YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! by Patricia Cota-Robles


by Patricia Cota-Robles


 October 30, 2014

In the United States of America we are in the midst of midterm elections. I know

everybody is more than disgusted with this process and the incredible reports of

greed, corruption, and negativity we are being bombarded with in the media. There

is absolutely no doubt that our political system is completely broken, but the

only way we can move forward in the Light is to do something about it. That

statement probably makes you even more frustrated, but please contemplate the

following information from the Company of Heaven.


There is a purging process taking place on this Planet that is unprecedented in

the history of time. Everything that conflicts with the patterns of perfection

for the New Earth is being pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted back

into Light. What we are witnessing as far as the governments of the World are

concerned is the antithesis of what government will be like on the New Earth.


These obsolete behavior patterns do not reflect the reality of the Divine Plan

that is unfolding on Earth at this time. At a grass-roots level there are

literally millions of people striving to cocreate the patterns of perfection for

the New Earth. One of those patterns involves the establishment of Divine

Government. I am sure that most people think that term is an oxymoron, but when

you experience what Divine Government really is, through your newly awakened

consciousness, you will feel differently.


Divine Government is a government that functions from the highest level of

Humanity’s newly awakened consciousness. A government OF the I AM Presences of

Humanity, BY the I AM Presences of Humanity, FOR the I AM Presences of Humanity.

It is a government that clearly comprehends the Truth of Humanity’s Oneness with

ALL Life. It is a government that functions with reverence for ALL Life in

alignment with the highest good for all concerned.


As our consciousness is raised and the Light of God increases in our lives, we

are beginning to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” This phenomenon has

the wonderful effect of allowing us to clearly perceive the Oneness of Life and

the Divine Truth that all Life is interconnected, interrelated, and

interdependent. We then know beyond a shadow of a doubt that WE ARE ALL ONE and

that there is no such thing as “us and them.”


If we participate in the elections taking place in the United States of America

this year, we will make a positive difference by cocreating the archetype for

Divine Government. However, if we just stand in the wings being cynical and

judgmental, while feeling helpless and hopeless, nothing will change.


The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have indicated that due to

the urgency of the hour the need to change what is occurring in our political

system is critical. What happens in the USA, whether it is good or bad, affects

everyone, everywhere.


It is difficult for the average person to fathom how we will ever get out of this

political mess. It looks like an impossible task, and it seems as though our

humble efforts are futile in the face of such powerful adversity. But that is not

true, we are powerful beyond our knowing. In order to change what is happening in

the outer world, we do not have to do battle with the forces of imbalance and the

power mongers. Buckminster Fuller once said, “In order to change an existing

paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create

a new model and make the old one obsolete.” That, in essence, is the mission to

which we are all being called.


The Truth is that fundamental change never begins at the top. Change of this

magnitude begins with a shift of consciousness at the grass-roots level and

expands into an unstoppable momentum, a critical mass. People at the top who are

in positions of power, however, do have the ability to either improve the quality

of life or to wreak havoc in our lives.


The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth will not interfere with our

free will by telling us who to vote for or what the result of the elections will be.

  1. They did say, however, that there is a shift of consciousness taking place

within every person on Earth whether he or she is aware of it or not. Since you

and I are One with every person on Earth, we have the ability to invoke the I AM

Presence of every person associated with the governments of the World. We can ask

their I AM Presence to guide them in making decisions that will enhance the

Oneness of Life and result in the highest good for ALL concerned.


Lightworkers all over the World are being asked to be the Open Door for the Light

of God during these elections. Even though the Company of Heaven is standing in

readiness, they will not intervene without our permission. Once we ask for their

assistance, however, the floodgates of Heaven open in response to our heartfelt



This is how we can help. The Beings of Light are beseeching all of us who are

able to VOTE in these elections to take advantage of this powerful opportunity.

When we physically participate in the elections our Light is woven into the

process and makes a tremendous difference in the outcome.


