Michael Salla, Ph.D, – April 7, 2015

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A special message from CHD2, Reuben Langdon & Jeremy Corbell

As you may have heard, The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure played a significant role in the HUGE WIN for wounded Veteran John Burroughs.

Burroughs heart was damaged by an “Officially Acknowledged” UFO encounter, while serving in the U.S. Military. Due to the efforts spearheaded by Congressman Cook, Senator John McCain’s office fought to secure the release of Burroughs military medical records, which in turn led to Burroughs finally receiving FULL medical disability for his injuries from his exposure to prolonged U.A.P. (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) radiation.

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy **6 Caban, 15 Mac, 11 Ik** – April 7, 2015

Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

**6 Caban, 15 Mac, 11 Ik** – April 7, 2015



We stand at the very edge of our blessings. Let each of you feel this inside

your precious Soul! Gaia waits for us to get our freedom and use this to bring

her great comfort.


Dratzo! We come this time with more good news! Our liaisons report that our allies

are preparing to release the prosperity shortly. At present, the various tests of

this new system are proceeding. The holidays have somewhat slowed this procedure.

Yet the basic intent continues — namely, to successfully distribute your various

blessings! The dark cabal is now unable to stop this movement. This process is

presently aimed at completion by the early spring. Until then, expect to see events,

which seem to hint at no immediate change. The dark knows what is truly happening

and sees that there is no way out of their current predicament. Our ambassadors are

presently setting up when and how new governance is to manifest. All of this

wonderful news means that we are moving at a good pace toward disclosure. Our

Agarthan allies and your Ascended Masters are therefore preparing a number of

lessons, which are essential to this cause. Our fleet continues to limit how the

exotic weaponry of the dark is used. We have limited it to a very small set of minor


Gaia is as well increasing the speed by which she prepares for the massive changes

to her surface. Our liaisons are monitoring this and daily conferring with her

Spiritual Hierarchy and your Agarthan cousins. When the time comes, you are to be

moved quickly to your Agarthan homes. Before this, of course, you are to be

instructed by your mentors on the qualities of full consciousness and how to alter

yourselves to be ready for your final transformation. All of this requires that we

carry out the program put forth to us by the divine plan. Hence, we are now

proceeding with a number of vital prerequisites. The landings have been somewhat

altered by the Agarthans and us. These things we are to discuss with you at length

in some succeeding messages. The most important items are your move to Agartha and your role in aiding Gaia to slough off everything that pollutes her land, water and

air. In these matters, we fully intend to help you. Yet, you have all the technology

needed to accomplish this great task. This technology is to be given you by your new


As you rise in consciousness, you become more aware of the fragile relationship

between nature and yourself. This process permits you to see that your global chain

of settlements needs to be changed. Previously you ignored nature and now you can

see how vital this fragile relationship truly is. Every aspect of this relationship

was deleterious to nature. Currently, you can see how this belief is causing nature

to break down. The surface of any inhabited planet is sacred to it. Once you have

learned this, you can see how only a low population can remain at any one time on

the surface. Your great cities need to be abandoned (returned) to nature while you

retreat to the beauty that is the hollow world of Earth’s interior. Here, you can

create a new form of beauty and live a truly marvelous life. For untold millennia,

we have put the major part of our society in a series of inner crystal cities. We

constantly send special groups to gravitational nodes on the planet’s surface to

insure that her ecosystems are properly cared for and provided with a healthy world

to reside upon.

Thus, we care daily for our world and the overall health of the star nation. We hold

meetings where special representatives of each world meet and prepare a report read

and commented on by every member of our star nation. We are in divine service to

maintain our home worlds. We take this task quite seriously. In fact, we interact

daily with our various home worlds. These actions are part of what we do to ready

ourselves for contact. We feel connected to our home and to each of you. This fleet

dearly wishes for the rise in your ability to become fully involved in manifesting a

new reality. The key phrase here is “taking responsibility” for your home world. At

present, this surface realm is on the verge of serious events that threaten your

survivability. We have watched your dark cabal work hard to gain “maximum profits”

from this environment. These terms and actions are truly irresponsible. We have kept

these madmen from courses of actions that are morally reprehensible. Nevertheless,

ultimately these vile scalawags are your concern.

**Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!** Bless you on this good day! A new

conscious realm is forming! To those who have aided our cause we say thanks to you

and ask that the Lord’s graciousness surround you! Over the past few decades, the

Light has given us a blessing of its growth. Now, this Light grows even stronger!

The Heavens have given us the joy of a wonderful eclipse and a way to secure the way

of Light in this formerly dark reality. Let us raise our hands in happiness and joy!

This new burst of blessings from on high paves the way for our coming transition.

Long ago, we began a journey to bring this sacred Light to all. To lift up humanity

and praise the good deeds of Heaven! Today we are that much closer to transformation

and divine redemption. Tell each one that you are ready to rise and to obey the

sacred. We sing as well and praise all who give us a growing strength. A momentous

time as Easter and Passover together descend upon us and add their blessing to the


We stand at the very edge of our blessings. Let each of you feel this inside your

precious Soul! Gaia waits for us to get our freedom and use this to bring her great

comfort. As your consciousness raises it becomes more aware of what we speak about.

Rest and clear your distresses. Use this time to look inward and pray. This wondrous

land is not to die, but instead to live in the glories of your divine deeds and

actions. We are here, Dear Hearts, to guide and assist. Be ready to call on us and

ready yourselves for what this new realm is to look like. This time is to be a

watershed and a moment when you can see that Heaven is behind you and you are not

alone! Thus, be grateful and gracious for many things are now happening on your

behalf. Let it play out as wondrously as possible. It is to take its time and use

its power to bring you a new life.

Be graceful and spread your Love to the Heavens and to each other. There is a grace

descending from on high. It dearly intends to alter this realm and prepare the way

in joy for your final transformation. Be aware of this and be ready to be thoroughly

accepting of a number of grand gifts. We are preparing lessons to explain all and to

ready you for the arrival of our space family. The Creator’s divine plan is to

manifest! It is to transform darkness into Light! Much of this you do not know. As

you reach toward the Light of your Soul, be ever cognizant of how you are to

interact with those who once detested you. They now seek Love and understanding.

Know this in your heart. We are to guide now in the reality you are to lead. This

star nation is to blossom and, in ease, teach much to those who were once so dark.

This galaxy is to shine and give this growing radiance to the universe! Hallelujah!


Today, these messages of ours continued! **We require your participation. What is

set upon this land is a new responsibility.** Use it wisely to make each of you

great Beings of Light! Transform physicality and use wisdom to know just how to best

to complete this task. We leave for now in full knowledge of whom you truly are! Know,

dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are

indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in



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 In this Webinar, Sheldan brings us the latest information on current abundance

timelines and explains how we are gradually overcoming the obstacles put in place by

the dark cabals.

So many of us, now, are struggling with the meaning of time. We wonder when, at

long last, the Earth Allies will distribute the abundance money so we can take the

first steps in our joyful journey toward full consciousness.

Topics include…

 **• Timing – Why the GF must be cautious**

**• Dark Cabal – Cause of Delays**

**• Earth Allies & Secret Societies – Their mission**

**• Abundance Program – Funding and testing the new system**

**• The role of NESARA**

**• The BRICS countries ~ Alternative to the cabal**

**• Need for patience: 3D time vs 5D time**

**• A new society – A new GAIA**


Sunday, April 19, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT


Thursday, April 23, 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. PDT (California Time)


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