Sananda: An Invitation to Our “Fireside Chat”

Sananda: An Invitation to Our “Fireside Chat”

sitting around a fireToday, Sunday August 31 at 2 PM EDT – Healing/Training with Kathryn May, Meg Davis and Sananda!


I want to send you a short written message in addition to our program this afternoon on BlogTalkRadio (see below) to let you know what I will be offering as today’s teaching, and to invite you to listen.

We have compiled a very rich collection of teachings in the past 3 weeks, which I consider to be the most helpful ideas and simple guidelines ever presented, and it is all free for you to listen and read. Our dear co-host, Meg Davis, has brought forth a clear and easy to understand talk on nutrition which, unbeknownst to her, came directly from The Company of Heaven. It is the primer for everyone on the planet, to understand how important it is for you to oversee your own nutritional needs with love, intelligence and knowledge.

I can assure you that if you follow the guidelines we have given you with dedication and the strong belief in your body’s natural ability to heal itself, you will immediately find yourselves feeling better, sleeping better, and healing fast from any and all disease. I am not exaggerating here, but I am encouraging you to adhere to the guidelines given to you with deep respect for your body’s sacred contribution to your experience here on Planet Earth.

You would not put Coca-Cola into the gas tank of your automobile and expect it to perform without problems. Your body is the same. The diet which most people think of as “healthy” is nowhere near what you body actually needs. Do not disqualify yourself from reading and listening carefully because you know and understand nutritional requirements. Come with us to discuss and learn, and you will be surprised how much you will learn, even if you are an expert in the field, or especially if you are!

Join us, Dear Ones, to change the world, one serving at a time!

I love you without end, in service to humankind eternally,
I am your Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Aug. 31, 2014, 10 am, New York


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Meg Davis


ISIL supported by shadow governments: US journalist Gordon Duff and Press TV, Iran

Veterans Today


ISIL supported by shadow governments: US journalist

Gordon Duff  and  Press TV, Iran

August 30.2014

The ISIL terrorist organization is “one of a network of groups,” who are supported by “shadow governments” and numerous regimes around the world, including Israel and the United States, an American journalist says.

ISIL, also known as ISIS, “is one of a network of groups” that includes the juntas in Ukraine, Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Nusra Front in Syria, said Gordon Duff, a Senior Editor at Veterans Today and a disabled veteran of the Vietnam War.

“They’re exactly the same people and they work for a world coalition that some call the secret shadow government or the Bilderbergers,” Duff told Press TV on Saturday.


Ra: Light or Darkness – Which Do You Manifest?

NOTE BY NANCY:  The Ascended Masters and Mother & Father God are using Dr. Kathryn May’s professional expertise in Clinical Psychology to channel more advanced information.  Think in terms of being promoted from elementary school to high school.  The art of self-discipline is one of the highest of spiritual skills … we are to learn how to convert darkness into Light.  This requires that we refine our ability to see the darkness without allowing it to pull us into it and, to respond in ways that transform darkness into Light!

We may call on Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Hierarch of the Etheric Ascension Temple over Luxor, Egypt, for assistance in refining our capacity for self-discipline.  In the words of Serapis Bey:  “ I am known among the Brotherhood as the disciplinarian, and among my disciples as the fiery Master, and among those who have rejected the disciplines of our retreat by various and sundry names.”  ( Mark L. & Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Lords of the Seven Rays)


Ra: Light or Darkness – Which Do You Manifest?


Dearest Ones,

The entire Universe is in flux at this time. The energies from the Central Sun are flowing across the planet in ever-increasing waves, carrying the electromagnetic pulse which is changing your carbon-based DNA to crystalline. When this first phase of the process is completed, you will find yourselves more psychic, more creative and more determined to experience the joy of being a part of this glorious, historic and profound Shift across the galaxies, the Multidimensions – the entire Cosmos!