The Beings of Light have asked us to evaluate the candidates according to our

wisdom and our understanding, then to ask our I AM Presence for guidance and

illumination. After listening to our inner guidance, we should VOTE for the

person who resonates in our heart-of-hearts as the one who will bring about the

highest good and the Divine Destiny for this country by focusing on the Oneness

of ALL Life. Then after completing the voting process, we should affirm within

our hearts: “Thy Will, not mine, be done.”


Since we are One with all Humanity, we have the ability to serve as surrogates on

behalf of every voter in this country. Therefore, we have the ability to ask the

I AM Presence of each one to intervene in his or her voting process, just as we

have asked our own I AM Presence to guide us through this process.


We have the ability to create the sacred space for the right and perfect outcome

of these elections. The Beings of Light have given us a very powerful invocation

for God’s Will. This will give the Company of Heaven permission to intervene in

powerful ways in the election process in the United States of America.


If we will do this invocation, knowing that we are joining in consciousness with

Lightworkers all over the World who are invoking God’s Will with us, our efforts

will be expanded a thousand times a thousand fold.




Divine Government Invocation


(This invocation is stated in the 1st person, so that each of us will

experience it personally and tangibly in our own lives. But KNOW that we

are simultaneously invoking this activity of Light on behalf of ALL



Beloved I AM Presence within me and within all Humanity, Beloved Legions

of Light throughout Infinity, and the great cosmic momentum of God’s Will

for ALL Life evolving on this Planet, COME INTO ACTION NOW.


Blaze the full-gathered momentum of God’s Will and God’s Divine Plan for

the United States of America, and every country on Earth, through the

heart and mind of every man and woman who is now or ever will be

associated with the governments of the World at national, state, and local



Dissolve all opposition to the acceptance and manifestation of God’s Will

as a way of life and service for every voter, every candidate, every

elected official, every appointee, and every employee in the Federal

Government, the state governments, and the local governments in the United

States of America and in the World, NOW and FOREVER.


Blaze the power of God’s Will directly into all that opposes the dignity

of Humanity. Transmute and dissolve forever the cause, core, effect,

record, and memory of all behavior that is not reflecting God’s Will, the

Oneness of Life, or the Reverence for ALL Life.


I invoke the I AM Presence of every person to replace all destructive

behavior patterns with Divine Love, integrity, honesty, generosity,

compassion, respect, acceptance, eternal peace, and the innate desire to

respond in alignment with the highest good for all concerned in every

instance and situation.


I ask the Legions of Light to blaze God’s Will into the Heart Flame and

the conscious mind of every person associated with the governments of this

Planet. Clear away any destructive activity of their own free will which

might rush in to impede their conscious desire to do God’s Will. Help them

to remain obedient to the Law of Harmony and to BE God in action at ALL



Seal all governmental positions, individually and collectively, in the

radiance of God’s Will. Reveal through Illumination’s Flame the Divine

Purpose and plan for each office and each individual, and give to each

person the spiritual courage, the wisdom, and the desire to fulfill that

plan perfectly.


Let the Will of God be MANIFEST in, through and around all the

Governments of the World NOW and FOREVER! Let the LIGHT OF GOD THAT IS

ALWAYS VICTORIOUS enlighten and lead the voters, the candidates, and ALL Humanity

everywhere! I consciously ACCEPT this MANIFESTING NOW…even as I call.


Great Ascended Host of Light, I thank you for the fulfillment of this

Divine Fiat, which I decree in the Sacred Name of God-I AM.



And So It Is, Beloved I AM.




Patricia Cota-Robles

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This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any

medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.


©2014 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.






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President Obama is the Disclosure President for Planet Earth … the world waits for him to take action!  However, he needs to know the world is behind him in this endeavor.
I encourage citizens of all nations to make it rain millions of tweets, faxes, and e-mails on Washington, beginning November 5 for at least 10 days.  Give the Media NO OPTION BUT TO REPORT ON THIS EFFORT!

Sweden officially recognizes Palestinian state, Israel recalls ambassador.

Sweden officially recognizes Palestinian state, Israel recalls ambassador.
A vote at the UN General Assembly in 2012 secured a de facto Palestinian statehood, although a ‘yes’ vote from most EU members is still pending. While Sweden is the first EU member in Western Europe to have recognized the state, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic have already done so.

