Portia: Before and After

Portia: Before and After



I would like to talk with you about the state of the world, and the state of your heart. They are connected, you know, but not the way you think. The state of the world is very much affected by the state of your heart – your individual, personal, unique heart.

You are not only the Creator of your own life; you Create the world, as you play on your heartstrings the melody that will become your theme song. You, Beloveds, write the melody and arrange the harmonies and chords which will create the music around you. Your music in turn plays into the great symphony that is the sound and atmosphere of your world, produced and sustained by the collective music of the whole.

Does God play the tune, or write the symphony? Not at all. You are the ones who feel the inspiration and write down the notes, take up your instruments and play with all your hearts. You are living out God’s design, yes, but without you there would be no orchestra, no Earthly composer, and hence, no concert.

You were created with the the music of Life in your soul, and now you have been given the body to play it out on the world stage. Do not underestimate your impact on the others who are hesitating now, holding back, holding onto the old ideas that have been planted by the dark ones.

Arise, Dear Ones, it is your day, your time to shine. The events you have anticipated are already in the making. You know this is a global event you are creating. Be aware that you have placed yourselves on the side of justice, and by doing so you have decided to remove the cabal from power over you and everyone else. Of course this is going to change your own lives dramatically; this is what you foresaw, and what you prefer. It will mean that you will ride out a period of change without fear, for you know that the forces behind these new changes are Lightworkers.

You have heard about the Chinese Dragon Family. They are your mentors, friends of peace and prosperity for all. They are trying to make it possible to separate you from your slave masters, to help you in removing those slave masters so that you can establish a new way of life for yourselves. You can imagine the intricacy, and the delicacy with which the changes have been orchestrated. It is as if the leaders of the Western cabal have been holding you hostage, with a gun to your heads, and the Dragon swat team is to remove you from the situation without causing damage to you or any of the other hostages.

Unfortunately, you have been taught for so long to mistrust anyone but those slave masters, there is the danger you might at the last moment balk at change you don’t (and could not possibly) understand. When your freedom is assured, will you be tempted to turn and run back to the “protection” of those who have enslaved you? Will you be willing to let go of all the old assumptions and “proven” theories to instead follow your Faith that this is indeed the freedom God has promised you?

Look deeply into your heart. Ask yourself if you are willing to leap across the chasm from everything you have been taught to strive for, to a green land where no striving is necessary, just living. Are you at ease enough inside yourself to see clearly who are the White Hats, and what their true motivation is?

Many of you have tried to educate yourselves about what is to come, but you cannot really educate yourself about the future. You can only understand the past, according to the rules of the game as you have played it for centuries. What is coming is not an improvement in the game; rather it is a completely new game, a completely new playing field.

Join with Us in the higher realms to revel in this great triumph. Do not be tricked by the remaining players who are hewing to the old thought forms, insisting that the world is in chaos, humankind has lost its mind, and nothing good can possibly come of the great upheaval you see so clearly on your controlled news media. It is not true.

As some of your brave whistleblowers have revealed, the current “ISIS” group is nothing more than a costume change from the old “Al Qaida” which was nothing more than a gang of thugs trained and led by the cabal CIA, Mossad of Israel and their Saudi counterparts. As you may already know, there are no terrorists, there never were any terrorists except those secret government “black ops” whose job it was to create fear (terror, yes) to control and profit from their dirty projects across the planet.

Understand, Dear Ones, that I bring this information to you not to cause fear, but to give you perspective on the true nature of the conflicts you have been told are popular uprisings or religious fanaticism in action. The religious fanaticism you see has been cultivated by the paid operatives whose weapons include brainwashing, propaganda, and a great deal of money. This was made possible by trillions of dollars of stolen taxpayer money – most of it from the U.S. You remember the Rumsfeld announcement on September 10, 2001 that nearly 3 trillion dollars had gone missing? The paper trail was supposedly destroyed when a missile hit the Pentagon.

