Part IV

The Following Are Excerpts From

The Law of Life & Teachings By Divine Beings

A.D.K. Luk, Editor

With Notes By

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Life on the planet URANUS

Lord Maha Chohan, July 1956:  “URANUS is a very large planet and there are a tremendous number of lifestreams evolving upon it.  The people on this large planet of Uranus are beyond disease, death, or decay.  The vibratory action is much more rapid than it is upon the Earth [the reason our telescopes see incorrectly].  The people are of larger statue; they are seven to eight feet tall, golden haired and blue-eyed.  Strength, vitality, and power are the predominant qualities.  The people of Uranus are those described as belonging to the time of the Amazons, when the beautiful ladies of the golden hair dwelt on Earth.  Most of them came from Uranus and many of them have during their repetition of earth life taken on smaller bodies through mercy and wisdom of the Cosmic Law, in order to be less conspicuous….

On Uranus, the center of the entire planetary scheme is built on the spiritual priesthood, which is fully acknowledged and which governs not only the main continent where the main Temple is located, but also the other continents on that planet.  The people there recognize absolutely the Divine Sovereignty of this Cosmic priesthood.

The people of Uranus are very large in proportion and very beautiful.  A three year old child stands as high as four and a half feet.  They are trained from childhood in the Rites of Invocation, and Radiation; in the powers of levitation, precipitation, and etherealization.  The Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings walk and talk with them as you walk and talk with each other.  There is no veil, no maya [illusion], no human creation around the planet and it is a most marvelous thing to see what an evolution can accomplish when there are not those rip tides of psychic energy, nothing to hinder the expansion of the Immortal Flame within the heart fulfilling the Divine Plan and Pattern.

Their buildings are colossal.  Having the power of levitation, there is no need for mechanical machinery.  Everything is done by mindforce; the coloring is done by feeling.  Their atmosphere is perfect.  The moisture does not come in rainfall, but by a coarse substance that comes through what is similar to your earth.  The body structure itself of Uranus is a beautiful green instead of brown.  The moisture comes through the porous substance, fills their lakes, rivers, and cisterns, and fills the atmosphere with the necessary moisture.  The water is aquamarine; the landed surface is a darker green; the verdure and growth variegated in color.  That is determined mostly by the Aura of the individuals who represent the unit of people residing in certain localities.  The continental Devas affect the entire contour and over-all color of the various continents.  The great planetary Silent Watcher governs and controls the entire Uranium Aura in the atmosphere.

When a citizen decides to create a temple or a lovely home, he uses mindforce.  He directs his attention to the God-self or perhaps to some Master who is developed in the art of architecture.  Then through mindforce he cuts his design and builds.  Buildings are mostly open to the sky, some have canopies for beauty’s sake but not for protection form the elements, because there is no need for it.  When it comes to the great Temple work the priesthood alone works on that.  The priesthood draws from the Universal First Cause the design and pattern.  When these patterns have been received by the priesthood they are then imparted to the ones that will participate in the building, in the same manner as Sanat Kumara imparts the Thought-form of the year to the Hierarchy.  Then the Temples are built.

The one designated to do the coloring will draw on the Flame in his heart until he gets a concentrate of that particular color of blue energy, for instance, in, through, and around him, and then just like one puts point on with a brush, that blue energy flows out from him and just covers over that portion of the column, fresco, ceiling, or floor that is to be blue.  So each color is put on, they do all that through feeling.  They can do it very quickly or they can take time, as you know it, according to their desire.  Sometimes they create a family home that will last for hundreds of years.

The music on Uranus is strong, powerful, and vibrant, similar to “The Marseillaise” and all those songs like “Pomp & Circumstance” that represent faith and triumph.

Their activities are particularly concerned with the New Age….  Much has been said about the Aquarian Age.  This is because Uranus will enter into the Aquarian orbit; then the Earth entering the Uranium orbit, will in the next Cosmic wave go into the Aquarian orbit.  There are people here [on Earth] from Uranus, Mercury, and Venus as well as those who belong to the Earth.  Each one brings some memory of his planet and evolution.  Facts about other planets have come through individuals who came from these planets.

In the establishment of a contact between Uranus and Earth, it is important to realize that the Earth’s next step will be to enter into the socket of Uranus on the horizontal motion.  When the upward motion takes place, the Earth will move upward into the place in the solar system above, now occupied by Venus.”

[This movement of Earth is what we call the “ascension of Earth.  Earth’s inhabitants have been granted the privilege to ascend with the planet if we so choose.  Those who choose not to ascend with Earth will be taken to another planet where the 3rd dimensional plane of duality continues to exist.  Those who choose to ascend must complete the Initiatory Process demonstrated by Jesus 2000 years ago.  See my website: for additional information … scroll down the center of my home page to my article entitled “Ascension.”  Jesus’ demonstration of the Initiatory Process stands above religion and applies to all Earth inhabitants.]

Life on the Planet AQUARIA

Maha Chohan, August 1955 – “The vibratory action of the planet AQUARIA is much more rapid than on Uranus since it is closer to the Sun.  The evolution of its people is much more quickly accomplished.  When Mercury has entered within the Electronic Belt of the Sun, Aquaria will be the closest to the Sun.

