The Economic Reset is Working – X22 Report – June 17, 2019

Kp Note 6-17-19… “Related to Benjamin Fulford’s last post” (and Archangel Michael)

NOTE BY NANCY:  I am reblogging KP’s blog because it seems the message that President Trump is fulfilling his role in the Divine Plan by being the one who is draining the swamp, or as KP describes it, protecting those elements of our society whose voices are not as easily heard–farmers, for example, is an important one for this point in time.

Today, after listening to an interview of 2020 presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson, I wrote basically the same message that President Trump is playing a vital role in the overall Plan.  Once the swamp is drained, then we will be free to create a conscious or spiritual government that abides by the ideals set forth in our Declaration of Independence:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….”  There are presently many in the swamp who will do anything–including destroying countries, killing eyewitnesses and whistle blowers–in order to maintain power over the people.

Although I agree with much that Marianne says in her books and interviews and would rejoice to have a Spiritual Government, I firmly believe that  we first need President Trump to fulfill his role.  As long as we reside on the 3rd dimension of consciousness, humanity needs leaders who will fight for us and not submit to the demands of those who have enslaved us and deliberately kept the people in ignorance of their corrupt techniques of control.

Listening to Marianne Williamson, my mind jumped to a higher level of consciousness beyond political party lines and imagined humanity’s potential to work together on governing the nations of the planet, compromising without competition, to get the job done of implementing the inalienable rights of all.  Idealism arose for a moment, then practicality took over.   I imagined Marianne and Trump as 2020 running mates for a moment.  Then the excuses took over………..

We need the transitional stage in which we presently exist and we need President Trump to fulfill his role as a vital part of the Divine Plan.  It takes time to integrate new ideals … the OLD must pass away to make room for the NEW.

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On the latest BF Kp blog post, I left this update:

“In the full article, Benjamin’s sources implies Trump is a Zionist, has Rothschild “stooges”, and Ben implies that the term “schoolyard bully” applies to him. The challenge with President DJT is that he has to play on many levels at once. I have no doubt that he is a master at this, particularly in light of the SerialBrain2 decodes. We shall see how this all plays out. And that is also why I recommend keeping all involved in this grand world play, “In the Light”.”

So, as I looked through my “senses” (the Higher Ones… my Higher Ones… aka “my Higher Discernment Ones) about all this, I was seeing that this all kind of relates…

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