Keshe Gives 10-Day Notice to All Nations of Earth (October 26th)

keshe-mehranDr. M.T. Keshe

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 13 Cimi, 19 Tzotz, 12 Manik – October 21, 2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
13 Cimi, 19 Tzotz, 12 Manik – October 21, 2015


Selamat Balik! This reality is being swiftly disassembled by the various decisions of a new group of the ancient families and the new royalty of Europe. Their decisions are making it possible to speedily take down the many-headed monster that is the cabal. Those who are involved in the legal aspects of this operation are quite pleased that these vital decisions are finally being made. Our liaisons report that the new financial system and its many parts are in fact completed. We expect these newly finished parts to take on the US Federal Reserve and its numerous central bank allies. The many precedents set up by our legal division promises to make these strikes quick and easy. These banks lack the precious metal support offered to the world by the new financial system. Hence, we feel that this new system can be in charge of a new financial reality before this 10th Gregorian month ends. These events can clearly signal that the many currency revaluations and the grand global currency reset can be finished and put in operation. This is to be the time when a whole slew of new governance is to be operating. These new governments are to finally end the decades-long UFO cover up!

When this cover-up is lifted globally, we can start to broadcast a number of programs that are to inform you of who we are and to explain your off-planet origins. What the Atlanteans did to their political dissidents was a growing sign of their obedience to the dark. This policy was fully demonstrated again by the dark deeds of their successors, the Anunnaki. You have been treated since this time to a series of lies and misinformation. We, in the Light, intend to explain this history to you and especially the many manipulative stories recorded in your history books. Since childhood, you have gleefully swallowed what the authorities told you. This set of false core perceptions was repeated again and again. War is a psychopathic activity. The same can be said for hatred and the resulting false sense of a prejudicial superiority over those you are taught to hate. The rise of your consciousness is a process, which is beginning to fracture the set of lies concerning hatred and other similar feelings given to you. You are now starting to question what is told to you. We wish to use our technology to show you what has really been happening since the start of the last century!

This world of yours is changing for the better. First, it is done surreptitiously. Then,at the right time, these changes can become public. This process for societal change is taking place under high security as was decided on long ago. At present, the preliminaries are under way. These operations now cover the Americas, Europe and Asia. A new series of policies are emanating from the ancient families as a new generation of members of their various councils has come on board. These new policies are speeding up those operations, which were agreed upon several weeks ago. Hence, you are very close to seeing new governance, your abundance and a new financial system bloom before you! Our liaisons are quite overjoyed with what is presently occurring. This manifesting new reality requires you to see it in a new light. These new governments are to be transparent and need your close watchdog observations. Your participation is truly needed. The strong relationship between governance and yourselves is more than ever both needed and required!

As you can see, a quiet revolution is starting to manifest. Each of you is the true reason for this most dramatic change. You need to see the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA) as just the first step in a global event that is to end debt slavery and bring you a growing prosperity. Your deepest dreams are shortly to be met. In addition, the UFO cover-up is to be transformed into one where you can meet us. We see this moment as a true watershed in your history. The nearly 13 millennia of a global quarantine are to end. Your mentors are to initially take the time to introduce themselves and explain in detail who you really are. This is just the start of a grand adventure, which is to conclude with your divine time in your own personalized Crystal Light Chamber. Then you are to become fully conscious and reunite with the Agarthans, and with us. Your communications to Heaven are to be fully restored. A new star nation is to be born! You are to complete your grand destiny! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Blessings! We are you Ascended Masters! At the present time, you are being bombarded with extra dimensional energies. These are blessedly boosting the many updates to your physical and non-physical bodies. All of this is about integration. The new physical components need to have their many spiritual parts merge with your physical and mental parts. This is how Heaven is rapidly permitting you to move successfully to higher and higher levels of consciousness. This divine process is happening in union with our allies and associates. You are as well being gently changed in your perceptions and your ways of dealing with this realm.. This is how we were prepared for our transformations. See these precious alterations as a sacred kiss from Heaven. You are truly blessed and cared for. Long ago, we progressed through these same types of changes. These took a number of lifetimes to achieve. The outcome was a marvelous state of grace and divine service.