Aquaria is a smaller planet than Uranus and looking at it from Cosmic space, it presents a beautiful blue color, something like aquamarine, its color being a combination of the aquamarine and turquoise that is seen in the most perfect jewels.  Everything about it, even its verdure, flowers, and its nature kingdoms are all on the Seraphic lines of the most delicate and refined stature.  The people are very delicately fashioned as well, their hands, the contour of their faces, their bodies and forms are all very slim.  They have long slender feet and golden hair like those on Uranus.  The fine, delicate line of feature and design of person, home, and Temple are very evident.

The Aquarians have accomplished mastery of the Immortal Three-fold Flame within their hearts until It is visible so that the people of Aquaria are luminous from the waist upward and the Light blazes forth.  Everyone wears a natural crown of Light made up of the seven Rays of the Elohim.  Their jewels are precipitated fire, and all is done with delicacy and great finesse.

Their garments are mostly in the Grecian style, both men and women.  Their children are very fair and look almost like fairies as known on the Earth.  Their footfall is so light, because of the self-luminosity of the body, that when they move they do not even make an imprint upon the beautiful surface of the land where there grows a sort of an aquamarine colored ground covering, similar to your grass.

There are beautiful mountains in variegated colors.  Some of you have seen the mountain tops pink, gold, and violet, but these mountains on Aquaria are beautiful colors all over from top to bottom.  Because these people levitate as easily as the Masters, there are lovely golden pagodas and llamassaries way up in the very high places, which would seem almost inaccessible from the human standpoint.  There is great symmetry and a great pattern in all activities of nature.

There are seven continents on Aquaria.  There are seven continents on all the planets belonging to Helios and Vesta.  In the system above, the one in which Alpha and Omega belong, there were 12 continents on every planet.

There is delicate and beautiful music on Aquaria, rising to the Sun.  Since the individuals are self-luminous and the atmosphere has no discord, the Music of the Spheres is easily heard by all the people.

The inhabitants pass through a 14,000 year cycle from the time the soul is born until it receives its Ascension.  Some live to 1,000 to 1,200 years.  So-called death is unknown, and at the end of a life span since there is no disintegration or decay, the individual merely steps within a concentrate of the Fire of Etherealization which is focused in a Temple in the locality where he lives.  There are Temples which are like your crematories, not only every continent but every locality has such a Temple which they call “Completion.”  When the individual has completed a lifespan, he proceeds to that Temple, his family invariably accompanying him and to beautiful music and ceremony, he steps within the Flame and just disappears into the Light, consciously entering into the inner Realm where he forswears [to reject or renounce under oath] his body for the time being.  He often comes back and re-assumes his contact with the various members of his family.  Because of the long period of life there, even if he is out of embodiment for 200 to 300 years, most of his loved ones are still around and wait for him to return.

Birth on Aquaria is through the projection of the Light Rays from the chosen parents.  If the individual does not care to go through a period of young childhood, he is already in full command of his faculties.  He comes in wearing a very light garment which could not be called a fresh garment but is equivalent to that in the realm in which he abides.  Often, he will take on the studies in which he was proficient before he went out, arrangements being made with his family and friends before he enters the Temple of Completion, to put his books and experiments all together, usually into a lovely golden chest marked with his name and the approximate date of his return.

This continuity of consciousness makes things very much easier for the individual who lives on Aquaria.  When he is reborn, there is a ceremony again in a Temple which they call the Temple of Opportunity.  There the parents go, accompanied by family, friends, and loved ones.  As the parents direct the Light Rays, it forms the vortex of the heart of the incoming individual, into which the Presence of that one descends.  There is no veil, the Presence descends into a Flame similar to that which causes etherealization, then the parents coalesce around that Flame an outer vehicle.  It is only a matter of ten minutes or so until the child steps out of the Flame.  He usually greets the parents with a handclasp or an acknowledgment, greets his friends, and has a period of adjustment again to the planet.  He can then go and re-possess his treasures and continue with his experiments and activities of Light.

This planet is very, very beautiful and the lifestreams from it that have come to Earth can be distinquished easily by the very delicacy of their form.  They will always be individuals who are very slender, rather ethereal and they carry a great buoyancy and sensitivity of spirit.

The Mercurians are an entirely different type of lifestream.  They are tremendously charged with fire and are a very positive people.  Thinking upon the nature of beloved Ascended Master Morya, Who is a Mercurian, one can understand this.  So, the adjustment of the Aquarians to take the orbit of the fire people of Mercury is also quite an initiation.  Many Mercurians are living on Aquaria, assisting to this end.

To become acquainted with the planets, one can travel hither and yon in consciousness.  He can go and see the people there, as well as invite them to visit him.”

[The Maho Chohan is saying that Earth humans can visit the planets in consciousness (meditation).  This does not mean leaving your body, but traveling in consciousness to the planet.]