Iceland – the only non-EU member in the pack, has also recognized the Palestinian state.



Mike Harris, an editor of Veterans Today, argues that the American people — particularly the young and college-educated — have an “implicit sense of fairness” which is driving them away from Israel.

Americans are “fed up” with the significant sway that Israel holds on corridors of power in their country, Harris told Press TV on Wednesday. “Israel has been interfering in the US political process for a very, very, very long time.”

They are also outraged by “Israel’s unjustified war and slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza,” he added. “The unmitigated slaughter that Israel has done to the Palestinians, it creates a sense of outrage.”

The Battle for the Planet Earth is Reaching a Climax, Posted by Benjamin Fulford, October 28, 2014


 NOTE BY NANCY: This article needs to be read careful. The bold font was done by me, hopefully to make seeing the good easier. At this point in time, the cabal and the White Hats are difficult to distinguish as all get lumped together in news reporting. An example is: the Military Industrial Complex and the US Military. The Word Industrial means: of or relating to industry; characterized by highly developed industries.  Note that the United States Military is drilling with Russia and Japan in order to prevent Communist China from attempting to assume dominant unipolar power, not attempting to start World War III.

Another example is: Communist China and the White Dragon Society in China. The White Dragon Society’s goal is to equalize power between East and West; Communist China would like to “trade US unipolar hegemony [dominance] for Chinese hegemony.” The White Dragon Society “looks to protect the entire planet, including the weakest living creatures.” (

Another example is: the Corporation of the USA, an unconstitutional secret government of the United States … and … the Republic of the United States of America—the Constitutional Government that has not governed since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Fulford is stating that according to Dun & Bradstreet’s listing, the Corporation of the USA has been shut down.

Another example: President Obama is a favorite scapegoat for the Cabal. Instead, according to Dr. Preston James: “It is common knowledge inside the Beltway that the current US Administration (USAD) has been resisting numerous creative and heavy-handed manipulations by the COL WZs, Israelis and BCC officials to become drawn into new major air and ground wars in Syria, Iran, the Ukraine and now Iraq (again)…. There is a major Secret War inside the Beltway for control of the whole USG “enchilada,” and this is being expressed remotely in the Mideast and the Ukraine right now…. And on the other side we have the Obama Administration and a new US Military High Command, both of whom are deeply opposed to the covert control of the WZs, the Israelis, the BCC and its CIA Drug Cartels.” (

Confusion is a major technique used by the cabal to hide their activities by making it appear their scapegoats are the blame. Distinguishing the entities involved is imperative during this chaotic transition into the Light.

BRICS nations now number 188 out of a possible 196 nations on Planet Earth. In other words, the vast majority of this planet’s nations are now actively seeking world peace and a Win-Win relationship with all other nations.

Fulford’s report describes the attempts of the cabal to retain control of the world. He ends with very good news when the White Dragon Society wins—as it will in accordance with the unfolding of the Divine Plan for Earth’s Golden Age!


 The Battle for the Planet Earth is Reaching a Climax
Posted by benjamin, October 28, 2014


The battle over the psychological process of deciding what humanity does in the future is reaching a climax. The most dramatic development is probably the fact that the so-called ISIS campaign is now becoming a civil war within the military industrial complex of the sort seen during the last years of the Roman republic.

Also, the old cabal is ramping up its ebola fear campaign in the US even as it is being damped down elsewhere. The 188 nation BRICS alliance, for its part, continues to seek new friends for peaceful development and is succeeding in drawing England, France, Germany and Japan into its orbit.

The BRICS alliance members will make sure the world does not trade US unipolar hegemony for Chinese hegemony. Last week Japanese military forces staged simultaneous military drills with Russia and the United States. The United States military in Japan welcomed this move.

Russia has also staged drills with India, even as the US stages repeated drills with many countries in Asia. This is all aimed at China, multiple sources agree.