Is it any wonder you are feeling unbalanced, grumpy, and simultaneously open and hopeful? These are natural feelings, given the loss of what you once felt as your foundation. In your bones, your muscles and your hearts you feel the state of your own DNA. You know it as you know, well, the back of your hand, as they say, but it is an even deeper knowing because it is internal, not something you can see. It is understandable that you are feeling as if the rug had been pulled out from under you. It has, in a sense. The familiar vibration of your deepest being – your human body as you have known it for thousands of years – is changing, as you continue to live inside it. This is naturally unsettling. There is no adequate analogy to help you understand it, except perhaps to try to imagine what a caterpillar feels like in the process of becoming a butterfly.

Put yourself into the mind of the caterpillar, who dozes off inside his cocoon, but wakens intermittently to feel strange and unfamiliar sensations, constantly reminding him that he as he as known himself is no more. What does no more mean? When he feels the stretching and growing sensations, does he trust that something wonderful is occurring, or does he think he is dying? The caterpillar has an advantage over humankind, in that he is always deeply connected to the loving energy of Creator, and therefore has no fear of what is happening to himself. You, on the other hand, must struggle with your own implanted opinions and belief systems about what life is meant to be, about what things mean, and how to handle them.

You will see around you the many ways that people use to cope with the strange changes. Some will try to sleep through it; others will take to drinking or drugs, others will try to escape through intense activity, or will cling to those around them for support and balance. There is no right way, but the fastest way to the other side of this crashing wave is to ride it out, with a conscious and deliberate sense of mastery and command. You are not at the mercy of these energies. They are a part of the contract you made when you decided to come here now. Fretting or pouting will not make it move faster, in fact it will delay your adjustment. So, right yourselves, stand tall, and adopt your strongest “Bring it on!” stance, and move on through it.

As with all things in the Universe, only change is predictable and it is true here. The waves will fluctuate and subside, leaving you amazed, with time to practice using your new skills. Once done, you will look back with appreciation and knowledge that this is the most merciful way to create the promised change while allowing rather than forcing it upon you.

Now, let us address some of the paradoxical sensations and events you are experiencing now on Planet Earth. On one hand, it seems as if the required events which will bring forth peace and prosperity are moving quickly. On the other hand, it appears that nothing has changed, or worse, that things are deteriorating into a dark and tangled confusion in which darkness reigns. Be assured, Dear Ones, that the LIght is in the ascendance. We are working hard with our boots on the ground to clear up the myriad pockets of dark thoughts, and we ask you to help us with this.

When you receive information – say, a news report of obscene violence and conflict – here is what we want you to do. Notice the details of the report to assess whether this is truthfully reported, actual events, or whether there may be a war agenda behind it. Is the reporting designed to fire up angry emotions which would lead you to retribution, or are you inspired to support tribunals and fair legal practices which will put a stop to these atrocities? Does the reporting offer possible Light solutions which are currently available, or does it leave you feeling frustrated and impotent? This style of reporting is a manipulation, designed to create fear and eventually, more violence. You may not see the possible motives behind it, but your feelings tell you there are ulterior motives.

Next, Step Two. Turn away from the images and sounds of violence. Register in your memory banks the truth of what you have just detected: that these “facts” are not true as they stand. More information would be needed for you to accept it as truth, so for the meantime, you can take the “high road” which would be to re-establish yourself consciously to focus on the Light around you, while you reaffirm your commitment to carefully examining all issues before you react with anger or sadness or fear. Even in cases where you have concluded that an atrocity has indeed been committed, you must then always shift your focus to envisioning a creative solution in which Light triumphs over darkness. Only by holding fast to your creativity, expansiveness and powerful intention to bring Light to every situation will you be able to take the actions and have the impact which will truly change any event from darkness to Light.

Your emotional reactions are actions. Be aware that every time you go into a state of fear, you are feeding darkness all around you. Every time you generate a panic attack or an anxiety attack or a self-annihilating depression, you are blocking the Light in yourself and in your environment. Entertaining ideas of worthlessness or self-hatred are at the top of the list of ways in which you “count yourself out” from being a Lightworker. Each time you forward a “news” story or a Bible story or a historical interpretation which focuses on evil and darkness, the ones who perpetrated it and the ones who suffered, you are re-constituting those memories, bringing them back to life in the present.