Part III

The Following are Excerpts From

The Law of Life & Teachings By Divine Beings

A.D.K. Luk, Editor

With Notes In Brackets By

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

Goddess of Liberty, July 1954: “At the time when the Sun chose to create this solar system, twelve great Beings volunteered to embody the Twelve-fold Nature of the Sun God and Goddess, and to become the foci of the mighty Virtues in the Electronic Belt around the Sun.  I was One of Those.  Our relationship to the Sun each One, is to specialize in, concentrate and draw in intensification the power of one of these particular God Virtues.  All Twelve Virtues are embodied within the consciousness of Helios and Vesta.  That Virtue which I have chosen to embody, to radiate, and pour forth, is the God Virtue of Liberty.  (She is mankind’s Cosmic Mother.)

The original zodiac referred to these 12 Cosmic Temples or Houses in which each One of Us Who represent the Twelve Virtues of the Godhead abide.  Like the Rays of Light in the Causal Body pictured on the chart [of our Divine Self, for example], our radiation pours forth into the universe.  As the planets in orderly sequence pass around the Sun, the concentrated radiation and power of each one of the Twelve Virtues is intensified for a period of 30 or 31 days, while the planet is within the House or Temple of that concentrated Ray….  During the month when the consciousness of mankind is focused upon Libra [approximately 9/23 – 10/22], the consciousness, radiation, and power of Liberty flows through the Earth and nourishes the Liberty Flame within the soul and inner self of mankind.

In the course of the 12 months, as the Earth passes around the Sun, for every 30 days, one of the mighty Virtues plays upon the planet and through the inner bodies of its people with greater intensity.  When the original Cosmic zodiac again comes forth and the Law allows, those of you who are wise, giving attention to the outpouring of that Cosmic Virtue can with yourselves magnetize Liberty, Truth, or Purity within whatever House the planet [Earth] rests.”

Helios, March 1955: “There is no such thing as malicious influence from these twelve Cosmic Focuses.  There are only condensations of powerful life and nourishment.  As the planet Earth and its sister planets enter for 30 days into each such House, the specific blessings of those Beings do nourish the inner centers [chakras] of the individual. They particularly stimulate those who have come to birth in any embodiment under the auspices of that House.

In the House of Aries [approximately March 21 – April 21] – there are the sylphs, the Devas of the air, the exquisite Temples built like the castles in fairy tales of old.  There is the substance and energy provided for the air itself which you breathe, the purifying power of it.  There is focused the Cosmic Virtue of Wisdom.

In the House of Pisces [approximately February 21 – March 20] is the focus of beloved Neptune, the purity of the water element.  There are the undines, and all the focuses that represent the water element in which they are trained.  The purifying powers of Neptune do flood forth through the Earth, at that time of the year specifically.

In the House of Aquaria [approximately January 22 – February 21], mankind came close to His name in Aquarius.  In that House is the momentum of progress, of stimulation, of the intensification of growth.  From Aquaria for the New Age, we see the stimulation of the spiritual interest within the consciousness of mankind.

Within the heart of the great Being Minerva Who has been called Capricorn, in this House [approximately December 22 – January 21], we find the focus of discrimination, discretion, perception, intuition.  There are mighty forces and elements flooding through the Earth and its atmosphere during the period when Her outpouring is so great, that can be absorbed by the receptive consciousness.  Even as the Spring flower absorbs the specific radiation of April or May, according to its own perfect design.

The House of Sagittarius [approximately November 22 – December 22] belongs to mighty Zarathustra, the spirit of fire, of enthusiasm.  Here live the salamanders, and those who work particularly with the Elementals of fire.  The radiation and powers of the Zarathustras has been shown through all the histories of the Earth, down through the Atlantean and Lemurian ages back to the beginning of time.

The House that has unfortunately been called Scorpio [approximately October 23 – November 22] is a Focus of Mighty Victory.  All His powers and the momentum of victory of hundreds of thousands of centuries of accomplishment is within the radiation and the power that flows through Him.

The House of Libra [approximately September 23 – October 22], close to that of the Goddess of Liberty in name, is a Focus of Liberty and of Freedom to this Earth.

The House of Virgo [approximately August 23 – September 22] represents the balance of Virgo, the solidity, the assurance and the confidence.  A few of these great Beings were fortunate enough not to have the clouds of misconception drawn across Their beautiful faces, and They stand still revealed in the majesty and mastery of Their Light.

That which has been distorted into Leo [approximately July 21 – August 22], the lion, is the House of Apollo, the Master like Saint Germain of royalty, courtesy, dignity, and princely charm.

That which has been called Cancer [approximately June 21 – July 21], is the Focus of Cyclopea, now known as Vesta, with all the power of concentration, all the power through consecration that is His.

Gemini [approximately May 22 – June 21], that two-fold name, two-fold nature, is the House of the Cosmic Christ, the Focus of Love, of Lord Maitreya (at that time, He is now the Buddha – the Editor).  The Christ man working through personality, the Divine Image imbedded perhaps in flesh.”

The House of Taurus [approximately April 21 – May 22] is really that of mighty Hercules, the Focus of faith, strength, of courage, and of power.

