Love is the new technology, the new science, the new politics, the new economics

March 6, 2013 by John Smallman


Once you start to accept your true nature as divine beings – spiritual beings having a human experience – the changes necessary to bring healing and renewal to the planet and all the sentient life forms she supports will move ahead very quickly indeed.  You all have issues with that, because, as humans, you see those around you operating from their egos ninety -nine percent or more of the time. As you become increasingly honest with yourselves, you are acknowledging that you also must continue working and intending to release your own disruptive egoic attitudes that are so very human and that can be so very destructive. Because of that, it is very difficult for you to recognize and concede that truly every human is a divine being . . . they just do not behave as if they were divine! – that is, as you ego-driven humans imagine divine beings would behave.  And you do have a point.  Nevertheless it is true, and your hearts will soon take over from your egoic reasoning, and acknowledge and embrace the inalienable fact of your divinity.

Your intent to awaken is intensifying daily.  When you take time out daily (as you must) in your personal space, your place of peace, and hold that intent, even momentarily, it sends out loving energy waves of enormous power which interact with every sentient being on the planet, wherever they are and whatever their spiritual intentions and beliefs, and it impacts and modifies their energy fields to bring them increasingly into alignment with the divine energy field.

Change that will benefit all of humanity is occurring worldwide as a result of the intent that those who are spiritually oriented are holding.  All of humanity wants change because your present ways of interacting are crushing your spirits and destroying your relationships — and you have had enough!  The human collective is ready for major change.

You are bringing Love into every aspect of inter-human relationships by your intent that Love shall prevail.  And, of course, Love always prevails! There is no longer anywhere on the planet that is completely closed to Love, because Its seeds have been sown worldwide and are springing up enthusiastically throughout the entire global population as the prayers and loving intentions of the wayshowers and Light-bearers — a group that is constantly growing and expanding — sweep across the planet in an endless succession of great waves, embracing all in their path.  There is no escape from Love!

Obviously, this is not immediately apparent as you observe the violent and pernicious conflicts (only some of which are being reported by the mainstream media) that are still happening at every level of society, and in every racial, religious, political, economic, philosophical (and on and on) organization all across the world.  But this is no longer able to be kept quiet, swept under the carpet, and generally ignored, because whistle-blowers everywhere are courageously standing up and disclosing what those who have held the reins of power for so long have so vehemently determined to hide.

As the truth breaks out from behind the screens that were erected to hide it, amazing acts of Love will take place all across the planet as people discover that those with whom they have been fighting are not — and never have been! — their enemies.  They have been outrageously misled by those in power, and were persuaded by them that the conflicts in which they were so ruthlessly engaged were essential if peace was to be established on Earth.

As the veils hiding the truth are removed, enormous changes will occur very rapidly; in fact, the first are already occurring.  Humanity is ready for world peace, and it is only those who would control and subjugate you who wish to prevent it from coming about.  They no longer have the power or the ability to maintain the state of endless conflict to keep you afraid and divided.  War is passé; it is no longer fashionable; and it needs to be swept away, along with all the accoutrements that make it possible.  The first signs of this are evidenced by governmental financial shortfalls that are necessitating enormous contractions in their military budgets.

Love is the new technology, the new science, the new philosophy, the new politics, the new economics.  All will embrace It.  However . . . ‘new’ it is not!  It is your original state — the state in which you were so lovingly created and to which you are excitedly and enthusiastically returning.  Nothing can prevent the Golden Age from blossoming, absolutely nothing!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

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Nancy B. Detweiler


  Today, I opened my e-mails to find these heartwarming stories from my two sisters.

 This sister is extremely talented in crafts, while also being a poet.  She created handmade “Hug” Pillows to contribute to various organizations.

 “Yesterday was a rewarding day…I took “Hug” pillows to the Cancer Treatment Center and they were really thrilled with them and I plan to make many more. (I get lots of hugs with these deliveries).  Next I took “Hug” pillows to the lady that cuts my hair for her grandchildren who are going through a bad time—they were taken from their parents.  Next I visited my neighbor whose husband is in Hospice House. He is not expected to live but a few days.  We had a long talk and that is when she requested a poem for the funeral bulletin. They also want a poem about a Grandfather.  I am working on it but it is much harder to write since I have very few memories of Grandpa.”

 This sister works for WorldVenture Mission in Littleton, Colorado.

I wanted to send you this link to one of our ministry projects. Dave Terpstra and his family are WorldVenture missionaries to Mozambique and have worked with several people from the U.S.A. to start a business to help girls and women who have been sold into the sex trade. This is a huge problem all over the world, including our country.