As we have shown you in the book, “Who Needs Light?,” the wiring of your brain is determined by the thoughts and feelings you focus upon. If you want to experience drama, fear and tragedy, all you need do is think of these things, generate the fight or flight response they inspire, and marinate in it. Your brain will be organized accordingly, to detect and be attracted to dark ideas, feelings and thoughts, and then by extension, to other people who represent darkness as well. You will then find yourself constantly immersed in unhappy relationships and life events, and you could complain that the world (or God) has dealt you an unfair hand. Of course, this would be ignoring the Law of Attraction. Most simply put, it predicts that you will attract what you anticipate, and what you anticipate (by focusing on it) is darkness.

We have given you this graphic to help you see that what you focus upon matters. Many of you have accepted these concepts to guide you in your personal lives, but forget to apply them in your view of the world stage and the events you see being enacted upon it. I will put it strongly: You cannot call yourself a Lightworker as long as you focus upon the darkness, dwell upon injustice, poverty and suffering, and encourage others to do the same.

Instead, practice Step 2, above, holding fast to your intentions to set things right, envisioning your part in creating fair programs to repair the difficulties around you. Manifest solutions, celebrations of sharing and rebuilding, and see yourself in the midst of it, successfully creating your New Golden Age. You will bring in the Light. In this way, we will defeat all darkness together.

Notice that nowhere have I suggested that to look at the darkness and see it for what it is should be avoided. You must look straight at it, make a note for yourself about what you see, then release all feeling from it. You do not need feeling (emotion) once you have seen the Truth about a dark entity or event. You have your information stored, and the meaning of what you have seen with it. There is no need for any intense emotion to fuel your response. Your resolve and courage are all you need. Save your feeling/thoughts for manifesting Light. Now you are ready to take intelligent action, in reality-based judgment, to truly change the world.

Do you see, Dear Ones, how manifesting Light is a completely different process from manifesting darkness, and how defeating darkness is the same process as manifesting Light? Hint to remember: only manifesting darkness involves intense fight-or-flight feelings and thoughts, so if you are feeling it, you are feeding darkness. So now, in this new era of conscious awareness and being in complete command of your thoughts, feelings and actions, you can evaluate your own progress toward your Ascension by measuring the quantity of fear, anxiety, frustration or depression you observe in yourself. Honest assessment is needed to see the truth of what you are actually doing. In this way, you will become the force for Light you intended when you agreed to come here.

We are with you all the way, cheering you on, supporting you on your upward path. I am your Ra, in service to our Great Creator, and I love you without end.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 30, 2014, 3 pm, New York

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Book by Kathryn E. May, PsyD: Who Needs Light?

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Ra: Our Names, Soul Identities and Creator’s Truth

Ra: Our Names, Soul Identities and Creator’s Truth

Ra 4 painting

Today, I will tell you about who I am, and why I have come to you at this time in your Earthly experience. I have been sending you messages through our channel Kathryn for several years now. We have quite a collection of my teachings, posted on her website and Facebook pages, and disseminated around the world in many languages. I have asked that the links to these writings be included at the end of these messages, so that you can find the archives of our written and spoken teachings any time you want. We have spent thousands of hours thinking through the kinds of teachings that would be most helpful to all of you at this moment in your Ascension training.

By We, I mean the Company of Heaven, in consultation with Great Creator, who oversees everything we do, and we, Kathryn and I, who shape the messages to be as understandable and eloquent as possible without making them impossible to translate. We do hope that the entire collection will soon be available in book form in many languages. It is a big project for those who will take part, but I promise to oversee and supervise the translations and the creation of the books, for my heart is in every word, and my great Love for you is expressed in every chapter of these messages.

It was agreed long ago with Creator that it would be helpful for representatives of the Company of Heaven – those of us who are especially involved in this phase of the Ascension of Planet Earth – to take turns, making every effort to contact and speak with you through our channels, and through our incarnations on Earth, in order to restore a spiritual connection with humankind in every way possible. For hundreds of years we have done this, seeking out those who were physically tuned to our vibration, who could bring our messages to the people.