As you pass from month to month through these various signs, you are passing through the Virtues which are radiated from Our own Bodies.  Those Virtues are provided by Our conscious invocation to the Central Sun and endeavor to duplicate in Ourselves the nature of that Central Sun.  You can avail yourself through the magnetic power of your own thought, of the blessing of that specific stream of concentrated energy which plays upon your Earth and through your vehicles.  That specific radiation is a power that can raise one man in one embodiment, whereas it would take another a thousand embodiments to accomplish it by self effort.  I have seen it done.  Those who progress beyond the masses must have made available to them certain spiritual nourishment.  Jesus said that He had food to eat that man knew not of.  Because any individual even like yourself, who is willing to give more than ordinary assistance to the masses, is likewise given the opportunity to take of nourishment of which mankind knows nothing.  Take them or leave them.  Because that is the Law of Life.” Divine Self

The Divine Self Chart was designed by Elizabeth Claire Prophet and can be purchased at

[“Take them or leave them.  Because that is the Law of Life.”  Here Helios is reminding us that we have freewill.  We can choose to be nourished by the Virtues in each zodiac House or we can ignore them.  That we have freewill choice is the Law of Life.]

The Seven Rays


Taken from Alan Oken’s

Soul-Centered Astrology:  A Key To Your Expanding Self

With Comments by Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

COMMENT:  We function on a combination of Rays.  The two major Rays upon which you are functioning will be connected to your Sun Sign and to the Ascendant within your Astrological Natal Chart.  The only way to determine the Ascendant is to have a computer print-out of your natal chart.  Since the Sun represents your Soul in esoteric astrology, you can learn the overall intent of your Soul by knowing its Ray.  However, it is important to remember that the natal chart is an extremely detailed map of your Soul’s purposes for incarnating into a physical body.  Learning about one or two Rays on which you are functioning is simply a beginning.  There is always much more to learn!

I offer this brief information to assist you in “Know Thyself” – a major task in preparing for ascension into higher consciousness.  Understanding your family members as unique human beings with specific soul intentions is also helpful.

Description of the Rays – Quoting Alan Oken

If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Aries, Leo, or Capricorn, you are functioning on the FIRST RAY OF WILL/POWER. “The energy of the First Ray acts as a catalyst, breaking up old existing conditions so that new ones may eventuate.

Soul Level:  The use of spiritual will for the benefit of the collective; power utilized for the purpose of enhancing unity and beauty; the expression of will for the purposes and well-being of the group.

Personality Level:  Ray of soldier, statesman, ruler, explorer, leader, government, politics, and administration.

General positive Traits:  Courage, diligence, quick discernment, leadership abilities , inspires others, adventurous, not dismayed by initial failures, but remains persistent until goal is achieved.

General Character Difficulties:  Limitless ambition, uses will for selfish purposes, manipulative of others through personal power, easy to anger, cannot take criticism, strong sense of personal pride.

To Be Cultivated:  Compassion, humility, tolerance, caring, sympathy.”

If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces, you are functioning on the SECOND RAY OF LOVE/WISDOM. “The Second Ray is called the Master Builder….  It represents the cohesive force in the universe….  The Second Ray is the energy behind what we call “universal love” … connected to the powers of intuition….  The Second Ray instills cooperation between people, philanthropy, and the urge to serve.

Soul Level:  The urge to bring about a sustaining, loving wholeness to any group or life situation; the ability—through magnetic attraction—to bring about healing; the focus for the stimulation of consciousness, and hence for greater love/wisdom; the ability to see beyond differences into unifying principles.

Personality Level:  Ray of teachers, people in the healing and service professions.

General Positive Traits:  Naturally sympathetic and compassionate; eager to be of assistance; generous and philanthropic; calm, strong, and patient when dealing with the daily situations of life; faithful and reliable; lovers of truth who are very intuitive by nature.

General Character Difficulties:  Coldness, if Wisdom aspect is overemphasized; indifference to others; misplaced affection—always feeling sorry for things; a negative, ‘Why is it always happening to me’ outlook to life; rarely satisfied with personal accomplishments.

To Be Cultivated:  Faith in love as the healing force in life.”

If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you are functioning on the THIRD RAY OF ACTIVE INTELLIGENCE. “The energy of the Third Ray … permeates into every form of life.  The Third is the Active Intelligence of Divinity, and represents the inherent intelligence within all matter….  All of humanity is strongly governed by the Third Ray….  The Ray of activity.  People who are closely connected to the Third Ray are very much on the go.

Soul Level:  The birthing of ideas to benefit humanity; the structuring of time and activities to allow for group energies to flourish; inherent, objective intelligence ready to be used in service to humanity in all ways.

Personality Level:  Ray of the astrologer, scholar, judge, banker, economist, chess master, abstract thinker.

General Positive Traits:  Adaptability, clear intellect, articulate speech, and ease in communicating ideas; business skills; ability to plan in advance in logical ways; a fine capacity not to worry oneself or others about insignificant matters.

General Character Difficulties:  The tendency to be overly active and nervous; too much pride in one’s intellectual capabilities; selfishness through a sense of isolation; the manipulation of others, especially in terms of the use of other people’s resources; mind games; overly strong attachment to materialism.

To Be Cultivated:  Tolerance, sympathy, devotion, accuracy in detail, open-mindedness to other people’s ideas.”