You should be able to get to the 3-part video at the link below.

This is one of the reasons my life has been so enriched by what I get to do and the people I know. It is a great example of what a few people can do with a God-given vision!


 And then, there is me …

An earlier e-mail this week notified me that my profile page on LinkedIn ranked in the 1st percentile for number of views in 2012.  My blog posts are automatically posted on my profile page at LinkedIn.  My writing is an act of love, as I do not offer paid subscriptions.

 And last, but far from least, my brother.

 My brother is a Math Professor at a Community College. He has touched many lives for good as he is the kind of professor who truly cares for his students and will go the extra mile—or two or three—for them.  He is constantly researching better ways to make math interesting.  His students say they have never before experienced a professor who can make math funny!

Bottom Line:  I am struck by the number of people whose lives four siblings can touch by simply using our talents in loving ways.  We all love what we do and others are pleased with what they receive. 






[i]   Drawing lifted from:













 Lush mountains in northern Iran 






The effect of your collective loving intent is massive

January 23, 2013 by John Smallman


Here in the spiritual realms we are observing you joyfully as the new energies enveloping the planet spread and intensify through the hearts of humanity.  A great blaze of Light is shining forth into the heavens as these energies interact positively and lovingly with all you dear ones on Earth, and as you continue to hold and intend to share your Light unconditionally and indiscriminately to assist, tenderly and compassionately, with the awakening of all your sleeping brothers and sisters.  The effect of your collective loving intent is massive and inescapable. Love is gently and irresistibly inserting and establishing Itself within the hearts of all on the planet, dissolving resentment, anger, fear, and mistrust so that the attitudes and behaviors associated with them are released, thus allowing the New Age of peace, harmony, and abundance to emerge fully and embrace you all.

It is an energy of immense power with which God has embraced humanity and the lovely planet that supports you.  Its purpose is to raise your consciousness to new levels of awareness so that the reality that all are one, that there is no separation, moves forward from being just an interesting but little-understood fact — recognized mainly by modern physics and to a lesser extent by modern philosophers — into the mainstream of general knowledge.  As this happens it will become more and more difficult for people to treat one another in ways that are not in alignment with Love.  For many of you, that will seem to be a state of awareness that is beyond the bounds of possibility, in fact quite unattainable, as you look around at the violence flowing freely in nearly every corner of the world and see self-righteousness, anger, defensiveness, and fear seeming to drive people, often well-meaning people of honesty and integrity, into what appear to be unavoidable and fully justified conflict.

The reason that it seems to be so far beyond what is possible is because you have all, over many life times, engaged as perpetrators or victims in what is seen as an ongoing violence that appears to be an essential aspect of being human – e.g. Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest, which has now all but been disproved.  It is natural, therefore, to expect violence, to be prepared for violence, and to have the forces at your disposal to defend yourselves against attack, or even to preemptively crush those who might be thinking of attacking you in the future.  Many of you are aware of the insanity of this way of thinking, but because so many do think in this manner it seems to the majority that violence and war are, and always will be inevitable.  And your “defense” industries prove that this line of reasoning is endemic.

The new energies are already undermining the confidence with which so many hold that dangerous set of beliefs, and they will continue to do so as the divine Love field enveloping the planet continues to exert its influence gently, powerfully and irresistibly on all sentient life forms.  Yes, the animal kingdom is also undergoing a vast change in consciousness because the Love field does not discriminate, but spreads its influence everywhere in order to bring to your planet the peace and harmony that in your hearts you have been seeking for a very long time.

Your desire for a beautiful world where all forms of life have their place — a place in which they can live, grow, and evolve spiritually as divinely intended — has intensified over the last few thousand years of earth time.  As a result of that intent the momentum was established that would enable you to integrate and meld with the divine field of Love which has been waiting for this moment.  Your engagement with it was always divinely planned, and as of the end of last year, 2012, its energy has been flowing and pulsating with an intensity that you can hardly imagine.  Some of you are feeling it quite strongly, and all on earth are being heavily influenced by it.

Attitudes are changing and will continue to change all across the world because the power of God’s field of divine Love is responding to your ongoing calls for His help in bringing in the new Golden Age of which many have dreamed and which many others have prophesied.  You are on your way and nothing can stop you. Your spiritual evolution has reached a point at which it becomes apparent to you that it is the only way forward, and you are reaching out and taking a firm grasp on it.  You are approaching “lift off!’  Your Father and all in the spiritual realms are cheering you on, and your success cannot be prevented.

Your loving brother Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

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Kiko Okada


True love caught me by surprise about 40 years ago.

