Praying and Working to End Famine

Praying and Working to End Famine

Praying and Working to End Famine
“The Horn of Africa is facing its third consecutive year of drought causing thirst and hunger, decimating livestock, destroying livelihoods, spreading disease and triggering large scale population movements.”  There is an almost unimaginable amount of misery contained in this statement from Week of Compassion disaster relief partner, ACT Alliance. Beneath this broad description is a daily struggle to survive by millions of people in what continues to be one of the most under-reported stories of our time.

The horror of this situation is real.

Those who would like to help by donating can do so at:


Nova Gaia foundations flow into view


Nova Gaia foundations flow into view.

Planetary elements are secured for Hue-manity.

Excessives are banished.

The Light Crystal Kingdom arises.

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