Predictions: The Real Reasons for West’s Anti-Russian Sanctions Lada Ray, September 16, 2014 Lada speaks from a range of global experiences few human beings have ever achieved.

Predictions: The Real Reasons for West’s Anti-Russian Sanctions

Lada Ray, September 16, 2014

LADA RAYLada speaks from a range of global experiences few human beings have ever achieved.

Lada “was born in Russia to a Russian father and Ukrainian mother, and grew up in Odessa, presently Ukraine. Growing up, I observed the collapse of the Soviet Union. I also lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents, including Cuba, where I interviewed Fidel Castro. By the ripe age of 38, I managed to have 3 successful careers on 3 different continents, first as a linguist and translator, and second as financial consultant with AIG and Smith Barney/Citigroup. I witnessed first hand behind the scenes manipulations at these major financial institutions; I observed how small clients were sacrificed to the interests of large institutional clients, and how derivatives became the buzz word. At some point, I couldn’t stand it anymore and quit, and although I felt sorry to leave my clients, I needed to do things that were in line with my spiritual growth and soul development.”

NOTE BY NANCY: Little do Americans and the other Western imperialist nations realize that the rest of the world is joining hands to create a New Earth characterized by fairness, peace, Win-Win solutions, and Unity. As long as Americans are content to hide their heads in the sand and sleep, the rest of the world moves on without us.

Lada’s article details how the rest of the world unites for a better world, while Americans sleep.

I was deeply saddened a few days ago while watching the 200th Anniversary of the American national anthem extravaganza on PBS. Americans proudly and naively waved their American flags while repeatedly listening to the words “America—the home of the brave and the free.”

Little do we understand that the USA is the most hated nation in the world … considered to be the world’s bully and terrorist. Little do we know that instead of being free, we are slaves to the New World Order. Our lives are controlled—psychologically and physically—by the most detailed of covert ways. We are simply encouraged to think of ourselves as free.

The magnificence of the Anniversary extravaganza was in itself a psychological manipulation with its repeated praise of Americans as brave and free … with the repeated question within the anthem—is our flag still there? i.e., are we still winning the battle? The New World Order desires that Americans always think in terms of being a proud American because “America is the most powerful nation in the world” … in terms of winning battles … in terms of seeing the American flag waving victoriously over battle fields … in terms of having the most powerful military. The grandest fireworks show in the history of Baltimore Harbor filled American psyches with “See how grand our country is!”

We may be brave enough to go to war and kill and be killed, but we are not brave enough to open our minds and seek Truth. Brave people cannot be controlled by fear. .. are not afraid to seek Truth. Americans are afraid that Truth will mean changes in their lives and worldview. Even though at a subconscious level, we have to know that we are neither brave nor free, it feels good to stick our head in the sand … pretend all is well … and intone proud to be an American.

Meanwhile, the world unites and moves forward … without us……………



The Company of Heaven: To Love You More – Channeled by Dr. Kathryn May

The Company of Heaven: To Love You More


The Company of Heaven

Yesterday, Creator gave you a wonderful message. It was filled with wisdom and Love. You all read it, didn’t you? And yet today your conversations are still filled with the language of fear – the fear of darkness, conflict and want. We do not wish for our children to be in a state of worry, anxiety and frustration, no matter how difficult your day might be.

We had high hopes that the series of messages we have constructed for you and the radio shows which weave everything together would help you turn the corner into a higher dimensional way of life, completely without fear.

Creator told you, did he not, that you are made for Light, because you were born in Love and Light. We know that what he speaks is true. But it is a difficult transition for you to move from the adrenaline-laced state you are so accustomed to, into a state of peace and Divine resignation.

Now, by resignation we do not mean you turn yourself over. You see how limiting the words are. We mean that there is a a state of being that is so resolute, so serene, that you reach complete acceptance. The first level of acceptance upon which the serenity builds is the deep knowledge of your own power – the absolute confidence that you are competent, strong in body mind and spirit – such that you are completely at peace with your own ability to manage whatever comes your way.

The second element of acceptance is based in knowing, without a doubt, that your life has meaning, and that this life is not the only one you have experienced, and you will not end regardless of when this life is done. In addition to comfort with the knowledge of your incarnations and your eternal life as a soul, it is necessary to see the wheel of life and your part in it as profoundly unique, necessary and an important part of the greater whole. You also are beginning to see how deeply the lessons of this lifetime have affected you, and how these perfect lessons were of your own choosing, for your own growth and expansion.

The third and most crucial element is your Faith. We are not a “sometime thing.” We are present, adoring, and delighted to see you stretching to grasp the difficult challenges life brings. We only want for you to join us fully in a two-way conversation that allows you to perceive our loving presence every moment of the day and night. When you have experienced our presence in your lives in this constant and intimate way, you will have found the ascension key, for you will be operating in a state of 5th dimensional consciousness.