My husband was one of the sweetest men you could ever hope to meet. We loved each other deeply. He seemed to love everything about me, I appreciated him so much – and I was also exasperated with him.

I didn’t really understand ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, in those days. All I knew was that I was constantly picking up after this man. I didn’t want to fall into nagging, but no amount of gentle or logical requests, reminders or pleas seemed to make any difference. I even brought a 30-gallon trash can into the house and put it right under the lip of the kitchen counter. After he took his pizza out, surely he could just sweep the box in? Instead, I was the one that threw the rubbish into the can and continued to pick up after him.

He liked a tidy home, but not enough to maintain it. Even back then, I felt that sharing a space with anyone meant finding compromises to work out differences in lifestyles. Expecting him to meet my standards of neatness just because I liked to squeeze toothpaste tubes and roll them up from the bottom was stepping further into all those shades of gray leading to “my way or the highway.”

In trying so hard to find a way to wrap our differences in a box of harmony and tie it up with a pretty bow, I kept tripping over my own beliefs and habits, my own emotional attachments, my own needs for control.

As I was driving my son to pre-school on my way to work one morning, my frustration spilled out in a rush of I’m so tired of’s  and Why can’t he’s?

This was not the first time I had inappropriately crossed boundaries, complaining out loud in front of Sandor about his step-father. He had always showed an uncanny ability to know what not to say in front of different people no matter the context, so he was never the child who blurted anything out to the embarrassment of children or adults around him. More than that, he was always able to see a person’s strengths, no matter how they appeared.

What I heard from him this morning was a very quiet, short sigh, barely audible over the roar of the engine. My over-sensitivity picked it up and triggered my need to defend myself.

“Well,” I reasoned, “if somebody loves you a lot, and could do a small thing that would mean so much to you, you would think they could just do it.”

He looked back at me and said, in his simple and gentle way, “Mom, if somebody loves you, they don’t have to love you the way you want them to love you.”

His clear and quiet way was not telling me how I should be. Somehow, he cut past all the talk, all the conflicts and confusion inside me. He was showing me the way to being who I really am by being his own Pure Heart.

Another part of my True Self woke up that morning as I caught a glimpse of this beautiful boy’s Inner Compass that guided his relationship to every other living being.


Sandor – age 5



Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.



“Ancient traditions viewed time as a never-ending dance of cycles—great waves of energy that pulse across the universe, linking the past and the future in their journey.  Modern science seems to agree.  In the language of physics, time merges with the space it travels through to create space-time, ripples in the quantum ocean that makes the universe possible.

 A growing body of evidence suggests that time’s waves, and the history within them, repeat as cycles within cycles.  As each new cycle begins, it carries the same conditions as the past, but with a greater intensity.  It’s this fractal time that becomes the events of the universe and life.”  [ii]

“We’re living the end of time.  Not the end of the world, but the end of a World Age—a 5,125 year cycle of time.  The present world age began in 3114 B.C. and will end in A.D. 2012.  Every 5,125 years, the earth and our solar system reach a place in their journey through the heavens that marks the end of precisely such a cycle.  With that end, a new world age begins.” [iii]

I need not tell you that numerous ancient prophecies have foretold cataclysmic conditions as a World Age ends in 2012.

So what happened?  It is now 12/23/12 and our world is experiencing relative peace.  An ever increasing energy of love is palpable.  History appears to no longer be repeating itself.

For starters, 12/21/12 was not simply the end of one World Age and the beginning of a New World Age.  Planetary history makes note of the events characterizing the end of the 2,000 years cycle of the Sun’s progression through one zodiac sign—from Pisces into Aquarius—also to occur in 2012.  The end of a 5,125 years World Age cycle and the end of the 25,920 years cycle called the precession of the equinoxes are also occurring and are a part of ancient history.

The difference is that 2012 marks the end of far greater cycles as well.  We are living through the ending of a 78,000 years Earth cycle, a 26 million years Earth cycle, and a 225 million years Galactic cycle.  We actually have no idea what the end of these greater cycles mean for Earth and our galaxy.

A second reason we have no clue as to the events that will take place in 2012 is that never before in cosmic history has a planet asked to ascend and take her inhabitants with her in the physical body.  Modern society is only within the last 100+ years beginning to comprehend that every planet is actually the physical body of a Great Being, just as our own bodies are the physical vehicle for our Soul.

Gaia is the name of the Great Being whose physical vehicle is planet Earth.  Gaia has allowed Earth humans to experiment with a plane of duality—hopefully, to progress spiritually by experiencing the illusion of good and evil.