If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Taurus, Scorpio, or Sagittarius, you are functioning on the FOURTH RAY OF HARMONY THROUGH CONFLICT. “The purpose of the Fourth Ray [is to be] an agent of balance.  The Fourth Ray leads to that type of discrimination required for the life of the Soul and the way of service.  It is thus the Ray of trial and error, so that we may move from the unreal to the real.  The Fourth Ray is the energy behind what we may call ‘Divine Discontent’….  As the Ray of beauty and art, the Fourth Ray is also essentially the refiner—the urge for an ever-more-perfect representation of the Will of God in the many forms of Its expression….  The Fourth is the Ray of struggle, and those people who are especially connected to it will find a very special duality appearing in their lives….  As the Ray of the artist, the Fourth is especially connected to color.  People who are closely associated with this Ray may find themselves with tremendous gifts.

Soul Level:  The ‘Divine Artist’—one who seeks to raise humanity’s consciousness through the realization of the beauty and harmony existing in nature and in the world of forms; the mediator between heaven and earth, God and man; the Priest.

Personality Level:  Ray of the mediator, interpreter, artist, and those healers whose treatments involve the harmonizing and balancing of the body’s energies and polarities—acupuncture, certain techniques of massage, color therapy.

General Positive Traits:  Strong sense of equilibrium and symmetry; a poetic sensibility, especially about nature; imaginative and creative in the formation of one’s life-style; can sustain struggle and conflict until desired aims are achieved.

General Character Difficulties:  Indolence, self-indulgence; may be overly passionate; may initiate conflicts unnecessarily; restlessness and a tendency to depression when goals cannot be accomplished.  (Since the Fourth is very much a blend of Rays One & Two, when the energy of the First Ray of Will/Power is not in balance with the Second Ray, the resulting lack of direction for the expression of Will is clearly marked.  This demonstrates as a poorly focused sense of personal orientation to life and a resultant lack of willpower.)

To Be Cultivated:  Serenity, emotional balance, confidence, self-control, truth, clarity of purpose.

If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Leo, Sagittarius, or Aquarius, you are functioning on the FIFTH RAY OF CONCRETE KNOWLEDGE. “The Fifth Ray is the expression of Love/Wisdom through the intellect.  This occurs through scientific research and experimentation in order that the Plan of Divinity may be revealed through the mind of man….  It is the purpose of the Higher Mind to penetrate and purify the lower so that humanity may perceive, identify, and know the Mind of God behind all the forms of manifestation.  This is the great work of the Fifth Ray.

As the sign of Aquarius is on the Fifth Ray and on no other, the scientist and researcher will lead the way into the esoteric realities in our time, and reveal through their work those metaphysical Laws and Principles which underlie the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

[We are moving into the New Aquarian Age, thus the importance of this 5th Ray.  LISTEN UP, ALL 5TH RAY PERSONS ]  The more evolved of FIFTH RAY-influenced people will, through the scientific method, seek to prove the validity of metaphysical inquiry.  The contributions they make to the well-being of society are limitless.

Soul Level:  Those who work to be connecting links of intelligence between the abstract world of pure ideation and the concrete world of practical application; precision and exactitude in creating those forms and inventions which allow for the outpouring of Higher-Mind Intelligence.

Personality Level:  Ray of the scientist, technician, lawyer, engineer, researcher, computer expert, and logician.

General Character Traits:  Power to master a chosen field on expertise; detached observer in quest for truth; accuracy in speech; precise mental perceptions and vision for the application of knowledge; love of scientific inquiry.

General Character Difficulties:  Lacking in compassion and sympathy; an overly narrow perspective; constant analysis and the splitting of hairs; pedantic; overemphasis on the form aspect of life; materialism; harsh criticism, mental pride, prejudice.

To Be Cultivated:  Intellectual tolerance; devotion; active love, nurturing, reverence, and sympathy.”

If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, you are functioning on the SIXTH RAY OF DEVOTION & IDEALISM. “The Sixth has been the primary Ray of the Piscean Age—[the Age now ending]….  The religious creeds and ideals connected to martyrdom are still influential wherever the Sixth Ray energy predominates….  Terrorism, suicide, and all other urges for self-annihilation based on religious and/or philosophical idealism are very much under the influence of the Sixth Ray….  One finds in its expression those devotional qualities that keep families together, instill great and small philanthropic gestures, and denote such saintly people as Mother Teresa and St. Francis of Assisi….  The Sixth Ray is also the inspiring force of people for whom the principles of Love, Goodness, Purity of Heart, and Selflessness are living energies and form their way of life.

Soul Level:  The urge to transform selfish and personal motivation into selfless, impersonal devotion for the good of all; the bringing about of circumstances which reorient the exclusive to the inclusive for the greater expression of Love/Wisdom.

Personality Level:  Ray of the saint, martyr, evangelist/preacher, religious workers of all kinds, psychics, mediums, many kinds of healers, theologians, poets, etc.

General Positive Traits:  Reverence and devotion; single-mindedness when attached to a cause; courage to fight for beliefs; love, tenderness, loyalty, sincerity, self-sacrifice.

General Character Difficulties:  Fanaticism; blind devotion; bigotry and prejudice; exclusive attitudes; hero worship; overly dependent on others for emotional support.

To Be Cultivated:  Tolerance; truth; common sense and practicality; flexibility to be supportive of other people’s views; balance of one’s feelings.”

