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This Book & Gift Store is created to offer easy access to items that we believe will assist in holistic growth as humanity and our planet moves toward ascending to a higher level of conscious awareness regarding the cosmic community in which we live.This is a Family Book & Gift Store, although not the usual Family. This family consists of Dr. Kay Johnson-Gentile, Dr. Scarlett Heinbuch, & Nancy Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.

….  Finally, Scarlett and I went to New York to meet Kay. We almost immediately realized that we had been a family in the prior lifetime when Kay and I were Twin Sisters and Scarlett had been our Mother. We lived in London, England.





NOTE BY NANCY:   The facts stated in this video do not truly penetrate parents’ psyche until we hear a true personal story.  Instead, the horror of harming a child for sexual satisfaction is beyond many persons’ ability to conceive.   Sadly, it is only in the last few decades that the average person even knew such horror existed.   It was hidden and not talked about.

We certainly did not comprehend the damage done to the children.   With no voice, the children have suffered alone .  For this reason, I would like to recommend that  PARENTS read a true story of one who was sexually abused from age 3 to age 10 by a family friend.   Her young parents had no idea what was going on because abusers will convince the child that the repercussions of telling their parents will not be pleasant for the child.   The abuse ceased only when the family moved out of state.   PARENTS need to read such accounts so they can be more alert to what is happening with their children.

I would like to encourage every PARENT  read this true story:  THROUGH TEARS & SUGAR CUBES.   L.G. Gibson is a licensed and ordained minister with over thirty-five years of experience. As a survivor of sexual abuse herself, she has spent countless hours focusing her efforts on helping others heal from the trauma of abuse as a teacher, faith-based mentor, crisis intervention counselor, public speaker, and a missionary to seven countries. She is currently raising her ninth child [including a child from Haiti, plus assisting with grandchildren] and was a foster parent of four additional children. She resides in North Carolina with her husband, Russell.  She is also a life-long friend of my sister and I feel very confident in recommending this book.  It may be purchased at:

I am hoping PARENTS will listen to this video and read the book in order to help them comprehend the damage being done to children worldwide, so that they know to be vigilant in observing their children’s overt and covert behavior.    The child may be suffering in silence in order to, in some way, to protect the parents and/or self–as is the case in this story.



Quotes from Brian & Amy Weiss in their book, MIRACLES HAPPEN:  The

Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories

(compiled and shared by Nancy B. Detweiler, M. Ed., M. Div.)

I am using this material in accordance with the Fair Use of Copyrighted Material Law for educational purposes and receive no remuneration for it.

I had graduated from a university and become a social worker before I discovered (or even heard of) REINCARNATION.  59 years later, I still feel sad when I think of the extent of deprivation that the Church perpetuated on humanity when it forbade a belief in and the teaching of Reincarnation.  Because I know many still do not understand the value in knowing they have reincarnated many times on Earth and/or other planets, I would like to share with you some of the valuable quotes in this book.  We are, in fact, a culmination of all our lifetimes.  Understanding this fact can result in tremendous healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.   Dr. Weiss and his daughter Amy (also a therapist) use past life regressions to assist clients in recalling their previous incarnations and understanding how they are influencing the present one.  I KNOW from having been regressed that my past lives have influenced this entire incarnation in a variety of ways.  I KNOW the information in these quotes is true; that is why I feel so very sad that the whole of humanity has not had access to past life regressions.  Self-understanding is impossible without this knowledge.

I share these quotes because by reading them, you are very likely to gain an enhanced sense of WHO YOU REALLY ARE!  Quotes are stating lessons learned during individual regressions.

In case you are wondering, “Is this biblical?” you can read my article “Reincarnation In the Bible” at:

In case you are wondering, “where does Hell fit in?” you can read my article “Hell = Jerusalem’s Garbage Dump” and listen to John Shelby Spong, retired Episcopal bishop, “‘Hell’ as an invention of the church” at



(I will add to the Quotes as I re-read the entire book, so you’ll need to check back periodically on this blog until I post THE END.)