Gaia has permitted her body to be destroyed to a point that life on this planet was on its way to being extinguished.  She has suffered through ages of violence in which her body was literally ripped apart by the use of nuclear weapons.  Two continents—Lemuria and Atlantis—now rest beneath the oceans.  Her inhabitants have lost their way and, from all appearances, seem to believe that violence is the only way to solve disagreements.  Violence pervades modern society:  wars, genocide, torture, unjust imprisonment, gang wars, spousal & child abuse, pedophilia, sex trades, bullying, and psychological violence and abuse.  Earth’s environment reeks with the odor of violence.

Finally, Gaia declared, “No more!”  She asked of Divine Authority to be relieved of housing a plane of duality and to be allowed to ascend to a higher dimension in which only Love and Light can exist.  In a demonstration of Unconditional Love and forgiveness, Gaia requested to invite all Earth humans to ascend with her in their physical bodies.  Formerly, the only means of ascending to a higher plane of consciousness has been on an individual basis at the point of  what we call “physical death.”

Gaia was granted permission to ascend and to take all Earth humans, who so choose, with her while still in our physical bodies.  This Divine Dispensation resulted in a flurry of cosmic activity.  Our galactic brothers and sisters came from throughout the Multi-Universes to observe and assist in this unprecedented Ascension of a planet and her inhabitants while still in their physical bodies.

This Divine Dispensation and the rush of our galactic family to our solar system resulted in the third way in which 2012 differs from all other years.  Earth humans have been energized into a tremendous movement toward freedom, peace, love, and abundance for all.  We are the ones who nearly destroyed Gaia’s body and we are the ones who must lovingly re-create her into her pristine beauty and glory as one of the most magnificent planets in our universe—the paradise our Mother/Father God originally created.  Our galactic sisters and brothers eagerly came to assist us and to gift us with their far more advanced technology with which to get the job done and to create much more relaxed lives for all of us.

Although many are still asleep to the knowledge that we are increasingly reclaiming our true identities as members of a galactic—even cosmic—family, this movement toward Unity Consciousness has resulted in waves of Love sweeping Gaia and her inhabitants.  We are awakening to the truth that we are a part of a much greater Whole—a very integral part!  We are loved unconditionally … always have been and always will be.  No one is alone, ever!

Fourth, as we have awakened from our deep sleep, we have loved Gaia … we have loved each other … we have begun to realize just what magnificent beings we are!  We have joined with Gaia in proclaiming, “No more!”  We, too, want to ascend in our conscious awareness … we yearn for full consciousness.  We are willing to become the co-creators we truly are and to re-create Earth with great love and peaceful cooperation.

We originally lived in Earth’s paradise … We, as the sovereign beings we truly are, choose to return to our former benefic, joy-filled lives as made in the image of our Mother/Father God.  We want to love unconditionally … we long to live within the Unity of One!  We yearn to belong to the One Family of Mother/Father God!

And so, there has been no need for cataclysms!  We have loved Gaia into Ascension … we have loved all Earth humans (who so choose) into ascension!

And now, we will work cooperatively … lovingly with each other and our galactic family to re-create beloved Gaia!  Together, we will build our own galactic society and once more be reunited with our galactic families and communities!

 “And now abide faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”  [iv](See Endnote)

[i]   Photo lifted from:

[ii]   Braden, Gregg.  Fractal time:  The Secret of 2012 & A New World Age. New York:  Hay House, 2009,  Foreword.

 [iii]   Braden, page 1.

 [iv]   I Corinthians 13:13   That this verse is in the 13th chapter of I Corinthians and the 13th verse is very significant because 12/21/12 marked the end of the Mayan 13th baktum –   13 = the Zero Point that marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another World Age.

      Don’t think this is a coincidence!  The Bible is a treasure house of hidden wisdom and in I Corinthians 13:13 it is describing the New World Age! 






man in nature[i]


[Frank and I were invited to the White House yesterday- 12/15/12.]

D.C was amazing!  The atmosphere in that town has lifted.

We went to the “Newseum” [ii] and could not help but notice that Bush 1 and 2 have been all but erased from memory.  It’s true.  That place was sooooo positive!

After visiting The White House, Frank and I stopped at Starbuck’s for some caffeine.  This is the song that was playing over the speakers!


NOTE:  The Musing Minister is an empath, thus can feel in a more sensitive way than the majority.  We will all develop this sensitivity as we increasingly live from the heart.

The Empath Guide defines an empath as a person who can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal….  They are sensitive to the visible as well as the invisible and pick up on body language, tone of voice, body movements, the words people choose when they speak, the words they avoid, the logic they use; and the hidden things that only an empath can sense inside another person. [iii]