[During the present transitional period, Earth is passing from the Piscean 6TH RAY Age


The New Aquarian 7TH RAY Age]

If your Sun Sign or Ascendant is Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn, you are functioning on the SEVENTH RAY OF CEREMONIAL ORDER & MAGIC. “The Seventh Ray’s main function is to work for the infusion of the energies of spirit with the substance of matter….  It is the working of the Seventh Ray which aids in the fusion of the Soul and the personality, and the resulting reorientation of an individual’s life purpose and direction.  It is this process of Soul infusion that can be symbolically rendered by the Seventh Ray alchemist as the process of changing lead into gold.  The hope for the Aquarian Age, the Age of the Seventh Ray, is for such a ‘golden’ collective transformation and reorientation to take place for humanity….  The recognition of the esoteric value of crystals in terms of their healing properties has been reawakened from its origin in ancient, magical traditions.  One should take note of the fact that the color particularly associated with the Seventh Ray is violet.  Of all the many kinds of crystals available at the present time, the amethyst variety seems to be especially popular.

The function of the Seventh Ray is to change those forms, both physical and mental, which are no longer of service to the Plan of unfolding evolution of creativity….  The energy behind the New Age is Jupiter, esoteric ruler of Aquarius, and the planet most closely associated with the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom.  It is this factor that is the great hope for the future of humanity.

Soul Level:  The urge to gather, formulate, and harmonize various aspects of a given set of life circumstances into an ordered expression for the Will of God; the urge to make ‘heaven on earth.

Personality Level:  Ray of the master of ceremonies of any event; film or stage producer; ritualist and shaman; organizational bureaucrat.

General Positive Traits:  Care in detail, perseverance, strength, and self-reliance; the ability to bring forth order out of chaos; often able to merge the powers of will (Ray One) with cohesiveness (Ray Two) to produce material results (Ray Three).

General Character Difficulties:  Too rigidly adheres to rules and regulations; may sacrifice self-determination to follow orders set down by superiors; may be very interested in omens and superstitions (especially if the Sixth Ray is also strong); pretentious, formal, follows ceremony mechanically.

To Be Cultivated:  Humility, gentleness, tolerance, open-mindedness, greater realization of world unity.”

COMMENT:  You may combine a study of your Ray/Rays with a study of your Sun Sign by going to my website: and scrolling down the left hand column of my Home Page to “Your Sun Signs,” then compare these with “Your Destiny Number” based on your name and also listed in the left hand column.

We live in an orderly cosmos that knows YOU in great detail.  YOU are an integral part of the Whole and your place within the Divine Plan can be filled by no other.

The more you get to “KNOW THYSELF” as the cosmos knows you, the more exciting life becomes.

COMMENT:  The biblical symbolism of 3 Crosses on Golgotha depicts our spiritual journey.  Below is a brief description of each of the 3 crosses, taken from Alan Oken’s Soul-Centered Astrology:  A Key To Your Expanding Self.

Mutable Cross: represents “the totally personality-centered individual….  The focus of awareness and the underlying life motivation are underscored by ‘desire’—desire for the material life….  The passage of many lifetimes is related to the Mutable Cross, and serves to give the Soul the necessary ‘knowledge of earthly experiences.’

COMMENT:  The Mutable Cross is represented by the criminal who derided Jesus in Luke23:39.

Fixed Cross: “At this stage of human evolution, desire mutates to ‘aspiration.’  Once again, one may spend many lifetimes at this level, for the refinement of the lower vehicles (the physical, emotional, and mental bodies) is a long process.  The increasing tension of duality ‘between heaven and earth’ becomes strongly felt, and a choice is eventually made as to the nature of one’s path in life.  One is now conscious of the personality-Soul relationship.  At this point, one is said to be moving onto the Fixed Cross.   The purpose of lifetimes spent here is the revelation of ‘the true nature of Love.’

COMMENT:  The Fixed Cross is represented by the criminal who recognized that Jesus had done nothing wrong.  Luke 23:40-42

Cardinal Cross: “Once a person has become fully anchored in his/her Soul’s orientation, and Love has merged with knowledge to become Love’s Wisdom, evolution takes on a very distinct focus—total Soul-centeredness.  The individual is then said to mount the Cardinal Cross….  [It is on the Cardinal Cross] that a person (finally!) gets his ‘job’—his planetary purpose in terms of service to the collective humanity.  It is at this point that the personality has become the total vehicle for the Soul, and the orientation of the life has transformed itself from a personal to an impersonal one.  This is called the Path of Sacrifice….  In this case, ‘sacrifice’ means the will to manifest, the ‘leaving of the Father’s House’ and the descent into matter.”

COMMENT:  In other words, at this point in our spiritual evolution, we have the privilege of making a freewill choice to ‘sacrifice’ the glorious realms of spirit and incarnate into a physical body for the purpose of serving humanity.

COMMENT:  The Cardinal Cross is represented by Jesus, who willingly incarnated to serve humanity by showing us the Path of Initiation into Higher Consciousness.  Read my article entitled “Ascension” by scrolling down the center of my Home Page at

COMMENT:  Each of have lived many lifetimes and are presently living in accordance with one of the three crosses.  We can greatly speed up our inner spiritual journey by consciously intending to ascend with planet Earth by 2012.   Jesus incarnated to show all of humanity the Way.  He did not start a religion nor did he adhere to one.  Even though he spoke in the synagogues of his day, there is not one recorded word that he spoke in favor of the religious authorities.  Instead, he repeatedly rebuked them.  I say this to say that all of humanity ascends in the same way—by mounting the Cardinal Cross—regardless of the religion to which one adheres or does not follow.