“The author Paolo Coelho writes: ‘Life is the train, not the station.’  On our soul’s journey home to a state of infinite love and wisdom, a journey filled with mystery and miracles, we rest, recuperate, and reflect at the stations, in between lifetimes, until it is time to board again; another train, another body.  There is only one home and eventually we will all return there, sooner or later.  It is a place of bliss.”  (page 5)

“…the spiritual world interpenetrates and enriches our physical world at all times.”  (page 5)

“Helping others to heal, to understand, and to progress along their spiritual path is the soul’s noblest duty.”  (page 5)

“The deeper mind discovers new possibilities of physical and emotional healing.  A comprehension or our higher nature—that we are the soul, not the body or the brain—leads to profound shifts in our core values and aspirations.  And then the most important transformation of all begins.  Our consciousness awakens, opens its divine but dormant eyes, and discerns its spiritual path.”  (page 6)

“At that moment of awakening, when we discover our inherent nature as eternal beings, doubt disappears.  …fear is permanently transmuted into inner peace, despair into hope, sadness into joy, hate into love.  At the level of the soul, anything can happen.”  (page 6)

“A link to an incredibly wise and loving cosmic process is established and gradually strengthened.”  (Page 6)

“The concepts of reincarnation and past-life regression demonstrate the reality and essence of our higher self and our higher purpose.”  (page 6)

“Reincarnation is a doorway into an expanded consciousness and incredibly rich vistas of spiritual knowledge and wisdom.”  (page 7)


“The great teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn taught me a meditation of a mountain … it helps me to understand how to stay grounded.

Picture a beautiful mountain ….   As you look at it, you can see that it has an inner core of constant peace and constant temperature, so that no matter what happens outside, the inside remains unchanged….  the seasons come and go….  Yet the inner core, the beautiful deep space within the mountain, is unaffected by any of the changing seasons.

We are like the mountain.  We do not have to let outside events rob us of our joy and harmony,  no matter how strongly the storms rage, no matter how loudly the winds howl.  We all have that inner core of calm and quiet.  It is there whenever we want or need it.  By going inward, we can access its powerful healing presence.  The mountain, inside, is perfect–and so are we.”  (pages 14-15)

“No matter what people say about us, no matter what criticisms of judgments they may offer up and call mirrors, we are already ideal and divine.  We do not have to be affected by their opinions ….  In that sense, we are solid and grounded in the earth like the mountain.  We know, deep within our hearts, that we are the perfect essence of a spiritual being.  The words of others cannot rob us of our inner peace and joy unless we give them the power to do so.” (page 15)

[We can use this meditation  to remind us that] “our magnificence and nobility [is] just like the beautiful mountain.  Although we have merely forgotten this, we are already perfect.  We have always been so.” (page 15)

Dr. Weiss and Amy, use the stories of their clients’ regression experiences to teach us.  Jeannette’s experience:  “The earth is like a one-room schoolhouse in which students of different grade levels are assembled together ….  Students of all nationalities and all races attend this school–every human does.  All are on the path toward a spiritual graduation.” (page 18)

“Our education continues on the other side ….  In those higher realms, we do not learn through bodily sensations or emotions or relationships or illness.  There, our studies are more abstract and conceptual.  We discover the advanced dimensions that exist beyond our human awareness, and we begin to unlock their many mysteries.  There, we see and feel the sublime manifestations of what on Earth appears to be solid and material, and we acquire an understanding of these absolute energies at their most elevated vibration.  …. it is learning at a higher octave.  Even though these lessons are the graduate-level courses, they are still part of our soul’s curriculum.  Our knowledge is always expanding.

