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MUSINGS OF AN AWAKENING MINISTER – “Everything is simply different.”


“Everything is simply different”

December 22, 2012


 Man on beach


What a fantastic last few days!

Everything is simply different, and there is no denying it inside myself.

We spent Dec. 21 with awakened friends, and we observed all of the pivotal time-points.  We ate and celebrated.  That was actually the mood.

One of the women read angel cards.  The messages all resonated in each of us.  The feeling of oneness and love pervaded the room.

What is fascinating is that we have all only known each other for weeks, but the “camaraderie” of knowing we are family is unmistakable.

What I have noticed in me is this complete shift in perception.  There simply is no returning to an old way of thinking and being.  I sensed in my heart of hearts on the 21st that THIS indeed was the norm of the day.

Everything is now re-evaluated and re-considered in a New Light.  I find this process—and it is indeed a process—so fascinating that every single moment, thought, and experience is an adventure.

My “mind” is asking questions and thinking ideas it simply could not before.

Even this morning, as I prepare to be at the churches, I find myself interested in what is going to be.

I know one thing:  seeing all in Light and Love, as they are, IS the perception that IS reality.

Knowing that all necessary energy is there assisting is comforting.  Also, knowing that Ascension is no different than the 12-Step moniker “Keep it simple” … “One step at a time” … and “Easy Does it” … breaks the entire process into the bottom-line of “Be patient.

It WILL happen.”  There is no reason to stress.  We will all arrive simply because we already HAVE!

It is this powerful acknowledgement that begins the forward motion of the process!




Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.



“Ancient traditions viewed time as a never-ending dance of cycles—great waves of energy that pulse across the universe, linking the past and the future in their journey.  Modern science seems to agree.  In the language of physics, time merges with the space it travels through to create space-time, ripples in the quantum ocean that makes the universe possible.

 A growing body of evidence suggests that time’s waves, and the history within them, repeat as cycles within cycles.  As each new cycle begins, it carries the same conditions as the past, but with a greater intensity.  It’s this fractal time that becomes the events of the universe and life.”  [ii]

“We’re living the end of time.  Not the end of the world, but the end of a World Age—a 5,125 year cycle of time.  The present world age began in 3114 B.C. and will end in A.D. 2012.  Every 5,125 years, the earth and our solar system reach a place in their journey through the heavens that marks the end of precisely such a cycle.  With that end, a new world age begins.” [iii]

I need not tell you that numerous ancient prophecies have foretold cataclysmic conditions as a World Age ends in 2012.

So what happened?  It is now 12/23/12 and our world is experiencing relative peace.  An ever increasing energy of love is palpable.  History appears to no longer be repeating itself.

For starters, 12/21/12 was not simply the end of one World Age and the beginning of a New World Age.  Planetary history makes note of the events characterizing the end of the 2,000 years cycle of the Sun’s progression through one zodiac sign—from Pisces into Aquarius—also to occur in 2012.  The end of a 5,125 years World Age cycle and the end of the 25,920 years cycle called the precession of the equinoxes are also occurring and are a part of ancient history.

The difference is that 2012 marks the end of far greater cycles as well.  We are living through the ending of a 78,000 years Earth cycle, a 26 million years Earth cycle, and a 225 million years Galactic cycle.  We actually have no idea what the end of these greater cycles mean for Earth and our galaxy.

A second reason we have no clue as to the events that will take place in 2012 is that never before in cosmic history has a planet asked to ascend and take her inhabitants with her in the physical body.  Modern society is only within the last 100+ years beginning to comprehend that every planet is actually the physical body of a Great Being, just as our own bodies are the physical vehicle for our Soul.

Gaia is the name of the Great Being whose physical vehicle is planet Earth.  Gaia has allowed Earth humans to experiment with a plane of duality—hopefully, to progress spiritually by experiencing the illusion of good and evil.

Gaia has permitted her body to be destroyed to a point that life on this planet was on its way to being extinguished.  She has suffered through ages of violence in which her body was literally ripped apart by the use of nuclear weapons.  Two continents—Lemuria and Atlantis—now rest beneath the oceans.  Her inhabitants have lost their way and, from all appearances, seem to believe that violence is the only way to solve disagreements.  Violence pervades modern society:  wars, genocide, torture, unjust imprisonment, gang wars, spousal & child abuse, pedophilia, sex trades, bullying, and psychological violence and abuse.  Earth’s environment reeks with the odor of violence.

