Important Update: Military Arrests? Followed by Financial Reset

NOTE BY NANCY:  I have felt since the beginning of news about Hurricane Florence that it was another HAARP weather controlled/created by the cabal event to prevent the mass arrests.  As of last night (9/10), the hurricane was headed straight to Washington, D.C.  This would postponed the arrests.  As of this afternoon (9/11), the hurricane’s direction has shifted and is now predicted to go no further North than North Carolina.  My Intuitive hunch is that shift in direction holds more significance than we might think.  I wondered aloud yesterday on facebook:  “If the cabal can use HAARP to create a hurricane, why can not our military use HAARP to lessen the impact of Florence?”  (WHAT IS HAARP?

Does the Hurricane’s shift in direction tell the cabal who is in charge?  I think it is a possibility.

Important Update: Military Arrests?
Followed by Financial Reset

Sent to me by a trusted friend, who may be calling herself “Z.” 

“Last week I wrote about the prospects for a financial reset. This week it looks like we have an even bigger situation developing. It now appears we’re about to see military arrests of potentially thousands of people this month. This could create a very chaotic situation and the reports I have read suggest that everyone should have at least two weeks of supplies on hand.

For the past two years I’ve been preparing you for what appears to be the American Revolution 2.0. This has been shown by the cycles, as well as the obvious battles we see in the fake news. This seems to be a battle between the Deep State (cabal, illuminati, elite, globalists) and Trump. However, it’s actually a battle between the Deep State and the Constitution. I’m providing an overview of this serious situation in this update. However, I encourage you to read this report from David Wilcock, which put together more of the puzzle pieces than I have. It’s lengthy, so I’m giving you a short summary of some of it.(The link is to Part three, which is the current news. Parts one and two have historical information.)

Here’s my summary of the pieces:

1. I mentioned recently that Trump declared September to be National Preparedness Month. While September has been named National Preparedness Month before, it’s the ONLY time that this occurred when the country is in the midst of a National Emergency. Trump declared a National Emergency on December 21, 2018. You can read this for yourself in the third paragraph of this Executive Order. Why is this important? It means that the entire military, and all law enforcement can be utilized to resolve this emergency,including arresting civilians. As far as I can tell, the arrests will center around human abuse, human trafficking, sex slavery, satanic rituals where people and children are killed, plus financial corruption that could bring down the financial system, and any other corruptions that are treasonous against the United States (Uranium One is an example).

2. There are now 51,701 sealed indictments in all the federal districts of the United States. This number of sealed indictments occurred since late last October. A normal amount is around 1000 or so per year. The PACER system (Public Access Court Electronic Reports) shows this information, but most of us don’t have access to that. A good web site that shows this information is here. Of course we don’t know who was indicted and whether they will all be arrested at once.

3. Military tribunals are expected to process a lot of this. There was another White House document, 2018 Amendments to Manual on Courts- Martial on March 1, 2018, which apparently doesn’t show the addendums to it. Dave Janda reads a portion of this, which must be in one of the addendums to it, in this USA Watchdog video on September 9: . Look at 32:58 where he starts reading about these amendments! It definitely sounds like they are preparing for military tribunals.

Also note that Brett Kavanaugh was questioned about military law by Lindsey Graham during the hearings, something that’s never been done for a potential Supreme Court judge before. You can watch it here in the Second Day of the Kavanaugh Hearings video between 3:02:30 and 3:04. This was a definite heads up to anyone involved in these activities that the military could arrest them. In the first ten minutes of the video above it, Simon Parkes (in the UK with plenty of intelligence information) gives his perspective about this situation.

4.  In previous emails, I mentioned Q, which is a public information dissemination service that’s desperately being dismissed as conspiracy theorists by the fake news. However, Q has proven to be very accurate and very well connected to Trump. Q provides information and clues about coming events that prove to be true. There have been numerousconfirmations that Q is legit, and every debunking of Q has been debunked itself. You can read Q postings at If you have not read Q posts, I encourage you to watch this video first, What is Qanon and the Great Awakening?