Joe [who is in spirit] tells Jeannette that he has incurred a debt for taking his own life …  His consciousness, of course, was not hurt or damaged, but without a body it cannot do its work on the earth plane….  Joe’s soul must wait for its next incarnation to continue its spiritual journey on the earth.  But it not punished with eternal damnation or obliteration.  Karma if for learning, not for punishment.  And so Joe is assigned to work with the spirits of people who have died from AIDS….

While working with the souls of the victims of AIDS, Joe was not in pain or distress.  He was filled with unconditional love.   He was, in a sense, earning his wings, like an angelic being.  He was erasing his karmic debts.  If Joe, with all his debts and flaws, could make the transition from human to angel,  then we all can.  For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.” (pages18-19)


“If we do not follow our intuition we create obstacles and opposition, and oftentimes this can be dangerous.  But if we follow our heart, we flow with the process, we do not force or block….  Spiritual beings strive to understand and flow with the process, not struggle against it….  When in doubt, choose from the heart, not from the head.”  (pages 12-13)

“We have lived before alongside many of the people with whom we live now.  Our souls have reincarnated together.  When a situation occurs that reminds us of a past-life trauma, the seeds of our suffering are watered and our anxieties bloom.  We fear what has already happened because we have the forgotten the past.  We mistakenly believe that the traumatic event will happen in the present or in the future.

Whenever I encounter obsessively overprotective and controlling parents, my focus shifts to the past-life causes.  Overwhelmingly, the cure to their fears lies in those buried memories.  The parents’ worries are allayed, and the child, now liberated, can begin to prosper.  The key to the future is often hidden in the past.

The world works in mysterious ways.”  (pages 24-25)

“There are several ways to account for the occurrence of shared past-life memories ….  For example, the memories could  be attributed to the collective unconscious, Carl Jung’s concept that at some deeper level everybody knows everything, even is we have forgotten how to access that bank of infinite knowledge.  The American psychic Edgar Cayce, as well as others, has written about the akashic records, which is similar to the collective unconscious in that it is a knowledge of all things.  But the most realistic explanation … is that these are simply actual past lives….”  (page 18)

“Miracles happen when we set our minds free.”  (page 28)


“We are to be humble, kind, generous, and compassionate.  We are spiritual beings, and this is how spiritual beings feel and act.  This is timeless wisdom–and this is how we can save the world.”  (page 31)

“Knowing is deeper, almost, than wisdom, as it is an internal shift in perspective.  …knowing is union with the deep soul and God within.”  (page 33)

“We seem to only see the differences in our faiths and not the shared truths.  We miss the forest for the trees.  There is a classic parable in which blind men were permitted to feel only one part of an elephant and were then asked to describe an elephant’s form and nature….  All were correct, yet all were wrong.  They were right about the particular features but not about the whole.  It is as if we were these blind men.  To find the spiritual core of our religions, the whole is more important than the particular parts….  We must know the truth that life is eternal … the truth of knowing is that we are all one … and seek union, not separation.

Remembering our past lives and the mystical state after death allows such knowing.  Knowing is so much more deeper than belief, reason, or logic.  It is the fruit of direct experience, and its power is immense.  It heals and it liberates.  Knowing the truth of our spiritual essence can soothe the world and bring about peace, because those who know will renounce violence and embrace compassion.  Life is eternal.  We are all one.  To hate or to harm another is to hate and harm yourself.  Violence harms us immediately, because are all connected.  Violence also harms us subsequently, because its karmic debt has to repaid, often in a future lifetime.” (pages 35-36)

“I continue to feel a powerful healing process in my body and my spirit.  I can’ t wait to continue this work on myself, and I see the tremendous potential for insight and healing for others.  This regression was a great gift that was given to my life.” (page 40)

“It is really senseless to continue to afflict ourselves with countless wars and violence, because we harm ourselves whenever we harm one another.  Nazis have reincarnated as Jews, and German Jews as American Christians….  We have been the murderers and the murdered, the violent and the victims of violence.  If we have had a lifetime of being hurtful, then we have also had a lifetime of being the monk who would never harm even an ant, and now we are living somewhere in between, learning about balance.  That is how we evolve.  We are often pulled back into the bodies of our enemies to teach us the truth that skin color, nationality, religion, and gender are external trappings that do not belong to the soul.  Hatred distorts reality.  We have to learn from all sides.  We were born into our enemies’ bodies, what choice do we have but to love them?  ….  We see [them] dealing with the same thousand details of everyday life that we do.  We recognize that they are us.  With this wisdom comes peace.