On that same fateful day, trading offices in the Twin Towers where the records for the massive international flow of money were held, and Building 7, which held Mayor Giuliani’s “war room,” melted away into dust. Are we to presume that all evidence is lost, and the perpetrators will never be apprehended? Not at all. Electronic records are kept under ground, and there are thousands of people who will gladly bring forward their eyewitness accounts of corruption, greed and massive conspiracy on the part of the secret government. It is only a matter of creating the new and secure environment in which they can come forward to tell their stories.

You want nothing more than to see peace in your world. The great irony of the current situation is that the President of the U.S. has been placed in the position of having to muster a coalition of forces to counteract the “ISIS/Al Qaida” threat that was secretly hatched on U.S soil. Ironically, what you see playing out on the world stage is a kind of American Civil War in which the slave holders will finally be defeated. When the facts emerge about the enormous power of the unelected government of the U.S., and its secret international allies, you will slap your foreheads and say, “Ahhh, of course, it all makes sense now!”

Yes, there has been great evil in your world, but the White Hats on the ground have worked diligently and at great personal cost to tighten the net which you now see closing on the last gasp of dark intrigue, murder, and theft of public resources. Look at your world with this perspective: See the Lightworkers who have been toiling behind the scenes suddenly beginning to move in unison, shifting positions to take up their places together. Some are people you thought were enemies, others are strangers to you, but are coming out of the back rooms to add their presence to the rising Light that has triumphed at last.

There is a great movement, a great transition taking place at this very moment. It goes far beyond the revaluation of currencies you see happening now. The purpose is to free all of you. Do not join with the naysayers who attack the most obvious target, the one who has the most fingers pointing at him/her. Lightworkers do not point fingers, they take action themselves to investigate, gather evidence, and above all, question the obvious. Anyone who is a target of personal attack – either by innuendo or outright vitriolic accusations, is likely to be innocent.

You will find very soon that the ones who have been viciously and publicly vilified are most likely the Lightworkers, while the real perpetrators are being quietly carted off in handcuffs to face the only fair justice, which comes through a transparent system of truly constitutional courts.

The upheaval you see now, Dear Ones, is the evidence of the birth of the New Golden Age. Be ready to step forward into the Light of truth when it is offered to you. Do not be tempted to fall back into the denial and illusory “safety” of believing anything that is preached to you in a self-righteous tone, or trumpeted endlessly in a way that stirs fear or resentment.

This is the “Al Qaida” method. See it for the blatantly false propaganda it is. Walk instead to the quiet but heart-expanding music of Light and Love. Listen closely. Be alert to the upwelling of generosity and kindness in your midst. Take your place among those heroes who have remained unsung because they neither needed nor wanted to trumpet their own successes, because they were doing God’s work.

You will soon be given the opportunity to celebrate their good work. Rejoice with them, raise them up on your shoulders with joy, and know that we are there among you, sending you great waves of love to raise all of you as you complete this last lap which will bring you out of the shadows and into the Light, together, triumphant and aware of the Unity which has been building and growing all along.

Your prayers, your work to clear away old structures, and your good will toward your fellows has been the backdrop and supporting foundation which has created the new systems of finance, governance and civil law that now stand behind the facade of the old world schemes, ready to be unveiled.

Nothing can stop us now, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. It is already written in the stars that the New Golden Age has begun. Feel it in your bones. See it with your third eye. Embrace it in your Heart. I add my loving energy to help buoy you up, to lift your spirits and ease your mind. Together we are unstoppable, because We Are ONE.

It is done. So be it.

Yours in Love, Portia

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, September 25, 2014, 3 am, New York

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Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

  Me - ego

Yesterday, I listened to a shocking audio of Alfred Webre interviewing Mark Passio regarding his early experience with Satanism as a part of his search for meaning in life. I had not realized that phrases Americans hear daily and assume to be fact reflect the philosophical tenets of Satanism. (Mark discarded Satanism early on, but he had learned enough to share with us and help us recognize its influence in our lives.)