As you start to move through the final stages, which return you to the realm of physical Angels know deep in your heart the wondrous joys awaiting you. You are a most special group of humans. You have suffered unbelievable sorrows and been placed in numerous lifetimes that have truly tested you. You have seen death, pestilence and the ill effects of unfettered tyranny. Despite this, you have not fallen from the sacred support of the Light. This is a long testing, which deserves proper recognition. We are a part of these grand lives of challenges to the heart and to the ways of Heaven. Through all these lifetimes, you have survived. Now there comes the final defeat of the dark and the grand triumph of the Light! We have watched and seen the horrors of life amidst these lies and a grand tyranny. You are blessed and given a sacred dispensation for full consciousness and a divine return to physical Angelhood!

You are to be saved from any further lifetimes in this dark horror. We are awaiting you when you come in joy from the Crystal Light Chambers. This transition has taken longer since the dark cast a deep net of sorrow about this realm. This is removed! The next task is to fill this land with joy, freedom and prosperity. Already, our associates are preparing the way for things to manifest, which are to astound you. Hence, know in your heart that a new realm is forming. It is One in which the minions of the dark are formally removed. Those who favor that truth and transparency govern you are to need your full participation. Hence, be ready to exercise your new attainment of Light and Love. Be ever grateful and thank Heaven for this most sacred act of mercy. The Earth is to be transformed and you are to rejoin with your ancient spiritual and space families in the lands of Agartha. Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we carried on with our weekly reports. You are very near to the time when this marvelous land is to be reborn. The dark is at last readying to relent and surrender. We are as well near to the landing of those who have long protected us. A truly grand moment is at hand! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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A Miracle: The Holy Spirit Works Through Father Walter

A Miracle: The Holy Spirit Works Through Father Walter

Holy SpiritAs told to Dr. Kay – October 20, 2015

Reblogged from Dr. Kay’s blog

I heard a story today that demonstrates how the Holy Spirit can guide and direct our lives if we are willing to learn to really “listen to the still small voice within.”  It was told to me by my friend and priest, Father Walter Szczesny, pastor at All Saints Catholic Church in Lockport, New York.

During the past six months I have gotten to know Fr Walter quite well as he graciously delivers communion to me each month.  During each visit he always stays for a chat, allowing us to get to know each other better.

Father has had an amazing life, holding numerous positions of responsibility in cities and towns throughout the USA.  From working at the Batavia Children’s School for the Blind to serving as a counselor and tutor at a Catholic Orphanage in Rosemead, California, Walter has had opportunities to “shepherd” a wide variety of people – both young and old.   I have come to treasure our monthly conversations as I realize I am in the Presence of a sincere, philosophical, and TRUE servant of God.

In 1990, Father Walter was serving as a parish Priest at Immaculate Conception Church in East Aurora, NY. One morning he had been called to Millard Fillmore Hospital at  Gates Circle, in Buffalo, New York, to administer to one of his parishioners who had been in an accident.

As Fr Walter walked through the emergency room door, he immediately saw his parishioner, walked over to him and standing by his bed began administering the Sacrament of Anointing the Sick.  The head doctor in emergency, who looked overworked and frantic ran over to Fr Walter, “Father, we have another male patient with us who is dying.  He told me he is Catholic.  I am wondering if you would be kind enough to administer the Last Rites.  His parish priest cannot make it – before the man dies.  You are here and can help.  Could you do this?

Father looked up at the doctor, responding, “Sure, give me a few minutes to finish up here.  I will be with you soon.”

Fr. Walter finished up with his parishioner, assured him he would stop by to chat again before he left, and then walked in the direction of the dying man.  He took a deep breath and said a short prayer, “Dearest Friend and Savior, Jesus Christ, infuse me with your undying love and compassion.  Fill me with the appropriate words to speak – words that will help this beautiful soul who is about to pass over into your realm of heavenly Love and Light.”

Then he was totally silent.  A chill ran through the priest’s entire body.