Finally, Gaia declared, “No more!”  She asked of Divine Authority to be relieved of housing a plane of duality and to be allowed to ascend to a higher dimension in which only Love and Light can exist.  In a demonstration of Unconditional Love and forgiveness, Gaia requested to invite all Earth humans to ascend with her in their physical bodies.  Formerly, the only means of ascending to a higher plane of consciousness has been on an individual basis at the point of  what we call “physical death.”

Gaia was granted permission to ascend and to take all Earth humans, who so choose, with her while still in our physical bodies.  This Divine Dispensation resulted in a flurry of cosmic activity.  Our galactic brothers and sisters came from throughout the Multi-Universes to observe and assist in this unprecedented Ascension of a planet and her inhabitants while still in their physical bodies.

This Divine Dispensation and the rush of our galactic family to our solar system resulted in the third way in which 2012 differs from all other years.  Earth humans have been energized into a tremendous movement toward freedom, peace, love, and abundance for all.  We are the ones who nearly destroyed Gaia’s body and we are the ones who must lovingly re-create her into her pristine beauty and glory as one of the most magnificent planets in our universe—the paradise our Mother/Father God originally created.  Our galactic sisters and brothers eagerly came to assist us and to gift us with their far more advanced technology with which to get the job done and to create much more relaxed lives for all of us.

Although many are still asleep to the knowledge that we are increasingly reclaiming our true identities as members of a galactic—even cosmic—family, this movement toward Unity Consciousness has resulted in waves of Love sweeping Gaia and her inhabitants.  We are awakening to the truth that we are a part of a much greater Whole—a very integral part!  We are loved unconditionally … always have been and always will be.  No one is alone, ever!

Fourth, as we have awakened from our deep sleep, we have loved Gaia … we have loved each other … we have begun to realize just what magnificent beings we are!  We have joined with Gaia in proclaiming, “No more!”  We, too, want to ascend in our conscious awareness … we yearn for full consciousness.  We are willing to become the co-creators we truly are and to re-create Earth with great love and peaceful cooperation.

We originally lived in Earth’s paradise … We, as the sovereign beings we truly are, choose to return to our former benefic, joy-filled lives as made in the image of our Mother/Father God.  We want to love unconditionally … we long to live within the Unity of One!  We yearn to belong to the One Family of Mother/Father God!

And so, there has been no need for cataclysms!  We have loved Gaia into Ascension … we have loved all Earth humans (who so choose) into ascension!

And now, we will work cooperatively … lovingly with each other and our galactic family to re-create beloved Gaia!  Together, we will build our own galactic society and once more be reunited with our galactic families and communities!

 “And now abide faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”  [iv](See Endnote)

[i]   Photo lifted from:  http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2010/05/the_zoos_baby_elephant_a_scien.php

[ii]   Braden, Gregg.  Fractal time:  The Secret of 2012 & A New World Age. New York:  Hay House, 2009,  Foreword.

 [iii]   Braden, page 1.

 [iv]   I Corinthians 13:13   That this verse is in the 13th chapter of I Corinthians and the 13th verse is very significant because 12/21/12 marked the end of the Mayan 13th baktum –   13 = the Zero Point that marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another World Age.  http://www.levity.com/eschaton/Why2012.html

      Don’t think this is a coincidence!  The Bible is a treasure house of hidden wisdom and in I Corinthians 13:13 it is describing the New World Age! 




DECEMBER 20, 2012





Scott explains the significance of 2012 and why extraterrestrials are here … the benefits of having them land and openly work with us.  He also talks about the conscious mind and how it trips us up.  We are moving from a thinking culture to a feeling culture with access to all knowledge.

It is important to remember as Scott talks about the benefits extraterrestrial technology will provide that “jobs” and money will very soon become obsolete.  In the New Aquarian Age, we will follow our dream and have all the resources to do so.




A New Age is born today

December 21, 2012 by John Smallman



Today is a day of great significance because you are waking up!  No longer will you feel beholden to the power and authority of corrupt organizations that have for so long held you enslaved to their unjust laws and regulations.  The energy that has been flowing strongly from the divine Love field over the last few years to assist your awakening process has intensified over the course of 2012, receiving enormous boosts on 11/11/12, 12/12/12, and with an even greater one today.  This energy is now flowing freely and constantly, and engaging very positively with your own energy fields, and each one of you adds your own signature to it as you wake up and consciously become a part of it.  You and your world will never be the same again, because the New Age has arrived, so REJOICE!

Some of you may still have issues that need your attention, but with the immense increase in the intensity of the effect that the divine field of Love is having on you all, you will find it really quite easy to disentangle yourselves from any remaining unloving attachments or painful emotional baggage that you have not yet fully released.  With your clear intent to do so, and with the loving assistance of your angels and guides, anything within your individual energy fields that is not in alignment with Love will quickly dissolve.  Relax and know that your true intent is instantly achieved.