 Most of us assume Satanism = worship of an entity called Satan or the Devil. IT DOES NOT! SATANISM = WORSHIP OF THE HUMAN EGO. Basically, anything that satisfies the personality level ego is okay, regardless of the harm that occurs to others. Based on this belief, there is no understanding of the difference between right and wrong.

 Uriel and I will simply list some of the tenets of Satanism and allow you to evaluate your life and determine where you may be reflecting some of them.



Our planetary society is based on competition, rather than WIN-WIN agreements.

 The American Dream – what does this require of me as I strive to achieve this dream for myself and family?

 Keeping up with the Joneses.



All’s fair in love and war.

 I’m just doing business.

 I’m just following orders.



Wars are okay if they mean protecting myself, family, and country.

 Intrusive body searches at the airports are fine if it means I am safe from terrorists.

 It’s not okay if I have to pay more taxes because some people receive a food stamp supplement because they are not paid a living wage.  They are just lazy bums………..


Some people can play God with others due to Eugenics – The term eugenics **comes from the Greek roots for “good” and “generation” or “origin” and was first used to refer to the “science” of heredity and good breeding in 1883.** (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aso/databank/entries/dh23eu.html)


A Ruling Class connotes lower classes, the poor, slavery, the unrefined, the uneducated, the unemployed.   The most blatant example of this tenet I have heard was when Barbara Bush walked through the Astrodome in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The Astrodome was packed with victims, no semblance of sanitation, horrible conditions. Mother Bush said to her son, President Bush: “This is fine for them.”



Sex trafficking of children is a $2 billion yrly. business, 2nd only to drug trafficking.

 Working without earning a living wage while the CEO is paid a huge salary.



Child sacrifice, as a part of the Satanic Mass, is fine because we can drink the blood of innocent children and enhance our own being.












The above is based on the interview, with additional thoughts by Nancy & Uriel.





Over 1,000 arrested in Europe crackdown on organized crime – Europol

Over 1,000 arrested in Europe crackdown on organized crime – Europol

September 24, 2014


Exterior of the Europol headquarters (AFP Photo)

European police have arrested more than 1,000 suspects in an unprecedented nine-day swoop on organized crime. At least 30 Romanian children have been saved from child traffickers and over 2,000kg of drugs have been seized.

Operation Archimedes, lasting from September15 to 23, “was the single largest coordinated assault an organized crime in Europe,” the chief of the European police organization, Rob Wainwright, told reporters on Wednesday.

Organized crime groups and their infrastructures was the target of the operation that involved Eurojust, Frontex and Interpol.

Australia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, the USA and Colombia also participated in the raids in hundreds of locations across the European Union.

According to Wainwright, as a result of the operation 1,027 people were arrested, 30 children were rescued from trafficking, about 10,000 illegal migrants were checked and over 2.1 tonnes of drugs including cocaine, heroin and cannabis were confiscated.

Europol head said the operation, that was coordinated from The Hague, the Dutch home city of the organization, “has led I think to a very significant attack on the whole criminal infrastructure in Europe.”

“What we have seen emerging is an integrated underground criminal economy,” Reuters reports Wainwright as saying, referring to the ‘dark net’ – or encrypted internet – used by criminals to communicate with each other.

The arrests during the biggest European sweep were mainly made among criminal middlemen and criminal groups’ mediators.

“Months in the planning, it was a carefully coordinated series of attacks on key nodal points and crime sectors that underpin the underground crime economy in Europe,” Europol head said



European police arrest more than 1000 criminals using ITCCS evidence of Ndrangheta and catholic child trafficking

 Breaking News: 25 September, 2014


The ITCCS central office has confirmed today that some of the police raids that have freed thirty children from traffickers were based on evidence provided by ITCCS and its recent common law court cases. Police in at least three European nations are now working directly with the ITCCS to track child trafficking networks and make further arrests. A complete report will be issued later this week.