WHO REALLY RULED USSR? The Secret of Brezhnev’s Passport

I consider listening to and reading Lada’s reports very valuable in learning the true history of Russia and its relationship to the other countries on this planet. I am very aware, as an American this incarnation, that when I hear the name of particular countries mentioned, my mind immediately presents the very biased way that country has been portrayed in the news media. Listening to/reading Lada’s reports has alerted me to the fact that I–who had a double major in college, one being history–know next to nothing about the individual nations on our planet. On the other hand, Lada has lived in at least 30 different nations. Listening to her can gift you with a more holistic understanding of our planetary community.

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This video is for those who have open minds and who want to know the truth!
It is NOT for those who brew in russophobic lies, stereotypes and prejudices!


The Secret of Brezhnev’s Passport

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This video is bold, unique and truthful. I think this information is very important, not to mention this is the only place you can find a lot of things I say – they are exclusive to FuturisTrendcast, LadaRay.info and Lada Ray Channel, some being parts of my proprietary Earth Shift System. Except for my interviews, there is also no other place you can find my unique perspective on things.

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