Our community … is the entire human community–and beyond.  Once we look into the eyes of another and see ourselves looking back, we will be able to create a heaven on this earth.”  (page 41)

“The affinities and interests of our current lives often have their genesis in past ones.  Talents and abilities have been honed in previous incarnations before reappearing once again in the present one.  We are the sum of our experiences, polished by our intuitional wisdom and our evolving awareness….  The deja vu feeling of familiarity and of knowing your way  around cannot be learned from maps.  It comes from actual experience.”  (page 47)

“Even though the numbers of people who believe in reincarnation are higher in Asia and other areas where the concept has been accepted for many centuries, the Western world is finally catching up.” (page 47)

“Truths are independent and are unaffected by the beliefs of humans.” (page 49)


“Our bodies and our minds are the masks our real self–the soul–wears in the physical world.  When we die, we remove the masks and we rest in our natural state.  There is no disappearance, no oblivion.  We simply take off our masks, our clothes, and other outer coverings, and we return home to the spiritual realms.  Here we are renewed and restored.  Here we reflect on the lessons of the life that we have just left.  Here we are reunited with our soul companions across the centuries.  Here we plan our next lifetime on the earth.  When the time and circumstances are right, we don new masks–a baby’s body and brain–and return to the physical state.  With a refreshed energy and outlook, we continue learning our spiritual lessons until the need to reincarnate is no longer necessary.  Then we can continue to help people from the other side.

It is important to remember that we are the souls, not the masks.”  (page 55)

“Our greatest lesson is love.  Remembering the causes of our afflictions allows us to heal them.”  (page 55)

“Fortunately, personal experience can be more powerful than belief.  Once you experience, then you know.  For this reason, having a past-life memory, … can be compelling enough to unlock a closed mind and to release it from the fetters of skepticism.  Now questions can be asked.  Now beliefs can be examined and reexamined, accepted or rejected.  Now real learning can occur.”  (page 56)

“If we accept the idea that we are more than what this current life tells us we are, the implications are far-reaching.

One implication is that we are immortal.

Those whom we have wronged will return to us in another life so that we are given the opportunity to transform the situation.  Similarly, those who have wronged us will come back to right the damage….  It is a waste of time and energy to hold hostility and anger and to harm others.  Even if we have to be presented with same issues and the same souls a thousand times, we will learn to love and purify our relationships.”  (page 59)

“We are here to learn lessons about love and forgiveness.  And only when theses lessons are learned can we go on to ‘graduate.’    My life is seen through a new truth.  Although this has been said a thousand times before and in a thousand ways, there is nothing like the experience to really bring it home.  This new perception is undeniable now that I have witnessed and felt it.”  (Heather’s reaction to her regression experience – page 60)


“We are far greater than our bodies and brains.  We are immortal spirits that incarnate here in physical form to learn…lessons.