Many of those you now call “channels” were known as prophets, oracles, adepts, messengers and holy people in earlier ages. Times have changed, the internet has made it possible for us to reach many more people, and current tastes do not require that our prophets be male, ascetic, lonely wanderers or persecuted witches. We are happy for that, because it allows people to relate to their messengers as approachable real people, living their lives as you too can do, just as they did with Jesus in his time. We simply ask that our messengers transmit our messages faithfully and accurately, and that they represent us with integrity.

As times have changed and your understanding of the Truths about life on Earth, the connection between this human body and the soul you are, and your relationship with us in Higher Dimensions, the kind of messages we are able to send have evolved and changed. Those who are reading these messages no longer need to be instructed in the fact that your bodies are not all there is to you, and this life is not the only one you have experienced. We have gone on to teach more a more detailed picture of life in the Universe and the Truths which govern all life here and throughout the Multiverse.

So, you see, as our needs have changed, we have modified our teachings accordingly, but the overriding purpose is always to show you that we are here for you and that the Creator of All, our great Source, the beginning and end which has no beginning or end, is Love. With that in mind, I will tell you of the changing roles I have played in my dedication to Creator’s Truth and my wish to represent Creator in the most accessible way possible.

You have known me through the ages in the roles I played as a spiritual leader. In each of the major cultures throughout the descent from higher dimensions into the darkness which overtook the planet for the past several thousand years, I have come to you either as an embodied human or as a spiritual guide. I have been known as Ra, the Sun God in Ancient Egypt, as Shiva in HIndu tradition, as Yahweh in ancient Jewish tradition, Jehovah in Christianity, and more recently as Zorra, a mentor and friend who would be available to answer your questions and listen to your concerns. I came through as Zorra for a time, to offer you information that was new to many of you, especially offering you familiarity with the presence of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters who are here to help you.

In recent months, I revealed that my role as Zorra was just that: a role I played in order to reach out to you, to touch your hearts and win your trust at a time in your culture when images of God (Creator) were still portrayed as vindictive, punitive and judgmental. I wanted to teach you how accessible we are, and how much we care for you, regardless of the name you call us by. And so I have taken another step in revealing my true identity. I am also the one who came to you as Yahweh, and then Father God in the messages I sent through Kathryn. Later, when she channeled me as Zorra, she identified me immediately as the one she knew a Yahweh/Father God. Yes, I am one and the same with all these identities, just as you are one with all the incarnations and soul names you have carried over the ages.

So you see, it is certainly not a matter of deception to use the various names I have gone by as my Higher Self and my incarnations; it is simply a convenience through which I give you a handle to grasp so that you will feel my touch and hear the words I speak in the deepest part of your hearts. Familiarity is an important element in building relationships. You feel that recognition with your dear St. Germain, who has made himself so accessible and who has helped so much with this phase of your Ascension. Of course his “real” name is not St. Germain – it is just a name that reminds you of his incarnation here in which he established the Prosperity Programs. He could also go by names like Leonardo, Alexander, Marc Anthony and Ramadi, which is his original soul name.

I have recently begun using Ra, a kind of “nickname,” you might say, in connection to my familiar name, Father God, to let you know that I am the one who has been speaking to you all along, under different names, but always the same soul entity. In my individual soul (which is the uniqueness I experience, although I am One with Creator as my primary identity), my original soul name was Rama, which means “heart of God.” My twin flame is Isis, Mother Sekhmet, Divine Mother, and many other variations which represent her power as creative feminine force.

And so, since you have all evolved as students and no longer need the “kid gloves” approach to Truth, I can now come forth without having to gently introduce new information bit by bit, in terms that will lead you carefully through the quagmire of dark thought forms and into the Light, although I do not mind doing that if you still require it or enjoy it. I am happy to teach and to reveal Truth any way I can. I appreciate your inclination to prefer information which is tailored to the familiar language of spirituality and religion, but we are moving together, you and I, to a higher plane – one in which the languages of physics, astronomy, art and politics are One. That language is Love.

