David has added two July 1, 2012 updates at the end of his article entitled “The ‘Green Light’  Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”  These updates reveal the high price insider informers and whistleblowers are paying to free the inhabitants of Planet Earth from the insidious control of the dark cabal.  It is not pleasant reading, but it is truth.  We all need to be very thankful that these extremely courageous people are working to free us all.  Those still sitting on the fence need to jump down onto the side on the Light and True Freedom. 

Please hold all insider informers and whistleblowers in prayer, in Light, in Love.  Once we know true freedom, we will owe thanks not only to God, but to these brave souls and our galactic family.

The Divine Plan is that Planet Earth—and all those inhabitants who so desire—ascend to higher realms of consciousness by the end of 2012.  Ascension will take place, but for now there is a battle going on between the Light and dark.  Today is the time for everyone to make a choice:  To assist the Light or to assist the dark.  Not making a decision—sitting on the fence—is a choice to help the dark continue its enslavement of humanity.

You will need to scroll down the article to the updates of July 1, 2012.


David Wilcock’s Interview with Benjamin Fulford – A Must Read!

David Wilcock’s Interview of Benjamin Fulford

Washington Monument

This interview is packed with information we all need to know—information concerning the behind-the-scenes activities on our planet that have tremendous impact upon our daily lives.  Learning the truth before it bursts forth on the world scene gives you an opportunity to adjust to the fact that life has not been as it appeared.


I encourage all to read this interview in its entirety so that you will, in small measure, be prepared as the truth is revealed to the public.  David inserts thoughts of his own, so be sure you read to the end of the interview.  Every sentence is packed with information that impacts our lives.


David provides the means to listen to the interview as well.  However, reading it allows you to re-read some statements and study it more closely.  As unbelievable as the first reading of this interview may be, I cannot imagine the situation in which you will regret doing so.  Knowing ahead of time empowers you!  Many will have the rug pulled completely out from under them and need your help in dealing with so much truth being revealed at one time.