Once you have totally embraced your own uniqueness and absolute competence, you have the necessary foundation to proceed down your spiritual path to deeper understandings. Without the profound acceptance of yourself, you cannot experience the great love of others you are capable of, and you cannot ever be at peace. Let us explain why.

After a lifetime of criticism, competition, derision and having been ignored, disrespected and denied, the belief that you are not worthy, not good enough seeps into your pores and insinuates itself into your nervous system, your feelings and every thought. Few people have not experienced this, even in what pass for “good families.” Humankind has come through a particularly rude and cruel phase in recent years. It requires determination and persistence to root out these toxic references to yourself, which become so embedded in your self-referential thoughts that you assume it is normal, because everyone else feels the same way.

How can we convince you to accept our alternative view, which we know to be an accurate picture of you? We see your brilliance, and we see your mistakes and stumbles. We are happy to work with those of you who are able to hear our encouraging words, and we do not hesitate to point out to you where you may be going off the path of what is in your greatest good, but we never look down upon your wayward actions. We accept that it is a normal part of your learning process, and we send you love to help you balance yourselves. For us, there is never the option to be disapproving, impatient or belittling.

You see, we are not blind to the problems in your lives, or to the difficulties you have ‘keeping your eye on the ball.” We know how distracting the fast pace of your lives can be, and we see your insecurities. Those insecurities are all based in the “not enough” feelings left over from childhood. No adult who has embraced his/her completeness would ever feel bad about themselves for being who they are. It is impossible if you embrace your whole self, “Body and Soul,” as the old song goes. Perhaps you should sing those love songs to yourself, just to get used to the wonderful feeling of being in love with yourself.

Each morning as you awaken and look into the mirror, look deeply into your own eyes and send a concentrated blast of Love right into the eyes of the person looking back at you. Notice the interesting color of your eyes. Run your hands over your faithful body, which has brought you to this day, in spite of the rough and tumble life you have led. Send Love and Light through your hands as well. Feel the tingling sensation in all your cells. This is the heart of the cell, which has been activated by the great Ruby Crystal, responding to the energy of Love.

You are also being sent the continuing powerful energies from the Central Sun to gradually activate your crystalline body, which is now responding to the Ruby Crystal, which you could not have felt in the same way just a few months ago. This will make it easier to feel our great Love for you, and to accept that We are right about you, and everyone else was wrong, even you. Yes, it is possible is it not, that we are more objective, more accurate in our assessment of you than you are yourself? After all, your opinions are tainted by the fact that you look at yourself with the eyes of your parents (siblings, teachers, etc).

For instance, your cultures have a terribly distorted view of what beauty is. Heaven help (and we are happy to) the one who has a sibling that is more beautiful, by cultural standards, than you were, or who was judged to be so by the parents, regardless of actual appearances. Parents are notoriously inaccurate in their assessments of their children, are they not? Why would you take their word over ours anyway?

We see you as you are, and we love you immeasurably, because we remember being with you when you chose to come here in this body, and we can assure you, there were very good reasons for it, warts and all, as you would say. We admired your courage then, as we do now.

When the choices are given to choose the body you will come with, most do not willingly choose the astonishingly “beautiful” bodies, unless it is part of the contract to play a specific role which requires it, because they do not want the lessons and responsibilities that come with it. No, most people prefer a moderate road when it comes to appearances, because they prefer to concentrate on the inner development of their being rather than be a center of attention because of their physical beauty.

Then, you arrive here in the body of your choice, and as soon as you are approaching puberty, what do you do? You spend hours every day fussing and arranging, primping and exercising with the specific intention of changing your face and body to be more like the ones you refused before you came here. Your goal then is to be loved and admired for the way you look, not for who you are within yourself. Many of you even forget that there is such a place as “within yourself.”

Enough! Dear Ones, we have tried to cajole you into being friendly with yourself, then we tried to humor you, instruct you and guide you in the ways of self-appreciation. Now we must simply insist. It is not right, not the way of the Higher Dimensions to be cruel or negligent or insulting to your poor overwhelmed Self. No more. We Love you, and we do not want to see any more cruelty in the world, so you must now begin with yourself. Remember – you cannot claim to be a good person if you are mean to yourself. You are a person too!

Now, follow along with us as we form a conga line to celebrate your beautiful self, and the vow we are asking you to join us in pledging.

– No more criticizing yourself. Not even one “That was stupid.” when you lock your keys in the car, or drop the dishes.
– No more looking at your reflection in store windows and thinking, “If only I could lose 10 (or 30) pounds I would look better.” Change your diet as we and Meg have taught you on BlogTalkRadio/ChannelPanel programs on Sananda’s healing shows from August 17 to September 15, 2014, for your health and life, not for your looks.
– No more thinking about “bad hair days.”
– No more doubting your ability to enter a room, smile and make friends with everyone you meet.
– No more comparing yourself to others with an eye for ferreting out your failings and faults.
– No more gloomy feelings about how bleak your future looks because you are not smart enough to be the glorious success you thought you would be by now.