You see, today I again introduce you to the concept that names are of no significance. It is the vibration of your self – the combination of body and soul which you are now experiencing – which tells the story of who you are and what your path in this life will be. You are complex beings, in that you carry within the deepest part of your being the vibration of Creator, in addition to your own unique original soul vibration and the “feel” of your present incarnation – what you might call your present “personality.”

Your Higher Self, like mine, is directly connected to all other living beings and to Creator (whom you sometimes call Prime Creator). We created that designation to distinguish Creator from Mother God and I, who took those name to give you a stepping stone, a voice through which you could ascend in your feelings and thoughts toward Creator. We also were asked to use those names as a way of introducing you to the concept that you are all Gods and Goddesses. Your I AM Presence is the living expression of Love and Light, which is the energy of Creator.

Do you see? Our aim was to coax you all together along the path out of the confused and contradictory muddle of ideas and concepts, to focus on the love you feel when you communicate with us, your Ascended Masters, your Higher Selves. In our Spirit form, we carry the energy of our group consciousness, the same energy you feel from your own Higher Self. Open your hearts and your minds, Dear Ones, and you will feel the unmistakable energy of Love and Light. You will know that we are here for you, always dedicated to your highest good, when you partake of the sweet and gentle power of Creator, which is in all of us.

There is no mistaking the Light we carry as part of our essence for anything you would call dark. We do not trick you or mislead you – in fact we could not, if you are in synchrony with your heart and the Heart of Creator. You will feel my presence and know it is I, and you will feel also the unique presence of your dear guides and angels. We are all here to help you in this historic transition, for you are at the center of this Ascension of all beings.

I am the one who is known in the lower planes as Ra or Father God, whichever you prefer, and I love you without end. As always, in service to our Creator.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 29, 2014, 1 pm.

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Book by Kathryn E. May, PsyD: Who Needs Light?

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Blog Talk Radio Nutrition Discussion – 8/17/2014 By: Meg Davis

Email: Facebook: Wisdom Within – Meg Davis Archived episode:

hƩ p://

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Click on link below to take to to tipi in document): 1. Statement about Ascension and protein requirements 2. Link to carb counting website 3. Recommended carbohydrate levels for optimal health 4. List of Food in Carbohydrate category 5. Short “You Tube” videos explaining blood sugar connection with diseases (highly recommend!) 6. Best food article I’ve ever read 7. Great read and print article for family and friends to explain blood sugar 8. List of vegan protein sources 9. Westin A. Price website mentioned by Michelle on Sunday’s call – whole food resource 10. Terrific cookbook on whole food nutrition, almost like a textbook 11. Basics of “What the heck do I eat” PDF 12. Favorite recipe website 13. Kitchen appliance MUST for quick and easy meals 14. Juicing 15. Revamped food pyramid – we can add to this and make it better 16. Best greens to eat 17. Stages of Blood Sugar Imbalances (associated symptoms listing)

Date: 8/19/2014

  1. Statement about Ascension and protein requirements:   *** One thing to remember about Ascension and shifting nutrition recommendations is that the more crystalline-based our DNA becomes, the less protein we require. Protein breaks down into amino acids which are the building blocks for the carbon-based DNA structure. So donʼt worry so much about getting enough protein, there is plenty of protein in the plants you eat, nuts & seeds, quinoa, and le- gumes. You might require more protein if you are doing alot of exercising, weight-training and athletics. (see below – vegan protein sources)***
  2. Link to carb counting website: How many grams of carb in foods:

 Recommended carbohydrate levels for optimal health:

  • 0-50 grams – rapid weight loss
  • 51-80 grams – slower weight loss
  • 81 – 150 grams – maintenance (the more exercise you do, the more carbs will burn)                                                  

*** less exercise – 81 – 100 grams                                                                                                                                

*** more exercise – 101 – 150 grams

  • 150 – 300 grams – high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, immune problems, pre-diabetes, heart disease
  • 300+ grams – TROUBLE!!!   diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity
  1. List of Food in Carbohydrate category: *** use in moderation ***
  • Bread (Use Ezekial is a must)
  • Cereal
  • Crackers
  • Bran
  • Snack/Breakfast Bars
  • Oatmeal (use quinoa instead)
  • Baked Goods
  • Pastries (quinoa pasta available)
  • Cookies/Cakes