He thought to himself, I will never understand the intense feelings I always experience when I administer Extreme Unction.  This moment is such a powerful one.  The person often knows he is dying, and realizes I am there to prepare him to meet his God!  It just might be the most important moment in that person’s life.

My desire is that he receives what he needs – that God uses me to help the person prepare for this moment of transition.  However, nothing in my training prepared me for the intense feelings I sometimes experience.  Dealing with these feelings as they occur can be challenging.  I guess you might call it on the job training.

anointing-of-the-sick-300x281Extreme Unction, also called Anointing of the Sick, is one of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church.  Unction means anointing with oil (part of the sacrament), and extreme refers to the fact that this sacrament was given in extremity — or when the person to whom it was being administered was in danger of dying.

The essential rite of the sacrament has the priest lay hands on the sick person while simultaneously anointing him with blessed oil and praying, “Through this holy anointing may the Lord in His love and mercy help you with the grace of the Holy Spirit.  May the Lord who frees you from sin save you and raise you up.”

Because of advances in medicine during the 20th century, many of our sick and injured today recover or at least go into remission; therefore, Catholics can receive this sacrament multiple times now.  For the elderly, or people who suffer from chronic illness and pain, this sacrament can and should be given often.  The sacredness and restorative power of the anointing have even resulted in spontaneous cures.

Whenever Fr Walter performed this rite, he felt a deep sense of humility and gratitude.  Mostly he was thankful for a calling where he could truly make a difference in the lives of other.  He felt blessed.

As he looked down at the man on the gurney, so desperately in need of care and comfort, a big smile spread across Walter’s face.  He remembered the doctor had told him the man, John Wozniak, was Polish just like Fr Walter.  He immediately felt a bond with him, the deep bond of nationality.

The man’s eyes were closed, his breathing shallow.  He seemed to be fading fast.  Fr Walter said, “John, John Wozniak.  I am Walter Szczesny and here to anoint you.  Can you hear me?”

There was no response whatsoever. The patient seemed to be unconscious – his eyes closed – showing no recognition of what was happening around him.

Father Walter said yet again.  “John, hear me.  Hear me John Wozniak.  I am here to anoint you.  Are you aware of that?”

Again, there was NO response from the dying patient.

love-and-miracles-300x225“Help me God.  Help me reach this beautiful, soul, before he passes on.  Help me do what THIS man needs most – help me right now.”

As Father Walter ended his short prayer, he felt a chill run through his body.  He absolutely KNEW God was present for both him and John.  He had an idea – an inspired one.

He took a deep breath, took hold of John’s right hand, and said with authority – but now in Polish – “Janek, Janek Vosniak.  I am here for you right now.  God has brought me here to be with you at this moment in time.  I AM here right now – for you.  Let me know you hear me, Janek.”

As he finished his speech he looked down.  John’s eyes opened suddenly – a look of understanding swept across John’s face.  He was definitely aware of what was happening!  It was like a miracle.

When Fr Walter saw this he began repeating the Lord’s Prayer in Polish.  Janek immediately joined Father Walter repeating this powerful prayer.  The energy of Walter and Janek’s prayer was intense – commanding, yet beautiful.

It was so strong that the emergency room doctor felt it.  Not only felt it, but it forced him to look up and walk over to where Father Walter was administering to the dying man.  The doctor could not believe what his eyes were showing him.  Janek was indeed dying.  It was obvious he knew this.  But his face showed no fear – only peace – only joy.

After the prayer was completed Father Walter said to his new friend.  “Janek, do you remember what Jesus said to the two thieves who were crucified by his side?  Jesus said, ‘Today you will be with me in Paradise.’ (Luke 23:43).  And that is what Jesus Christ – our Lord and Savior – is saying to you –right now, Janek.  Can you hear him speak to you?”

Janek Vosniak’s eyes filled with tears – tears of JOY – not sadness.    “Yes, Father, absolutely YES!  I do hear him, and I AM ready to meet my Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ.  I AM ready to meet my God.”  Suddenly a  powerful light filled the room.  The feeling of PEACE was everywhere.