More Intel on The ‘NEW’ QFS – Quantum Financial System (Banking)

NOTE BY NANCY:  I have to admit this blows my mind, but that’s very likely to happen many times as Earth moves to the 5th dimension and is confronted with the very advanced technology of the Galactic Community.  We will learn more as time goes by; in fact, it is to be the New Economic System for the USA and the rest of the planet.  Our present very corrupt economic system is being collapsed in order to make room for this much more advanced, impossible to corrupt system.

More Intel on The ‘NEW’ QFS – Quantum

Financial System (Banking)


“Many speak of a quantum system for them people. I agree, it is. By definition in the parts of the world most consider “unknown” a Quantum System (true Quantum) can span dimensions, draws from past time and future yet to come based on it’s ability to “map” through time. It reads brainwaves, knows intention is locked by DNA (Living DNA) sequencing of the individual. Not one individual, but all. Your “wealth” within it is coded to DNA of the individual. In the case of Nations it is RNA of the original source of said asset. It can not go anywhere else. This is for security and safety of our human family. The way it is programmed it is not possible for “the elite” to steal wealth from another person nor another nation any longer….”