  • Pasta
  • Fruit ***
  • Fruit Juices (different than juicing)
  • Fruit Smoothies (green smoothies with some fruit OK)
  • Sodas (Kumbucha Tea OK)
  • Energy Drinks
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Agave Nectar, Honey ***
  • Beer
  • Rice (wild rice OK, brown rice occasionally)
  • Potatoes, Yams (use sweet potatoes and butternut squash)
  • Legumes *** (lentils and mung beans are the favorites)
  • Corn/Popcorn
  1. Short “You Tube” videos explaining blood sugar connection with diseases (highly rec- ommend!)   Merritt Wellness you tube videos: Great explanation about blood sugar. (May have to copy and paste to view. Hyperlink is iffy.)
  2. Best food article I’ve ever read: Long, but worth every minute. “What if It’s All Been a Big, Fat Lie?” Gary Taubes, New York Times 2002
  3. Great read and print article for family and friends to explain blood sugar : “The Defi nitive   Guide to Insulin, Blood Sugar & Type II Diabetes” Great article to print for friends and family.
  4. List of vegan protein sources:
  5. Westin A. Price website mentioned by Michelle on Sunday’s call – whole food resource   during Q & A Great nutrition website ***Recommends meat, so substitute***
  6. Terrific cookbook on whole food nutrition, almost like a textbook: “Nourishing Traditions”, Sally Fallon ** ** great for fermented food recipes for good intestinal bacteria and enzymes
  7. Basics of “What the heck do I eat” PDF les/phase2dietwithexplanation.pdf

This is general, but a great start. Add to this list with your own favorites, juicing, sprout   ing, supplements, good water source, etc. Don’t worry about calories. If you eat good fats, your hunger will balance easily. Remember breakfast as a big meal.

Chinese proverb: Eat like a King at breakfast, Prince (worker) at Lunch and Pauper at dinner.”

  1. Favorite recipe website: (most popular recipe app in the world 🙂 Just type in vegan or vegetarian and you will gets LOADS of recipes
  2. Kitchen appliance MUST for quick and easy meals *** *** I do ALL my veggies in this and makes a ton of extra for decreased cooking time,    and leftovers for breakfast or lunch the next day. Freezer to table in 30 minutes or so.     Also cooks my quinoa in 30 minutes perfect every time. And I can forget about it     and it turns off when Iʼm distracted on


  1. Juicing : I am not a juice expert – but the HFATG (James Evans on Facebook) has A LOT of juicing experiemce. So make yourselves known to the group so members can ask questions.
  2. Revamped food pyramid – we can add to this and make it better : Food Pyramids are mar- keting tools, with heavy infl uence of the very powerful industries producing sugar, meat, dairy and grains. Here is my attempt at one for healthy blood sugar levels.

Bad Fats and Red Wine

Herbs, Spices, Superfood Greens

Fruit and Healthy Fats

(nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado)

Quinoa, Legumes, Brown Rice and Whole Grains (Eggs)

TONS of fresh, organic vegetables – eating mostly green and above ground

  1. Best greens to eat:     Spirulina – 3 times the protein of steak!!! Wheat Grass – Highly alkalizing and promotes healthy blood   Barley Grass – 11 times more calcium than cowʼs milk Chlorella – rich in B-vitamins and helps hardened arteries Wild blue-green algae – fi rst form of life on Earth, high protein, B-vitamins, brain function     and immune system booster.   Parsley – bones, kidneys, bladder, immune system
  2. Stages of Blood Sugar Imbalances (associated symptoms listing)

Initial Stage: Blood Sugar Imbalance   Shaky/Irritable Without Food   Abdominal Weight Gain Sugar/Carb Cravings   Difficulty Losing Weight Fatigue     Gas/Bloating Feel Better After Eating   Tired in Afternoon Difficulty Concentrating, Poor Focus Reflux/Sour Stomach/Nausea Crave A Small “Sweet” After Meals Blurry Vision           Sleepy After Meals

