Happy Thanksgiving 2018 and Beyond. by Gerald O’Donnell | Nov 23, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018 and


“It is in the act of permanent gratitude that we start noticing all the positive gifts that are constantly, freely and indiscriminately, showered upon us by the living manifestation of the Feminine expression of our Creator: Mother nature and Her Infinite intelligence and Divine Grace….

….  “Much of what you are witnessing now is but a reinforcement and an increase in the forces and beliefs systems which have been born out of the fear of lack, the fear of controlling too little men and material resources. Most of these thoughtform groupings are getting more and more entrenched in their battle for their truth, their system, and you will notice that ALL of their systems are focused on the past – on what has already been proven to be unworkable.

This is the time of the final clash between separation and unity, gifted to us, so that we never again repeat history and go back to these unworkable patterns.”

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