Q – The Plan to Save the World (Remastered)

NOTE BY NANCY:  Folks, I challenge you to listen to this video and ask yourself:  “Who profits from the Plan–the people OR the Deep State?”  The words CONSPIRACY THEORY became popularized in most of our lifetimes.  I tend to date it with the beginning of Americans waking up and realizing that we were being sinisterly controlled.  Those who attempted to inform the people of the ways in which they were being controlled were often dismissed as “promoting conspiracy theories.”

What many failed/are failing to do is to stop buying into the description “conspiracy” long enough to research on their own and ask themselves:  “who profits?”

If the people could profit by gaining their freedom from control of the Deep State, the words CONSPIRACY THEORY were applied, sometimes out of well-meaning but ignorant intentions.  Many came to consider it a sign of intelligence to reply to truths of which they were unaware by calling them a “conspiracy theory.”  Just look at the comments on YouTube.  We now know that many “shrills,” as they came to be called, are paid by Deep State members to cast doubt on the Truths being exposed.

Many have responded to learning about the Plan as “just a Conspiracy Theory.”  I read about a Plan, devised by those who wanted to correct our nation’s problems, decades ago.  We are presently living during the implementation of this Plan–a Plan that was and still is very carefully planned (often called military planning.  Q was established as a means to keep the people informed regarding the unfolding of this Plan and done in such a way that people would need to do their own research and thereby learn the Truth for themselves.  Those who simply listen to others and follow them can be easily controlled via ignorance of the Truth (the motivation behind using such words as Conspiracy Theory.

This video reveals many of the ways in which the people have been manipulated and controlled.  Do your own research and discover what is true; don’t simply dismiss it as a conspiracy theory supporting President Trump or a certain political stance.  It’s your future and that of your family and country!

Hatred clouds the vision to the point where we cannot perceive the truth.