Second Stage: Reactive Hypoglycemia

Above Symptoms Worse and/or Plus: Overall Fatigue     Waking Up At Night/Insomnia History of Skipping Meals   History of Sugar/Carb Intake History of High Stress   History of High Trans-Fatty Acids/Eating Out/Junk Food

Third Stage: Insulin Resistance

Above Symptoms Worse and/or Plus: Mental Fogginess and Fatigue   Thinning Hair in Women Depression     Intestinal Gas/Bloating Abdominal Weight Gain   Increased Blood Pressure Increased Triglycerides   Hormone Issues (PCOS-Infertility) Auto-Immune Disorders   Allergies/Food Sensitivites

Fourth Stage: Metabolic Syndrome (defi ned as the presence of 3 of the following )

– Waist Circumference: Men – 40 inches or more       Women – 35 inches or more – Low HDL Cholesterol: Men – less than 40mg/dl Women – less than 50mg/dl – Fasting Blood Triglycerides greater than 150mg/dl – Blood Pressure greater than 130/85mm/Hg – Fasting Glucose greater than 100mg/dl

Fifth Stage: Diabetes (Western Medical Diagnosis)

Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) – Result of greater than 125mg/dl Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) – 200mg/dl or above





600_riverside CHURCH 

Ra: The Seeds of Peace – Channeled by Dr. Kathryn May

Ra: The Seeds of Peace

Ra painting
Ra: (Father God)

We want to give you a bit of information so that you will be in tune with what is going on in the world behind the scenes, so that you can understand what real changes have occurred and what you can expect because of them. First, let us start with the revaluation of currencies and what forces are at work, so that you can better understand the timing of the revaluation and why it has not been permitted to unfold earlier.

Let me just say that if you were in our place, seeing what we see, I truly believe you would have made the same decisions we have made so far. Of course, it was our hope to encourage the passage of laws and regulations as early as possible to protect the funds you will be receiving, to prevent fraud and trickery on the part of the banks. I assure you this was a serious concern in recent years, as the computer systems of the financial institutions became more sophisticated, and the ability to “disappear” enormous amount of money became easier and more common. A secondary complication involved the bribery and ownership of lawmakers and judges who assured that no slight-of-hand, no matter how egregious, would be punished, providing the criminal behavior was protected by enormous “gifts” to those in charge of oversight.

So you see, dishonesty and graft were not just rampant. It would have been a guaranteed fiasco if the funds had been released even 3 months ago. It was a fluid situation, characterized by an ebb and flow – one minute the White Hats would develop a new ability to detect fraud in the computer systems, and the next it would be disguised by ever more complex systems of undetectable shenanigans. Now, understand that we were fully aware of who the culprits are and what they were trying to do. It was not a problem of detection for us. The real problems were with putting a stop to the cabal by using legal means, so that those on the ground would be able to identify and prosecute the criminals.

We wished to prevent a situation in which large amounts of money (and we are talking about trillions and trillions here) would be confiscated and would have to be recovered. It would have been a heart-breaking experience for those who were so ready to create a new world to be dragged back into the frustration of having to fight off the cabal to just keep what you were given. It would have created a terrible pall over the whole process. We wanted to avoid that, but still declare the release of the funds as early as possible.

The second difficulty of which you are now more aware is the problem of establishing stability and a reliable form of representative government in the countries which will benefit most from the revaluation (as opposed to the stability the U.S. has supported in the past – that which is achieved through the suppression of the people by a strong dictator). This is one of the primary objectives of having this RV in the first place – the rebuilding and restoration of a viable way of life in the war-torn places where conflict caused such misery to the people. This is the main reason why the currencies we have told you about (Vietnam, Iraq, Indonesia, Zimbabwe) will be the focus of efforts to lift the economies of each of those countries that have been so ruthlessly suppressed in the recent past.