All presently incarnated on Earth have been granted the opportunity to ascend with Earth IF WE SO CHOOSE.  Soon the Ascended Masters and our galactic brothers and sisters will openly appear on Earth to be sure all know the process of Ascension and have the chance to achieve it.  Then, our soul’s “job” will be to assist in creating “a new heaven and a new earth.”



The following are excerpts from

A.D.K. Luk’s Law of Life & Teachings by Divine Beings, Books I-III

With Notes by

Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

The above named books, which are now out-of-print, describe the world of spirit—the 5th dimension and above.  As we live out the last 3 years of the 4th World Age on the 3rd dimensional plane of duality, we need to widen our perspective of life to include the cosmos and the multiple dimensions of existence.  Many Earth humans are approaching a giant leap in consciousness into this cosmic world.  I offer the following excerpts to encourage all of us to begin thinking in much more expansive terms, for by doing so we lift our consciousness to higher levels.  Until we set aside the old and embark on the new, little do we know how exciting it is to experience “The Truth Will Set You Free!”

The Ascended Masters, or Great White Brotherhood, are those Earth human beings who have undergone successfully the Initiation Process and ascended into higher consciousness.  The Master Teacher, Jesus, demonstrated this Initiation Process for Earth humans—regardless of religious affiliation.  You may find a summary of this process in an article entitled “ASCENSION” found in the center of my home page at (scroll down to it).  Some of those Earth humans who ascend choose to remain close to Earth and to assist their brothers/sisters in ascending.  This group is called the Great White Brotherhood—having nothing to do with race and everything to do with the White Light of Spirit.

The Law of Life & Teachings by Divine Beings offers teachings by the Ascended Masters, many of whom we know as biblical characters now going by their Soul Name.  I list the name of the Ascended Master, or other Divine Being, before his/her teachings with the date on which it was given.


Lord Maha Chohan, Summer 1956: “There are only two activities in all of life….  There is only the in-breath and the out-breath.  There is the magnetization (the in-breath) of the gifts and power of the God Presence, and then Its radiation (the out-breath).  Both of these activities take place at Cosmic levels with regard to solar systems, galaxies, and the entire universe.

On the out-breath when creation takes place, the Central Sun of a system breathes forth the Suns from within Its own Aura.  Each Sun then, in Its turn, breathes out the planets destined to be part of the solar system.  This comprises an expression of the out-breath of Deity as regards a galaxy and a solar system.

At the end of a “Cosmic Day,” the Central Sun of that system notifies all the Suns below It that it is time for the in-breathing of their planets, in preparation for the in-breathing of all the Suns and their planets back into the Electronic Belt of the Central Sun.”

NOTE:  All bodies within the cosmos are Living Beings.

Lord Lante, August 1953: “When first the Earth became a habitable home, it was required of the Law that the Manu descend into the physical appearance world, carrying with Him the Magnetic Rod of Power, which would be the cohesive force holding the souls destined to embody and evolve into mastery within and on the Earth, and in its Aura.

When a planet becomes ready for habitation, this mystic Pole is drawn by one of the guardians of the race, for without It the souls would have no lasting affinity for the theater of their evolution.  As that directed Ray was precipitated from the hearts of the Father and Mother of the system (Helios & Vesta), It became the Pathway over which the first rhythmic release of mankind’s spirits walked into the world, and took form, together with the guardian Spirits.”

NOTE:  Who are we Earth humans?  We are spirits who took on a physical body for a while and who walk in the company of our guardian Spirits.

Master Jesus, April 1958: “The gravity pull of Earth is a beautiful thing.  It is a part of the activity of Polaris and Magnus, it is a part of the service of the great Beings that dwell in the Earth and protect the permanent Atom therein.  That gravity pull is necessary, for it keeps the people, all those unascended, on the planet.  It enables them to walk about without flying into space as this small Earth revolves around its axis and moves forward at the same time at great speed.  The gravity pull holds all the souls belonging to the Earth in the orbit of the Earth.”

Lord Maha Chohan, August 1956: “Every planet of this solar system vibrates at a different rate.  This was proven centuries ago with the experimentations of beloved Kuthumi in the Pythagorean school.  Every planet of this system has a different vibration as well as music, which represents the Keynote of that planet as it swings around the Sun.  Each vibration should be a part of the Music of the Spheres.  The Keynote of the planet Earth is off center and flat, a dissonance in the Music of the Spheres, and for that reason the Earth has been circled round by a special protective ring of Light, so that the dissonance cannot affect the rest of the solar system.”

Goddess Vesta, August 1956: “The galaxy to which the Earth belongs came from the Central Sun of Alpha and Omega and has seven Suns with 49 planets….  On the in-breath, which is the point you are coming to now in your own galaxy, the Suns began ascending, number 12 entering into the orbit of 11, number 11 going into the orbit of number ten and so on, all the planets of that system also ascending one space….  Venus will move inward into the orbit of Bella.  Venus and Earth will still be together, Venus above the Earth as now, because they will both move in one space.”