The recognition that we are souls or never-ending consciousness is incredibly liberating.  We comprehend that we are spiritual beings, not just temporary human beings.  We never die, because we are never really born.  What, then, is there to fear?”  (page 60)

“When the cause-and-effect link is uncovered and understood, the symptom usually dissipates….  It does not matter whether the problem manifests in the body or the mind.  This paradigm of healing applies to all.”  (page 61)

“Life is full of potential.  Miracles do happen….”  (page 63

“What we encounter as adults may confirm or contradict the untested viewpoints and attitudes that perhaps we were taught as children and that we may have swallowed undigested and unexamined….  These early beliefs and assumptions may be distorted or even false.  New understandings may seem odd or strange at first because they are unfamiliar, but with time and patience, truth prevails.  Mira [the therapist ] expertly guided Giorgio [the client] to a higher level of awareness.  His life became much more fulfilling and joyful as a result.”  (page 64)

“Over the years, I have had many female patients presenting with fertility issues.  Quite a few were able to conceive after the past-life block (such as fear of losing a child once again) was removed, or after the tension was reduced through acceptance and understanding.”  (page 66)

“The shift in perspective from identifying with the  body to identifying with the soul is a fundamental step on our journey.  To know one’s true nature is both freeing and healing.  An ego or mundane mind can be easily afflicted by daily events and problems.  But at the soul level, our deep calm is not affected by the minicatastrophes  of everyday life or by outer conflicts.  A greater perspective allows peace to prevail and our hearts to remain open and loving.”  (page 68)

“The first thing that I did was to touch the area where the sword has entered my stomach.  It was the exact area that had inexplicably developed a skin irritation about six months earlier, which had left a white scar about three inches in width and an inch in length.  I had been to several doctors; none could figure out what it was or how it originated.  It would not go away with any treatment.  The last doctor had said that if it did not disappear in a month, they would have to do a biopsy.

When I arrived home to tell my husband about the experience, I pulled away the clothes that were covering the scar to show him the site where the sword had entered my body in the past lifetime.  To my surprise, the mark had significantly diminished.  The next morning,  when I awoke, it was completely gone.  It has never returned.

…that was the turning point when my husband and I began planning to start a family.  We had been married for many years and discussed this possibility for a long time, but I had never been ready to proceed….  But now I understood where my concerns had come from:  I had had them for a thousand years.  I realized that I no longer needed to bear the scars of that lifetime; indeed, when I uncovered their source, they disappeared.  We are now the very happy and proud parents of a beautiful little girl.”  (page 70-71)

“Each of these stories not only echoes past-life themes but also demonstrates how much we have underestimated the power and the limits of the human mind.  Researchers have amply documented a similar phenomenon in   children who have significant birthmarks at the site of traumas from past lives.

We so not need to carry the fears and the symptoms that we have been shouldering for thousands of years.  Discovering and understanding their root causes release us from these ancient burdens.  They need not scar us forever.

Karma is not punishment but rather the opportunity for growth.  ….  They will have future lifetimes in which this basic lesson is learned through their own experiences.  And even if these experiences are difficult and painful, they are not retribution; they are simply the avenue for learning the lesson of nonviolence.

Our loved ones travel with us throughout time.  We learn our lessons together.  Sometimes they teach us; sometimes we teach them.  The earth is our school, and we are both classmates and teachers.  When we remember our past lives together, a deep appreciation of our shared journey emerges.  The quality of the relationship is deepened.  An abiding patience is acquired, because we can see the multifaceted and eternal nature of the connection.

Understanding allows us to enter the hearts and the minds of other people.  This is true empathy.  We know the origin of their fears, their hopes, and their behavior.  Seeing all this, we no longer take their actions personally.  We can be patient and accepting.

Understanding is the basis of love.”  (pages 70-72



“People sitting next to you  in these workshops are not there by accident.  Divine guidance, a perfect process, is always at work.  Random events are not really random, even though we may not understand their meaning or purpose at the time….  these events are not accidental.  There seems to be a reason for everything, and with time and reflection the meaning will eventually emerge.