5. On August 30th, Q posted a series of posts about the CIA “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” computer systems being taken offline. Q also posted about several Corona satellites being taken offline. A “Big Bird” satellite was also taken offline. Apparently these were spy and communication satellites. In addition, another posting suggested that the British Intelligence connections to the NSA were terminated (GCHQ Bude). A copy of these posts are in David Wilcock’s report. Or you can read them on the above Q link (August 30th). Basically this means the CIA and NSA cannot track whatever is going down now. At least that’s how I understand it, which may not be completely accurate. According to sources, the CIA and NSA are terrified. There’s more about this in Wilcock’s report.

6. David Wilcock verified this same story (CIA computers offline and satellites not functioning) via other sources. David’s sources say they are still not functioning. He also says his sources stated that the satellites were not shot down or destroyed. Instead they were made invisible and non-functioning with an advanced technology. Hmm, a cloaking device perhaps? In any case, this suggests something BIG is about to occur.

7.  An early posting of Q said that the National Emergency Broadcasting System would be activated at the time of the arrests to avoid using any of the fake news. A recent posting on Q said that the National Emergency Broadcasting System is scheduled for a test (or maybe a “real test”?) on September 20th. The posting shows “Presidential Alert”. Soarrests are expected to commence on September 20th. Of course this date may not be accurate, but it could be a good tip that it will occur this month. If you have not signed up for emergency alerts on your cell phone, this would be a good time to do that.

8. September 20th is only two days after the final Mars square Uranus peak, a cycle associated with volatile and explosive energies. Those energies are in play the entire month of September and the early part of October. They are particularly intense the entire week of September 17th. If we are going to have arrests this year, this is the time when it would most likely occur.

9. Shortly after the arrests, the Financial Reset is expected to occur. Wilcock says his sources say that we’ll have a gold-backed dollar. That’s the best possible scenario. Anything else could mean we’d lose 25-30% of the purchasing power of our dollar. So hopefully this intel is accurate and the dollar will be saved! Wilcock says he was told that a person very high up in the Financial Reset liked his work, so David asked to speak with this person. The guy involved in the Financial Reset (for over 30 years) refused for several reasons, but sent Wilcock this message: Tell him the coming change defies all imagination. We are living through history.

10. MOST important: Wilcock’s sources say that everyone should have a MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS of supplies on hand PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER 20TH: food, water, medications, pet supplies, gas in your car, cash, whatever you use regularly (TP?). Apparently the arrests could create a lot of chaos. Q asks everyone to stay calm, alert, and pray. At least you know what’s happening. Help others who don’t know.

11. David Wilcock mentions near the end of this blog that UFO disclosure appears to be very soon after all of this occurs. My best guess, based on the cycles: early February 2019 when Mars conjuncts Uranus in the sign of Aries for the last time in at least 84 years. That will release a lot of technologies from the Secret Space Program, which will change our lives on Earth in very big ways.

While I’m sure that some of you are horrified by the prospects of this situation, what you are about to witness is a Rule of Law Reset, followed by the Financial Reset. A powerful group of people have been committing heinous crimes against humanity for many years. Imagine the US is a very sick patient with cancer (an accurate metaphor). Then imagine a group of very skilled doctors taking out the cancer and healing the patient. This is what’s going on with these arrests and the Financial Reset.

Could this happen later? Yes indeed. Notice that Hurricane Florence is headed right for DC and the area where many arrests are expected to take place. A delay tactic? Possibly. Weather modification has been done for many years. Whatever the source of that hurricane, it may delay the actual arrests. We’ll see! As I understand it, the arrests must occur before the Financial Reset can happen.

In the meantime, I encourage you to have at least two weeks of supplies on hand as soon as possible, and preferably before September 20th. Also maintain your situational awareness. Be calm, and notice what’s happening around you. Read David Wilcock’s blog at”


Me & The Bug That Could Fly Thru A Storm Window!

Me & The Bug That Could Fly Thru A Storm Window!