Life has become for you an experience to cherish and enjoy to the full as the restrictions with which the illusion had enveloped you fall away and reveal to you the freedom that has always been yours, and discloses the myriad opportunities and possibilities available for you to explore with your rediscovered creative talents and abilities.

To interact and engage with others – family, friends, or complete strangers who are no longer and never really have been strangers – will always be harmonious and uplifting for you, now that the egoic competitive urges of divisive personal ambition that used to drive you have fallen away.  Any competitions or games in which you take part will be for the friendly amusement of all involved, and will lead to much spontaneous laughter.  You will do many things just for the fun of doing them, and there will be no background feelings of guilt suggesting that you should not be doing them or that you should be doing something of far greater importance.  Truly nothing is more important than to have fun, no matter what you are doing!

To do things purely for fun will provide for you a delightful, new way to focus on your activities, while at the same time adding immeasurably to the skill with which you engage in them.  Your days of drudgery and exhaustion are over because you have boundless energy with which to take part in life, and because the chores that caused the drudgery and exhaustion no longer fill your days.

A New Age is born today, and as you become accustomed to the sense of well-being and enthusiasm that it sparks, you will open yourselves more and more fully to the joys of living because there will no longer be an anxious but almost unconscious feeling that something will shortly occur to either dampen or destroy the playful feelings that you are experiencing.  Personal safety will not be an issue because there is nothing that could threaten you in any way at all.

You have arrived in the New Age where all that lies before you will deepen your sense of belonging and of joy.  Home is where the heart is, and now that Home and heart are fully at one, peace and utter contentment are eternally yours. Welcome back to the Home for which you have been yearning, and where you recognize yourselves once more as the divine beings that your Father created in eternal Love — to experience uninterrupted happiness.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

[Bold font by Nancy]




December 21, 2012

Nancy B. Detweiler



 Ascension is actually a process, but according to myriad sources, December 21, 2012 marks the zero point.  It is on this day that our planet moves through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy … thus, the day on which all time lines merge into one, taking the planet from darkness into Light.

As we prepare for this momentous occasion, transmuting our auric field is essential.  Negativity cannot enter the 5th dimension.  Thus, the purer our auric field, the more we will be consciously aware of the transformation taking place.

All will eventually ascend … no one will be left behind unless they make the conscious and intentional choice not to ascend.

For those hesitate to commit to Ascension, the gates will remain open for a period of time, during which all will be made aware of their opportunity to ascend and what ascension means for them.

Resources for purifying your auric field are available:

1.  Call to your Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, your Guardian Angel, or another spirit being with whom you have an affinity.  ASK FOR HELP IN PREPARING!  Ascension is a process of moving into Divine Love … any request for help will be immediately answered.  Of course, you must be a willing participant in your ascension!

2.  A pictorial depiction of the Ascension Process may be helpful in understanding what is involved.


3.  The Purple Transmuting Flame is “A Best Friend” and tremendous resource for transmuting all negativity within your auric field.  Remember, you must “let go” … your freewill choice will always be honored.


4.  Celebrate your Ascension by listening to this music, knowing that Archangel Michael was present at this concert in 2012 and that Andre Rieu is channeling Archangel Michael as he introduces the “Hallelujah Chorus.”  Listen to the extraordinary response of the audience … they could sense the presence of Heavenly Beings and rejoiced—even if they were not consciously aware of what they felt.  Allow yourself to feel the Heavenly Beings … know their presence is always with us, but especially during this year of Ascension!


[i]   Painting lifted from:  http://www.flameoflifecentre.com/its-the-dawn-of-a-new-era/

In #4 above,  I’m referencing Archangel Michael on December 19’s The Light Agenda:



You will rediscover the brilliant truth of who you really are

December 19, 2012 by John Smallman



Joyful amazement is shortly to engulf you all!  Relax, trust your Father whose only interest is your eternal happiness, because when you are happy you add immeasurably to His happiness.  Those of you who are thinking: “I’m not happy, so is God unhappy?” just have not understood that their unhappiness is part of the illusion, it is unreal, and so of course God remains happy.  He is always happy. When you awaken, as you will, you will discover that you are indeed happy and always have been, but at present that is a very hard concept for you to grasp.

The suffering, the pain, and the unhappiness that you are experiencing is part of these depressing games that you have been playing.  You have dressed yourselves up in costumes (bodies) that are completely appropriate for the dramatizations that you chose to direct and act in, and you really are excellent directors and actors.  The horrors of torture, killings, war, disease, and natural catastrophes due to weather, earthquakes, etc., are all part of this illusory environment that humanity’s collective intent has built up over the eons.  And you do experience intense pain and suffering within it, which is one of many reasons why you have had enough of the games and want to wake up.