According to Marco Di Mauro of the Italian P2 Freemason lodge, in 2008, the last time he went to Asia to negotiate a new financial system with the Chinese, they demanded 80% control of the world’s assets. More recently, he says he was forced to cancel a trip to Asia because he was warned by the Italian secret service the Chinese were planning to have him killed in Manila.

Di Mauro also says that a “Vatican congregation manager” by the name of Rienzi Franco met with Chinese secret service agents in Hong Kong in 2011 and offered China $13 trillion.

If this above is all true, it goes against the deal the White Dragon Society made with the Asians which was that there would be a 50/50 split between East and West with each retaining veto power over their own region.

The point being made by all the drills is that if China tries to take sole control of the planet, there will be war because India, Russia, Japan, Europe, the United States and many other countries will not let that happen.

The goal is to have a multi-polar world along with reformed international institutions capable of ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction. It is not to replace the dictatorship of the US secret government with the dictatorship of the Chinese communist party.

In any case, the brinkmanship is on the rise these days because the governments of the US, the EU and the UN are all showing visible signs of insolvency.

Last week, for example, evidence emerged the United States of America Corporation has been shut down. The corporation has been removed from the Dun & Bradstreet corporate data base. In addition, the Puerto Rican government’s site lists the:


as “cancelled” (cancelado).

According to British MI5 intelligence, this is the entity that presided over the East Coast of the United States of America, including Washington D.C., Yale University and Skull and Bones. Its’ mandate was cancelled by the French Freemason Grand Orient Lodge, the source said.

This is almost certainly connected to the many suspicious deaths of J.P. Morgan bankers since J.P. Morgan is controlled by the Skull and Bones Bush clan. One aim of the attacks on J.P. Morgan insiders is to gain access to a database of over 119,000 people, including President Barack Obama, who are receiving bribes from the Bushes, according to a CIA source in Asia.

The same source also says there are daily shouting matches in the White House these days, often between Michelle Obama and top presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett. Michelle Obama appears to be getting the best of these encounters, he notes.

A further indication of insolvency in the US is that the Internal Revenue Service has started arbitrarily seizing bank accounts owned by individuals with no criminal or tax evasion record. In the past we have received reports from people who claimed the US government raided safety deposit boxes and also arbitrarily stole millions and in one case hundreds of millions from them. What is different this time is that they are going after accounts with less than $10,000 in them.

There was also another sign that it is not business as usual for the Federal Reserve Board to be seen on the Chinese government’s Xinhua News site. It is a series of eight photographs showing a meeting at the Federal Reserve Board with the subtitle

“Fed Board Governors held an open meeting to discuss a final rulemaking requiring sponsors of securitization transactions to retain risk in those transactions.”

What this means is that the derivatives worth in theory hundreds of trillions (according to the BIS), and even quadrillions and quintillions according to intelligence agency sources, that are keeping many megabanks afloat will have to be taken off the books. The banks cannot retain risk in transactions that are worth far more than world GDP because there is no reality to back them. Chinese sources are saying that allowable leverage from now on will be returned to the 10 times maximum historical experience shows to be sustainable. Right now in the US, thanks to President Bill Clinton, it is 100 times.

The EU, for its part, has suddenly, out of the blue, asked the British to fork over two billion Euros by November 1st and is trying to hit up several other countries as well. This sudden request for cash is for an amount that is suspiciously similar to what Russia is asking for in payment of Ukraine’s unpaid gas bills.

The EU has also suddenly added black market drugs and prostitution to their GDP figures in order to make their economies appear healthier and bigger than previously reported.

The UN, for its part, last week out of the blue asked Japan to fork over $1 billion for “climate change.”

The desperate cabalists are also trying to stir up trouble in new regions. Last week people connected to former US president Bill Clinton contacted the White Dragon Society to make threats to start a nuclear war between Pakistan and India. Sure enough the threats were followed by artillery barrages between Indian and Pakistani forces in the disputed region of Kashmir.