NOTE:  Goddess Vesta is describing the Ascension through which planet Earth is about to go … Earth will move forward one space.  Those Earth humans who are not ready to ascend will be allowed to transfer to another planet vibrating at the 3rd dimensional level and continue their spiritual evolution into ascension there.  All unfolds according to freewill choice.

Lord Maha Chohan, May 1952: “Each of the seven planets of this solar system must be quickened to enter and sustain itself in the orbit of the graduating planet.  Great Beings are delegated to the task of quickening the vibrations of these planets and We, Whose responsibility rests with the Earth, must prepare this planet and its people to vibrate at the rate of Venus’ present perfection.”

NOTE:  Great Beings are assigned to help all Earth humans who choose to ascend with planet Earth.

God Helios, March 1955: “After we received our Sun initiation, We designed through communication, thought, and loving feeling the planets of this system.  We created them of Light and of Life.  Then through that power of cohesion We drew the great Silent Watcher, Who offered to hold within Her own bosom and body the Light pattern of those planets.  Through the power of cohesion We drew the Seven Elohim, who came and offered to help us to build.  We drew the Archangels and Archaii, the Seraphim and Cherubim.”

NOTE:  “Then God said, ‘Let us make…”  Genesis 1

“The Word was in the beginning, and that very Word was with God, and God was that Word.  John 1:1

Creation takes place through the spoken word (communication), thought, and loving feeling.

Immaculata, July 1954: “When a Sun God and Goddess choose to apply for the opportunity of creating a solar system, They expand Their Sphere of Influence, to the point where the periphery would encompass all the planets, satellites, and all belonging to the system.  Through the fiat, ‘Let There Be Light,’ They spun from Their Beings the universal Light substance for this system.”

Archangel Michael: “When a Central Sun takes the Cosmic Initiation to create a galaxy, opportunity to develop and mature is given to three evolutionary intelligences:  the mankind, Angelic, and Elemental.

The Intelligences inhabiting the Central Sun are known as the Archangels.  They possess the full power of the God and Goddess of the galaxy.  They radiate the Light that fills the system, forming the atmosphere.  In the rhythmic out-breathing of the Central Sun as each lesser Sun is sent forth, seven Archangels and Their Twin Flames go forth to guard all the evolutions of the Sun and its planets.  They guard the Sun, the planets, satellites, the seven inner Spheres of the solar system, mankind, the Angelic Beings and the Elementals.

The Plan is not for Archangels to embody on a planet, which is meant for another type of evolution.

Legions of Angelic Beings came from the Central Sun with Us.  Their purpose of being is to fulfill the Divine Plan which is also Our Plan.  Besides, We have Angelic Beings Who have and are evolving within this solar system who join Our ranks at times, similar to when human beings make the Ascension.  They join the Great White Brotherhood.

The Power of God externalized the universe through Love.  Through Love, Helios and Vesta projected forth every planet just the right distance.  Every solar system of planets and satellites are held by Love within their orbits as the whole galaxy rushes forward through space with lightening-like speed toward a destiny known only by the Godhead.”

NOTE:  Through Love we and all of creation were brought forth.  We live and move and have our being within the energy of Love.  (Acts 17:28)

Master Jesus, May 1956: “[Helios & Vesta] used the same two activities We are endeavoring now to develop among the earnest and sincere students, the power of magnetizing good and then radiating that forth.”

Maha Chohan, September 1953: “The Cosmic Silent Watcher is the first Being Who is called after the Sun of a system decides to create planets.  Into the consciousness, the mind and the body of the Silent Watcher is impressed by the Father and Mother of the system the entire Pattern for every planet.  It is upon the ability of the Silent Watcher to hold that Pattern, Plan, and Blueprint completely unchanging, that the final manifestation depends.  The Cosmic Silent Watcher received into Herself, the Pattern of the planets of this system, the rivers, the lakes, the trees, the mountains of each one, each designed according to the requirements of the evolution that was to evolve upon it.  These seven lesser Silent Watchers were sent forth, Who in turn embodies the Design of just one planet.  They are something like an architect except that it is a living and breathing activity of Love and Light and not merely lines on a blueprint page.”

NOTE:  Read Daniel 4 in which King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream includes the Silent Watchers—referred to here as “holy watchers.”

Great Divine Director, May 1954: “Our Planetary Silent Watcher is known as the great Brooding Presence.  If the Being should lose for a second the pattern of the Earth, it would cause it to return to nothingness.  She has held the concentrated focus of the Earth as given to Her from the Cosmic Silent Watcher, since it was designed, and for millions of years beyond the time originally scheduled for its perfection.  She also held the pattern for every lifestream destined to manifest perfection on Earth.”

Virgin GlobeNOTE:  Try to comprehend the Great Love in which Earth humans are cradled.  Yet, we Earth humans are millions of years behind in our spiritual evolutionary progress toward perfection.

“Be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”  Matthew 5:48

The Master Jesus spoke these words 2000 years ago and still Earth humans appear to have no greater comprehension of His words.