Your decision to wake up is irreversible because so many of you are holding the intent to do so, and you are receiving vast assistance in holding this intent from those in the spiritual realms.  The dire situation of planetary disharmony that seems to have enveloped you, and that seems to have paralyzed or frozen your creative abilities that would lead you out of it, has gone on for more than long enough, your theatrical productions are coming to an end.  If you wish, you can applaud their realism; then it will be time to go Home.

When you wake up, you will joyfully re-establish long-forgotten relationships with untold numbers of like-minded souls who, like you, have been moving progressively forwards towards this moment in which you will rediscover the brilliant truth of who you really are.  You will be flooded with wonder as you experience an environment that is brilliantly alive and brilliantly lighted by the flames of Love that shine forth from all who are present.  The warmth of all-enveloping acceptance and the animated communication it inspires will be quite exhilarating – what a contrast to social get-togethers in the illusion where everyone is sizing up everyone else and seeking to gain improved status and personal advantage!

You are all one, and you will soon know this fact in the same way that you presently know your skin and its contents to be you.  There are no boundaries as you mix and mingle with one another in your divine Home, enjoying perfect peace and loving harmony.  You will find yourselves communicating, creating, and cooperating in the vast and infinite God-field that contains all that exists and is yet expanding constantly to include every new creation that you devise and introduce.

To be alive, to exist is an ecstatic joy that is utterly beyond the powers of your present, very limited imaginations to conceive of in any meaningful way.  What your Father has created, what you have created with Him, and what you will continue to create together will provide limitless inspiration and amusement as you explore the infinite possibilities that Reality offers for your eternal and infinite satisfaction.

Boredom, an amazing and incomprehensible concept birthed in the illusion, will most certainly never ever again be experienced, as you proceed with joy to expand your fields of knowledge in unimaginable directions.  You have an expression you use when things are going well for you: “Life is a breeze!”  In Reality life will be like an endless multitude of perfect storms that are you, and that you direct with tireless enthusiasm, experiencing the power and wonder of your own existence through the constant interplay of all their magnificent elements.  In truth, no more boredom, depression, or lack of motivation, but instead a constant, ongoing series of uplifting events orchestrated for the joy of all involved.  Could you possibly ask for anything more?  And if you do think of something to add to the constellation of delights that you are already enjoying, then you will be able to produce it instantly.

Your eternal happiness is God’s Will, and it will be achieved in every moment of your existence!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled b y John Smallman





No one will be able to remain unaware of what is being offered to them

12/19/2012 by John Smallman


Humanity will enter into a state of unexpected peace and contentment, turning to amazement and exhilaration as it awakens into the New Age which is almost upon you.  There will be no disappointments for those who have been waiting hopefully and expectantly as they have held the Light and the intent to bring it into being. God always honors his promises most magnificently, and in Reality — His heavenly Domain — joy can only grow and intensify.  Hold to your faith and trust in Him during these last few moments before Heaven on Earth is delivered.

Heaven on Earth is something that people have been hoping and praying for for eons, and some of them, just a few, have experienced a brief and enticing sense of what that means when in deep meditative states of prayer or contemplation. Humanity’s interest in things of a spiritual nature has grown enormously over the last few decades, largely due to the ongoing encouragement of many who returned to the earth plane purely to be here and help you all to raise your awareness of your spiritual nature at this point in your evolution.  Those interests, along with the time spent in prayer and meditation to which they led, have brought about an opening in your collective minds and hearts leading to acceptance of and a strong desire for spiritual knowledge of an order never seen before among humans.

In bygone ages there was much superstition, and those with well-developed intellects often preyed on those superstitions to manipulate the uneducated and impoverished by claiming to have direct access to God or the saints and even the power to influence them.  With the growth of science and education across the world there are now far too many well-informed and intelligent people among you for those who would control you – by attempting to place the fear of God within you – to be able to continue their manipulative practices and frighten you into submission.

Much essential questioning of basic religious dogmas has been taking place during the last sixty or seventy years that has exposed their false aspects and the frequently dishonorable intentions of the proselytizers who uphold them – however, all religions and spiritual organizations do have some truth to offer. Previously, and for eons, the leaders or patriarchs of religions and spiritual organizations have sought temporal power over the populace by claiming to offer a path to paradise to those who would serve them and their interests with unquestioning obedience.  And, of course, the same attitude prevails in some of them today, as well as in the military where the dogma is patriotism and love of country.