You, Dear Ones, will be the center of the vortex of energy which will lift all boats, restoring confidence and encouraging the planned shift toward democratic governance. As you may be aware of, it is easier to create major change when a country has been pushed to the brink of dissolution in its financial, educational and social structures. A successful result will set an example for the whole world to celebrate and follow.

Iraq will become a world leader, as it rises to reclaim its place as part of the cradle of civilization which goes back 13,000 years. The ancestral memories remain in that part of the world, the deep spiritual connection which once guided the development of art, music, literature and science, the beacon which was intended to lead the human race out of darkness. That promise will be fulfilled at last, as the power of the cabal is defeated.

You have been warned of the “false flag” operations which are intended to distract and mislead you into thinking the Middle East is a dark, hopeless pit of violence, immutable to change. I must warn you, my friends, that, like 9/11, those gruesome, contrived made-for-TV episodes of violence and unspeakable brutality are frequently simply staged with paid actors, mixed with recycled clips of former wars and civil conflicts.

Like the famous “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud,” they are cabal-generated scare tactics to inspire fear, paranoia, and the willingness to wage war in far-flung parts of the world. Most of these false-flag operations are instigated by secret governments in the West and exported to the Middle East. The purpose, of course, is political control, economic supremacy and the massive profits which war generates.

Is the recent rash of fakery working? If you watch the for-profit media, you might think so, but there is a tell-tale indicator which reveals otherwise. There are now so many private investigative journalists on the internet that every time footage of violence is presented on TV, there is an immediate counter-force of investigators who begin with the presumption that there is likely subterfuge behind it. Their cool heads and knowledge of both history and video sources pay off in providing a true picture of the scams which will no longer simply be blindly accepted by the people who are being asked to give of their treasure and their lives.

This tendency alone – to be alert to deceit – is a new phenomenon in the West. It is a sign of the great awakening which is just now spreading to all the prosperous nations where staying asleep was more acceptable than objecting to one’s condition. Of course, that attitude was reinforced by the concerted efforts to dumb down humankind with vaccinations, fluoride-treated water, poison-laced clouds and toxic foods and medicines.

The evidence that this era is in its last days is that I am writing these messages to you, you are reading them with recognition, and we no longer fear being shut down or our sources being assassinated for discussing these things. The cabal is far too busy just trying to survive and avoid prison to bother with all the awakened Lightworkers who now hold the key to the growing march toward peace and justice in the world. The scales have tipped, Dear Ones, and the end of darkness is in sight. Our tricky balancing act of trying to release the funds to our Lightworkers while still arresting and investigating the cabal ringleaders has finally wound down to the last clean-up details.

Iraq is well on its way, under the steady hand of the new Prime Minister, al-Abadi, a decent and honest man, and the banksters have been convinced that theft and greed are no longer the path of least resistance. Our White Hats have prevailed, Beloved Ones, and will continue their good work until the last criminal has been held responsible for their selfish and destructive deeds. A new form of Justice and economic freedom will be yours, as we quietly shift into the new currency systems and the NESARA and GESARA reforms which will establish transparency and equal treatment under the law.

I am here to assure you, my dear friends and fellow Lightworkers, that it is your new day dawning. The efforts to clean up the mess left by the cabal have been successful because you have done your own work to clear away the dark shadows which controlled your own thinking. You are creating the critical mass needed to shift into the New Golden Age. We could not have done it without your meditations, your conscious efforts to awaken and take part in the new group consciousness, and your generosity to one another in this difficult interim period. This has raised the vibration on the planet enough to jump one timeline after another, in the direction of our Dream.

Do not flag in the last moments of the marathon. You are approaching the finish line, and we are cheering you on with endless Love in our hearts. I am Ra, your mentor and guide, the one who looks forward for you until you are able to be in our eyes, seeing yourselves as we do, loving yourselves as we do, from the perspective of your Higher Self. I love you without end, as I have through all eternity.

Until tomorrow, I wish you Joy, Harmony, Friendship, Abundance, and much much Love,
Your Ra (the one you have known as Father God).

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, August 28, 2014, New York

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