Sometimes an advanced soul will volunteer to incarnate in a physical body in order to teach us important lessons.  Austin [son of  Christy, the one regressed] had done this.  His birth, replete with serious developmental abnormalities, has provided  the opportunity fro Christy to master love and compassion.  Her love is unconditional.  She asks for nothing in return.  Her compassion is universal, the HALO Academy providing heartfelt help to so many children, not merely her own.”  (page 74)

“Too often, people think of these conditions as karmic punishments.  But as I wrote earlier, karma is not punishment; it’s simply a means for learning and growth.  Many souls,  particularly advanced like Austin’s, will elect to incarnate in an impaired state in order to learn what that experience feels like.  They may have had many lifetimes in which they were the caregivers, but now they are to learn what it is to receive love.  Love must be balanced.  The decision is also made so as to give other people the opportunity to express love.  ….  Thus, the condition is not the result of punishment or of karma but rather of a tremendously loving and generous desire to help other souls progress along their spiritual paths.”  (page 75)

“We travel through time with many of the same souls, often reincarnating in different relationships.”  (page 78)

“So much unhappiness results from subjective measures of success imposed on us by parents, communities, and cultures.  We are souls, not robots!  We are to learn about love, compassion, kindness, and nonviolence.  Success should  be measured by these qualities.  Are we becoming a more understanding and empathetic person?  If so, we are successful.  The soul clings to such learning, because these are spiritual truths.”  (page 79)

“Money is not evil.  It is simply a thing, just like any other thing.  It can be used in wonderful and charitable ways.  But we learn through relationships, not things. ….  What exists forever, what we do carry with us when we move on, is a good heart.  And, once gained, it can never be lost.”  (page 79)

“It is as if are all born with a form of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but the stress comes from a past life.”  (page 80)

“We remember these triggers on a soul level and in our subconscious minds, and even though they are not present in our current lives, we respond and react to them as if they were.  Perhaps past-life traumatic stress disorder is a very real and very common condition.

The good news is that it is treatable.  It requires no medication and can be cured in as little a one one dose of regression therapy.

We are all protected at the highest levels.  Our universe is benign and and infinitely caring.  We will find paradise on earth when we remember our true nature and align our hearts and minds with this unconditional love.”  (page 81)

“The validity of the past-life experience often lies in the disappearance of symptoms.  Merely fantasizing about a simpler life would not remove sadness, depression, or obsession.  But an actual memory would have such a healing effect–and indeed it did.  ….

Understanding takes place at many levels, not only the conscious one.  Understanding at the subconscious level can be just as powerful.  Our deeper minds observe the past-life dramas and say, “Oh, that’s where this obsession or fear or affinity or talent or relationship or symptom comes from.  I get it.  I don’t need it any longer.  I will let it go.”  And then we are healed.”  (page 83-84)

“Fears, phobias, anxieties, and other emotional states can  be as debilitating as physical illnesses.  Just like physical symptoms, psychological distress can have its origin in past-life events.  Once those are discovered, healing can be rapid and relatively complete.  Freedom and joy can be regained.

Not all our afflictions are rooted in the traumas of prior lifetimes.  Current-life events are sometimes the culprits or may even be compounding past-life seeds.”  (page 87)

“As emotional symptoms are resolved, the patient’s family and friends benefit as well….  As they hear the patient’s stories, they feel the emotion and the immediacy of the memories; they react and respond to the improvement in their loved ones’ lives.  Often, to their surprise and joy, they find their own symptoms and illnesses disappearing.”  (page 87- 88)

“…we are eternal.  I also know that every lifetime enriches our souls with invaluable lessons.”  (page 92)

“Her soul mate’s fear of losing her again is typical of the underlying theme of separation anxiety.  Frequently, children who seem almost irrationally frightened of being separated from their parents have actually lost them in previous lives. ….  The cure for this type of separation fear is to recognize its roots in a past-life event.  ….  Knowing this, he can release them and nurture a relationship that is freer and not constricted by deep-seated insecurities.