India and Pakistan have acted badly over Kashmir ever since independence. It is as if in the story of two women asking King Solomon to decide who is the mother of a disputed baby, they both agreed with Solomon’s decision to cut it in half. Both India and Pakistan are parents of Kashmir and they should give birth to an independent Kingdom of Kashmir that can become a free trade and friendship zone between the two giant neighbours. Then cabal troublemakers will no longer be able to stir up trouble in that region.

The ISIS situation is also now an obvious cabal civil war by proxy. American and Israeli agents are using American weapons to shoot down American air-force planes for reasons that have nothing to do with the US.

Meanwhile there is lots going on this week in the X-files category. First of all, Vincenzo Mazzara of the P2 freemason lodge wrote to say the black sun they worship is the Zoroastrian god. He went on to say “the dark energy is everywhere in this dimension…my mission is to erect a temple to the Black Hole, the real lord of the universe.” He adds that the dark matter has “recently entered the solar wind and the earth’s atmosphere is transforming into X-rays.”

His evidence was the recent appearance of a pumpkin face on the sun.

This appearance was followed by major solar flares and, likely as a result, US, Japanese and European weather satellites went offline last week.

Furthermore, we can confirm through MI5 British Intelligence that last week NASA abruptly terminated live coverage of a comet approaching Mars after a planet sized explosion suddenly appeared there. Here is a link to an independently filmed video of that explosion:

A US based source who correctly predicted the trouble in the Ukraine and the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner, says the “the US Mars base was destroyed.” British intelligence confirmed that contrary to what the world public has been told, the US did in indeed have people on Mars.

A spokesperson for Japan’s national observatory said “if NASA is not going to comment on that, then certainly we won’t either.”

This writer was also contacted over the phone recently by people claiming to be part of the group that seized the US underground bases. They say they found people in cages and signs of gruesome genetic experiments. The bases remain closed to prevent the Western cabal elite from fleeing to them, the sources say.

In any case, the X-files stuff will matter when we actually see it affecting our daily lives. For now, if the White Dragon Society and their allies win the battle here on the surface of the planet earth, there will be major visible changes. First of all, all US and allied armed forces will be redeployed to put an immediate stop to world environmental destruction. They will also act to stop all ongoing conflicts on the planet immediately.

The UN and other international institutions will be fundamentally reformed, poverty will be ended and an era of unimaginable prosperity will begin here on earth. Then, hopefully, the quarantine this planet is obviously under will end and we can visit the rest of the universe.


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 1 Cib, 14 Tzec, 11 Ik – October 28, 2014

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
1 Cib, 14 Tzec, 11 Ik – October 28, 2014


Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) We come to you feeling joyous! Events continue to move forward. The time comes to bring forth announcements accompanied by the beginnings of a global prosperity. Several nations dedicated to bringing you a new financial system are ready to make a series of vital announcements that are to change forever how your realm uses its many currencies. In addition, a number of up-to-now secret gold and silver depositories are ready to put your global economy back to a worldwide precious metal standard. These events are to cause a temporary deflation once the new currieries are in place. Global fair trade can begin in earnest. These changes are to set the way for new governance. The corrupt and one-sided policies of government are to cease as the globe returns to a general standard of cooperation and world peace. It is time to alter how your world is run and prepare each of you to become participants in how government operates. This is just the first step to your many new responsibilities.

The world, which is now envisioned by Heaven, is to become fully participatory. You are to be educated by your Ascended Masters and by the temporary leaders of your national and local governments in a number of new realities. Further, the law is to switch to common law and to a faithful following in the intent and wordings of your constitution. This process is to be both fruitful and confusing to many. This new epoch is to culminate in our arrival and your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. The present is therefore a critical time in this process. The globe is changing from a place run ruthlessly by a series of dark masters to one where you can freely and responsibly express yourselves. This new realm is one in which you need to better understand what is to be expected of you. Hence, it is necessary that a period of weeks and months be employed to assist you in this grand transfer of power from the dark to the Light and each one of you.

