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NOTE BY NANCY:  My heart aches as I think of all the millions of innocent people who have suffered from the lies with which Americans have been misguided and betrayed. The lies and betrayal will continue as long as the International Crime Cabal remains secretly in power. For this reason, their betrayal must be exposed!

Americans, as a result of allowing ourselves to be misguided by not learning to think and research for truth independently, have also inflicted hardship on the very leaders who are working for the benefit of the people. Presidents Obama and Putin have been continually demonized, while those instigating the horrors on our planet have been, albeit innocently, blindly supported. Muslims have been accused of all sorts of heinous crimes they did not commit.

Americans have paid a spiritual price too. We cannot develop into a true Love Being while clinging to beliefs that incorporate violence of one form or another—violence that does harm psychologically, mentally, physically, and/or spiritually.

This Easter weekend, billions around the world have celebrated a violent act. We are taught, and have accepted into the worldview by which we live, a God who supposedly planned a violent means of salvation from an eternity of hellfire that He is purported to have created. Christians joyfully proclaim: “God loved us so much that He sent Jesus to die on the cross as a vicarious, blood sacrifice for the sins of humanity.” Many go into great detail describing the horrible pain Jesus surely must have suffered.

Christians do not dare allow themselves to consider the absurdity of this teaching. A God of Absolute, Unconditional Love cannot think in violent, vengeful terms. A God of Unconditional Love cannot create a means of eternal punishment. Can you as a parent bare to even think the thought of requiring one of your children to die so that you can bring yourself to forgive another of your children? Why, then, can you unquestionably accept, even worship, a God whom you believe does so?

I submit to you that this concept of a violent God is the basis for the capacity to accept war as a normal part of life. The fear of God, albeit unspoken, sets us up to fear those we are told will harm us. We have willingly given up freedoms in the name of being protected from those who intend to harm us. Would be give into fear if we knew the truth—that our Mother/Father God is a God of Unconditional Love and can only Love Her/His children with no thought of needing to forgive us for our mistakes. Having the courage to make mistakes and to learn from them is how we evolve spiritually on this 3rd dimensional plane!

2015 is the year humanity faces the cold, hard facts of just how misguided we have allowed ourselves to be.

We are to also learn there is another, much more beneficial, loving way!

But, first, we must be willing to hear the truth about what we have allowed and then, unite in creating a Win-Win World for Everyone!


“Shout it from the Rooftops – Israel Has Nukes & Is a Criminal Terror State!”

“Bibi made a huge tactical error disrespecting President Obama and ordering a five-man Mossad hit team to assassinate him.

President Obama now has complete knowledge of this plot and how the five-man Mossad team is to be sheep-dipped as Palestinians and then sacrificed to provide cover.

Have you noticed a change in President Obama’s actions lately and some serious rationality in regard to making peace with Iran so that a good trade relationship can be established? The reason? President Obama is getting some excellent advice from new American Intel consultants and is taking it.

Israel is a Criminal Nuclear Terror State that specializes in inducing America to pay its bills and fight its wars in the Mideast.”

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“Israel nuked America on 9-11-01! – Shout it from the rooftops (Part II)”

Numerous former top USG Officials and Members of Congress will someday soon be made accountable for committing espionage against America related to 9-11-01, its coverup, and for all their war crimes based on lying about it and falsely blaming Islamics in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

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