…death is but a doorway to the other side.”  (page 92-93)

“…the truth was that I could not have saved anyone or protected them from the painful historic events.  I must allow for people’s lives to unfold as they are meant to, because their souls need these experiences.   They have agreed to go through challenges to learn their own lessons and find their own enlightenment.  I had seen the big big injustice caused by the white man as an evil that I had promised to fight, yet I had failed to really be of help in times when I was most needed.  People do not need saving.  People need love, support, and encouragement that they can withstand any trials and will always come out stronger, wiser, and more compassionate.  I cannot shelter anyone from the storms of life, or they will never grow, learn, and expand.

But how do you allow?  How do you maintain the balance of being loving, kind, and helpful against wanting to save people from the injustice of the world or their own silly mistakes?  This lesson continued to be a challenge for me, so many years and lifetimes later.  Even though I changed my gender, my name,  and my appearance, I still want to rush in and shield people.”  (page 96)

“I recognized that this little crises … delivered to me the final piece of my lesson.  I should always help people in every way I can and should spare no effort when assisting them on their path.  Yet I should never try to alter the course of their lives by shielding them or trying to save them from their troubles, because doing so would impede their invaluable experiences and the expansion of their souls.”  (page 96)



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Patricia Cota-Robles

Why Nutritional Psychiatry Is The Future Of Mental Health Treatment

Why Nutritional Psychiatry Is The Future Of Mental Health Treatment

Joyce CavayeThe Open University – Senior Lecturer in Health, Well-Being and Social Care

“A lack of essential nutrients is known to contribute to the onset of poor mental health in people suffering from anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and ADHDNutritional psychiatry is a growing discipline that focuses on the use of food and supplements to provide these essential nutrients as part of an integrated or alternative treatment for mental health disorders.

But nutritional approaches for these debilitating conditions are not widely accepted by mainstream medicine. Treatment options tend to be limited to official National Institute for Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines which recommend talking therapies and antidepressants….”


ALLIANCE INSIDER: “Stage 5 Will Start by This Weekend”

NOTE BY NANCY:  WARNINGS are once more being issued and I encourage everyone to be prepared to stay home with adequate food, water, MEDICINE, toilet paper, & other essentials.  Bottomline: America is engaged in a battle between the White Hats and the Black Hats.  War Strategies are NOT shared with the people, so we have to be prudent and prepared.

There are folks warning the public, hoping to avoid, as much as possible, any innocent persons suffering as a result of not being warned and getting prepared ahead of time.   No one knows what will break out; what we all do know is that a cornered animal can be dangerous, so be prepared and then, hold the planet in LOVE.  Our future is bright; but we have get thru this transition first.   The military and, very likely the local police, will be involved in the mass arrests.

If you are listening to the Mainstream Media, you DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING!  In addition, the frequency to which it is attuned is a frequency that creates fear.  FEAR = FOOD FOR THE BLACK HATS.

March 11 marked the beginning of the thousands of sealed indictments being opened and the persons indicted notified.  The next stage in draining the swamp is thought to be starting this weekend (March 23).  If needed, martial law will be declared.

Every effort is being made to quietly perform this potentially dangerous and traumatic endeavor!  The public needs to stay out of the way!

Listen to this youtube:


NOTE BY NANCY:  For me, listening to Mark Taylor helps to put all that is happening in a positive perspective.   I did note that Mark’s prophecy is not including all that is actually known:  like the presence of technology providing FREE ENERGY … that the announcement and implementation of the NESARA LAW will end the Federal Reserve, the dollar will be backed by gold or silver, America will once more become a Republic and return to the Constitution of our Founding Fathers, … and much more GOOD TO COME.  This does not lessen Mark’s prophecy; it simply means that Mark is not the only individual thru whom God speaks.  Ascended Master St. Germain ( or as Catholics know him–Saint Joseph) is and has been very active on our planet.  In fact, St. Germain is in charge of the New Aquarian Age.  He has been instrumental in preparing for prosperity to be a vital part of the New Aquarian Age.  Earth’s future is very bright!

We simply must make the journey thru darkness into LIGHT at this present point in linear time.  Meanwhile, as is mentioned in the interview, FEED THE GOOD DOG!