back to Loving Oneness with our Source of Being.

Within the last two hundred years, Earth humans began to awaken. New ways of viewing life have been increasingly accepted. Concepts such as: We live within an Illusion or Matrix of lies … We can create better lives by focusing only on the good we want …. Worry and focusing on our concerns attract what we do not want. It is not that these concepts are false, but that they represent elementary knowledge. Ascension means that we are to expand our conscious awareness and learn to transform the evil we created with the Good we also create. As we create Good to overcome or replace Evil, the Illusion will dissipate.   As we adjust to ALL GOOD, the Illusion will disappear from our memories.

As a result of overcoming evil, or darkness, Earth humans will take an evolutionary leap … we will ascend to the higher dimensions of life, heretofore hidden from our view. The Illusion, or Matrix of lies, has played a vital role in our evolutionary leap.

As St. Germain tells us in his book St. Germain On Alchemy: “We can be alchemists of the Spirit with the goal of ennobling the race and becoming benefactors of the race in the highest sense of the word.

Overcoming the Illusion has been a stepping stone to our ascension!

  Ascension in consciousness