You are to be readied to become mature, able Beings of Light, who gladly accept all that is expected of you. This process, as we have stated, requires you to take on a great deal of new knowledge and learn how best to use it to carry out the marvel of your life contract. You are to be provided with the counseling you need to carry this out successfully. The universe is about success, joy and an honoring of who you are. Each success leads to another. You are to build up a quiet confidence and to understand how this process operates. These energies drive our numerous galactic societies. The degree of mutual love and respect constantly grows. We know how each individual works to provide for the greater One. This grand sacred collective encompasses all humans and all Beings of Light. Out of it comes a divine service, which aids the Divine in unfolding the divine plan for physicality. We are deeply dedicated to this, and come to return you to your true and natural state.

This shift in your consciousness is just the start. Your present state of limited consciousness dropped your body and mind frequencies to an extremely low level. Heaven has been gradually raising this over the last four decades. Yet you are still far below the minimums required. This is why you need to use a Crystal Light Chamber to regain full consciousness. Full consciousness makes you knowledgeable about Spirit and the infinite realms of Heaven. During your three days in this living marvel, you are to discover your origins and become privy to your previous life contacts. You are also to learn about your Soul family and why you initially migrated to this solar system. You are here as a special collective, to look after Gaia and her many sister worlds. Once this solar system is restored, you are to learn about the amazing diversity of life that exists not only on this world, but also on the other water worlds in this Solar System. Much lies ahead for you to learn and master!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with much good news! Our associates are now completing a number of projects which are to lead to the distribution of all funds. At present, the last emissaries of the dark are doing everything they can to block this vital, sacred process. This operation is not to be stopped. The Agarthans and our space family are busily intervening and turning back the heinous acts used by these emissaries to prevent the proper delivery of your blessings. Our main heavenly counsels are most pleased with how these events are going. These things are also to lead to new governance, accompanied by a new prosperity-oriented financial system. These coming events are to aid in a broad healing of Gaia and your various societies. What is next is for us to put together and then present a number of specific lessons on the new realities. These are to set the stage for a number of subsequent events.

These coming events are to feature a global disclosure of not only our blessed space family, but also a full disclosure of Inner Earth. These new realities require that you open your hearts and minds to an entirely new picture of your living home, Gaia. Inner Earth is home to Agartha and its capital of Shamballah. Many religious societies have long known of Agartha and how the Anunnaki and their Earthy minions hid these realities from all of surface humanity. Those avatars sent to you by the Agarthans paved the way for us to find a secure refuge in these most gracious lands. Once there, we discovered a land of blessed ones who deeply support our mission to you. To aid this mission, the Agarthans send special Beings to explore the realities of your realm and assist us when necessary. We are most grateful for their actions.

The time ahead is to be one of specific actions to prepare you for the start of a prosperous and Light-directed realm. This realm is to reconnect to its ancestors in Inner Earth and restore direct relations with your spiritual and space families. Remember, dear Hearts, the long dark night of the Soul is ending. Heaven tells you that a time approaches to return to full consciousness. This process is to be completed in a number of simple steps. The initial ones are currently under way. When these first steps are completed, you are to be judged ready for first contact. Daily, we practice special prayers and ceremonies directed to the swift successes of these initial steps. Here, we ask you to graciously focus your energies along with ours to achieve these divine successes for this realm. Let us all be free and prosperous in this realm! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we continued our messages. Let this one lead to prayer and a grand focus by you so that this global collective of humanity be set free and achieve the resources to carry out its grand destiny. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

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Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

Cosmic Perspective on the Defeat of the Cabal

David Wilcock – October 27, 2014

David Wilcock


There is an international alliance taking down the so-called Illuminati power structure — and it is also collapsing from within its own member ranks.

Messages forecasting high-level Cabal arrests have finally made their way into major motion pictures.

The epic finale hasn’t happened yet — but there is so much new information pointing in that direction, day after day, that we have been overwhelmed by it.

It appears that there are 12 to 25 times more “truth journalism” articles being written on a daily basis now than there were even four months ago.

So many things are happening, all at the same time, that it is impossible to keep up with it — or even hope to write about all of it.

For right now, there are some very significant stories that seem to demand attention first.

As you are about to see, messages forecasting high-level Cabal arrests have finally made their way into major motion pictures.”