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Every decade for the past 100 years, American scientists have invented new ways to fuel the chronic SICK CARE industry Sunday, June 23, 2019 by: S.D. Wells

“Do you really want to know why America is the land of cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, and dementia, when most other developed country’s statistics for those preventable diseases pale in comparison? You can save yourself and your family from these nightmare blood and cell “disorders” starting today, well that is, if you only know the hidden history, because somewhere in there lives the “medicine” of longevity, and it all comes from nature, not a laboratory.

Scroll back 100 years and you can finally fathom where the poisonous medicine “took root” in this country. Where evil business tycoons rolled their small fortunes into destroying natural medicine and installing “allopathic” laboratory concoctions that fuel sicknesses while alleviating the symptoms and signs all the while….”

READ MORE: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-06-23-american-scientists-invent-new-ways-to-fuel-the-chronic-sick-care-industry.html

Help for the Palestinians and the boarder Middle East

In 1993, our seminary group spent two weeks in Israel … one week in a Jewish hotel and one week in a Palestinian hotel. Our goal was to listen to their stories and better understand the Middle East. Even though the following photos were made in 1993, they continue to reflect the historical story of Jews and Palestinians in Israel. I pray that the situation is better now; but I have my doubts.

A Jewish settlement on the occupied territory of the West Bank.
A barricaded Palestinian neighborhood on the West Bank

Israeli soldiers on top of Palestinian home in the West Bank

Thankfully, in 2019, a helping hand is being extended!

PEACE TO PROSPERITY : President Trump’s Economic Vision for the Palestinian People and the boarder Middle East.

Battle for Disclosure: The Ultimate QAnon Brief

An excellent summary of Q and its purpose!

Who is Jordan Sather? https://www.jordansather.com/about

Excerpt from June 21, 2019 RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT

All upcoming gold-standard currencies are linked to the dormant Quantum Financial System (QFS).
Once the QFS is officially implemented, it will mark the end central banking and the fiat financial system.
All transactions under the QFS will be monitored which will eradicate all currency-related criminal activities.
Remember, the Deep State Cabal made their fortune by siphoning off of the public and manipulating the global financial system through money laundering, shady backroom dealings, and much more.
This is what happens when criminals get into positions of power.
This will never happen again under the QFS.
We are witnessing the beginning of a global unprecedented economical transition.
Source: Operation Disclosure


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