– No more anxiety because you are sure you will not be able to impress the boss, pass the test, jump through the hoop or win the prize.
– No more anxiety because you believe you cannot manage your feelings, because you are too anxious, or confused, or damaged.
– No more comparing your house, your job, your car or your children to others, and feeling inferior when theirs seems nicer.
– You add one here.

Let us now join in grateful praise of you, your uniqueness, and Creator’s wonderful choice in wanting you to be a part of our human team, for this exciting time and place. You see, once you accept – with profound resignation – that you are a beautiful being, talented and capable of fulfilling the journey you have claimed for yourself for this lifetime, you will see how easy life becomes! You are good! You are perfectly designed for this fascinating and very special and unique challenge!

Now you are ready to accept our Love, are you not? For who could be more deserving, more receptive and joyful with our close relationship than you and we, now that we are in agreement that this warmth and acceptance is inevitable, destined to be, unavoidable, absolute, and utterly deserved.

Do not forget us when you lie down to sleep, Dearest Ones. Accept our kisses and our blessings for a peaceful rest. Do not forget us when you awaken. We will be there with your angel partners to beam our smiles of pleasure and welcome to you as you begin your new day. You see, all this was divinely destined – this great Love we have for you, the difficult lifetime you are bringing to fruition, and now, our invitation to dance with you, to sing in the new and glorious life you so richly deserve.

We are your Company of Heaven, in service to our Great One.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Sept 15, 2014, New York

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 September 14-21, 2014

Beloved Ones,

It is time to divorce yourselves from the endless distractions that present themselves in relentless attempts to take you from your inner core of knowing. Look instead to the heavens and to the alignments that are taking place in the cosmos. This is, indeed, big news and important for you to take note of as you go about your daily activities and duties upon the planet. There is much that is now available to be discerned and re-discovered. As the Earth moves more into a spherical time belt, it brings into focus many ancient remembrances and knowledge. These are ready to be re-introduced into the evolving civilization that you are a part of. Get centered within and see if you are ready to bring them forth. The atmosphere of Earth has been seeded with new knowledge that is just waiting to be brought into focus by ones such as you, pulling knowledge from the past that only needs to be updated to be of great use in this time of now.

The world is ready to embrace more knowledge and new methods that are aligned with and in harmony with Source in a way that leaves no footprints upon your planet and harms no one and no thing upon it. It IS a potential that is now ready to be manifested into your new reality. We are calling forth those ones who volunteered to bring these forward in order to assist during these times. Deep within you, you have this knowing and this call from the higher dimensions will activate that knowing. We anticipate that many will answer this call and will put the betterment of their planet and its kingdoms as their main priority, instead of involving themselves in the endless quest for personal gain and power, for this former concept is now becoming a pile of ashes. You come from places in the universe where the highest and greatest good of all is foremost in the collective and cooperative consciousness and where all have everything they need as and when they need it. You carry the templates of these within yourselves and are now ready to anchor them into your current reality.

Some of you may be surprised by the knowledge that surges through you, for it will be in an area that was not looked at before with any great seriousness but if you examine your past, you will see that the potential was there, simmering in the background of your lives. Let it flow through you and trust the process, in whatever it comes through. Realize that each of you is here at this time to add your unique and valuable gifts to your emerging new society, in whatever form they take. It just requires your belief and confidence in yourselves. The abundance of the universe is flowing into each life and many doors are opening that hitherto were closed to them. In order to receive this abundance, you must open yourselves to receive it and this is done through daily stillness and inner silence. This abundance we speak of comes on wings of love in the form of creative ideas that must be acted upon, for action is necessary in order for the manifestation of any idea to come into fruition.

With this said, it is incumbent upon each of you to seriously keep a daily journal of all the ideas and thoughts that come to you during each day. Keeping careful track of the times and dates is important also which could be helpful to you at a later time. Your god sanctioned guides are working with you now to awaken those aspects of your authentic being by impressing words, thoughts and images into your mind. These are intended to help you and to give clues and hints to guide you on your path. Some of the promptings you receive may seem impossible to implement in your current situation but if you record these carefully in your daily journal, you will have a record that will remind you later when the time for these to manifest is upon you.

We, your guides, strive to work with you to further your spiritual progress and also are able help in whatever situations you are currently trying to cope with by helping you to see alternate solutions or by planting new ideas and perspectives into your consciousness so that you are enabled to make your life work. We cannot do your spiritual, mental, emotional or physical work for you, for that is solely your responsibility and is the domain of your own soul guidance, but we can and do very often, uplift and inspire and empower you to see your way through the challenges that befall you by being incarnate upon this planet. During your times of stillness and silence, talk to us and ask for our assistance with your daily life – for without your conscious request, we cannot be of assistance, for we must adhere to the universal law of non-interference with your god given free will choice. We are here and we are ready.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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