By Nancy Detweiler

A couple of weeks ago I had my property sprayed for pests.  The crew member told me that the spraying may cause some pests to come out from hiding.  He also told me a couple of neighbors told him that some insect had bitten their child and made him sick.   There seemed to be an unknown enemy in our neighborhood.

Because bugs like to chew on me, I took his statement to heart.  I had already decided that if “liking bugs” was required for ascension, I’d have to come back another time and learn how.

Several days ago, I saw what I thought was about a 3 inch-in-diameter bug in one of my windows.  It was between the window pane and the storm window.  I could see no way it had managed to get inside the window and the size of it kinda unnerved me.  Just recently, Julia was here and went to bed before I did.  Around 1 or 2 AM, she got up and asked, “Mom, why are you vacuuming your room in the middle of the night?”

“A bug was flying around in here and by the time I got the fly swatter, it had settled down and I couldn’t find it.  I’m vacuuming hoping it will fly and I can swat it.”  (I was imagining it finding a cozy spot on my bed and chewing on me while I slept.)

“I could hear you snoring, so thought I was not bothering you.”


Well, several days later, I saw the largest bug I have ever seen in one of the guest room windows.  Just seeing it did a number on me!

I called Pest Solutions and explained my situation.  I had never seen such a huge bug! They asked me to describe it.  The only way I could describe it was to tell them what it looked like to me.  I said, “I know this sounds crazy, but it looks like a “flat frog.”  Since August is their busiest month, I had to wait several days before anyone could come see what it was.

That unnerved me because I had watched it hunting for a way out.  It would feel around with its frog-like feet.  While I watched it one day, it seemed to look at me and I felt a sweet energy.  Then one day, soon after I had watched a video of a mermaid swimming, it spread out more and seemed to swim thru the air like a mermaid swims thru water.

“OMG, it has wings!  What if it does figure out how to get inside my home???!!!”  That thought gave me the willies!  When I was a child, one of Grandma Sally’s roosters flew into the air, then swooped downward, and landed on my shoulder!  Ever since then, anything flying close to me deprives me of courage.

Soon afterwards, on one of my many inspection trips to see what the flat frog was doing, it had given up on the storm window and was trying to find an opening around one the window panes that opened into my home.

Meanwhile, it had taken on some supernatural power in my mind–it seemingly could fly thru glass!  After all, one morning I checked and it was gone.  I hurriedly cleaned the window and walked across the hall to rinse out my sponge.  When I returned, it was back in the window.  Once more, it had somehow gotten back in.  “Why did it want back in?” I wondered.

With a sense of relief, I remembered the pests solutions man would be here the next day.  I had reached the point of nightmares over that flat frog bug managing to get out of the window … finding my bed … and chewing away on me while I slept.  Thankfully, my unwelcome guest would be gone tomorrow!

The next morning, a VERY WELCOME GUEST rang my doorbell!  With a smile, he introduced himself, “I’m here on a mission to do something about a flat frog!”  Now that help stood in front of me, I could joke too, “Come, I’ll show it to you!”

Upstairs, he took one look at the flat frog … looked at me with a huge smile and laughingly said, “That’s a bat!”

I had never seen a bat close up while not in flight; but knowing what it was gave me little comfort!  It could have been flying around my house and ME, with no way to get rid of it!  Just thinking about it caused the willies to return!

Dennis—that was the pests solutions man’s name—kindly tried to figure out how the bat got inside my window, even checked the outside too.  He decided I must have absentmindly left the window open long enough for it to enter.

But, that still didn’t explain how it got back inside the morning I found it gone and cleaned the securely closed storm window, hoping the ordeal was over … only to find it back inside the window when I returned a minute later from rinsing out my sponge.


That did it!  This supernatural flat frog was determined it had found a new home!  That’s when I called Pests Solutions again, begging them to send someone to get rid of this pest!

Dennis came a few days later.

The flat frog is gone; but its supernatural feat of flying thru the storm window remains an unsolved mystery!