Dogma and unquestioning obedience have caused, and continue to cause, much suffering and damage across the world.  However the growth in true spiritual awareness of an educated populace is causing the foundations of all those manipulative and controlling organizations to crumble, and their rulers, leaders, presidents – whatever you like to call them – will not be able to sustain or maintain their dishonorable empires for very much longer.  They have absolutely no place or reason for being in the coming New Age.

You are, as you well know, spiritual beings having a bodily experience, but for a long time you have focused most of your attention on those physical bodies and the environment they occupy while paying very little attention to your true spiritual nature, even though it is by far the most important and significant aspect of your beingness.  That is changing very rapidly indeed now because the energies contained within and communicated to you from the field of divine Love enveloping you all are intensifying daily to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to awaken presented to them clearly and succinctly in a way that is quite unmistakable to that individual.  No one will be lost, forgotten, or able to remain unaware of what is being offered to them, nor of how magnificent that offer is.  God takes the greatest care of His own, and you are all His own!

As the countdown to your awakening continues, focus on being lovingly aware of the true nature hidden within the physical bodies of all those with whom you meet and interact.  The awakening is for everyone, because all are divine spiritual beings have a temporary physical experience which is coming to an end as you prepare to return to your heavenly Home.

With so very much love, Saul.

Channeled by John Smallman

[i]   Painting lifted from:  http://earthengirl.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/sacred-earth-ascending/  Painting added by Nancy,



The-Light-Agenda-Logo DECEMBER 19, 2012



Archangel Michael - 2

What a fascinating show!  Archangel Michael tells us about his life and his family.  He tells us of rescuing Archangel Lucifer, who lost his way.  He explains more about December 21, encouraging all to relax and if possible, to be in our home so we can lie down during the peak of energy influx.  For those who cannot be at home, the angelic host will be available to help you. 

To end the show, Archangel Michael chose the “Hallelujah Chorus,” conducted by Andre Rieu.  As you listen to the music, remember Archangel Michael choose this joyful music for YOU—two days before the Ascension of Gaia and all her inhabitants who so choose to ascend with her.  Listen to Rieu’s introduction … he is channeling Archangel Michael as he speaks to the people of the world.  Know that the Archangels, angelic host, Ascended Masters, and our Galactic Family sing with the choir in celebration of Gaia and our Ascension!






SALUSA  19-December-2012


You are receiving many different opinions as to the significance of the 21st. December alignment. One thing is certain however, you will all experience the frequency change to a greater or lesser degree. It cannot pass without affecting you, but those who are anticipating it and taking part in it will have the greater awareness. The long term effects will show that many changes took place, but that it took time for these to surface. What should be evident is that the mass human consciousness received a great boost of energy, resulting in an expanded vision of the future. Also, that with it has come the realization that creation is the result of your projections, of your desires and intentions. With more Light than ever before having been grounded upon Earth, you need to be positive and careful where you focus your thoughts.

You will soon experience a heightened awareness by noting changes around you. They may be subtle but there will be a sense of relief and a happier mood of expression, with more people than usual. It will also be apparent by a more outgoing approach to life, and friendliness, and notice that a new calmness exists, and less stressful situations encountered. In other words a new peace has settled upon Earth that will bring an end to chaos, conflict and wars. You have set the stage and we will help you achieve your dreams, as so much needs changing to bring you into the New Age. You are now at the beginning of a wonderful time of satisfaction and happiness.

We know that you will be focusing upon how you should prepare for what is coming, and you know that it is beneficial to be settled in your mind, and on the day if possible find a place where you can be in peace and completely relax. The energies will peak at 11.11am but continue afterwards and you may register these for quite some time. Again as with 12.12. your immediate impression is likely to be your most powerful, but take note of your changes in the days following. All told it would be surprising if you felt nothing at all, but that could arise from being unable to determine what is normal, or the result of the alignment. Do not doubt your feelings as you are far more sensitive to changes than you give yourself credit for.

Dear Ones, these end times are what you have been waiting for, and they will not disappoint you. Knowing that duality is at an end will lift you into another dimension, and enable you to cast away your links to the lower vibrations. You will move from lives of uncertainty, problems and stress, to one of great happiness and a joyous future of peace and contentment. It cannot be held back, and those who were part of the Illuminati will no longer have any power to do so, or influence the outcome.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will be watching your progress very intently. We want you to have your experiences without any further influence from us for the time being. The Galactic Federation are so pleased with your victory for the Light, and wish you every enjoyment in the immediate days.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.


[Bold font by Nancy]