Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation – February 27, 2018

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

February 27, 2018

Sheldan Nidle

“Selamat Balik. The clean-up operation continues. Our crowning victory grows closer each day. Most of the major bases and strongholds of the cabal have been utterly destroyed. Our list of arrests grows longer by the minute. Meanwhile, the plan presses on to implement the New Republic, empowering our allies to ultimately take over USA, Inc. The RV continues to roll out and move forward. Our allies are discovering just how weak the cabal has become. Its few remaining strong points dwindle with every day. The long-promised prosperity is systematically approaching its delivery date. A most auspicious moment has arrived when the foundation will be laid for a new reality and a golden age.

Our mission is based on carrying out a series of heavenly directives. These decrees were issued to assist humanity’s return, at the right divine time, to its former state as fully conscious galactic humans. It is vital to realize a new realm, free of the hindrances contrived by the relentless scheming of the devious cabal and its many henchmen….”

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During this time of ascending to higher consciousness…………

During this time of ascending to higher consciousness……….

Mother Earth and her inhabitants are presently living in a time of transition in consciousness.    We have grown up hearing the phrase only one life to live and tended to accept that phrase as true.  However, children often have memories, or fragments of memories, that have no explanation in their present lives.  I remember being held on Mother’s lap during church services and looking around the congregation for my real mother.   Somehow, someway, I had ended up with a stranger for my mother.  I had no explanation and the feeling of not belonging on this planet  stayed with me until one day a friend offered to guide me in a meditative journey back in time.  My journey ended on the planet Venus.   I was home!

Feelings and knowings can be a part of our conscious awareness while we have no clue as to why we have them.  I have come to know they are signals for us to become aware that life is far bigger than we think.  Our Soul is the eternal part of who we are.  Since our Soul is eternally alive, we have to assume that we have lived in many places … had a multitude of experiences … in a variety of physical bodies.

As we open to life being eternal, we begin to have experiences that indicate the truth of our eternal Soul.   At the same time, our planetary society often ignores the truth of reincarnation.   Ignoring this truth slams the door to a comprehensive understanding of self.  Who we are = the sum total of our previous lives!

For years I was afraid of water: there was no present life reason for this fear.  One day, while at the beach and jumping waves close to shore, I ended up far enough out to be pulled under by a large wave.   The incoming wave threw me back on shore and at that moment a vision of drowning  as a wave pulled me out to sea flashed before my eyes.  I instantly realized I had been on Atlantis in a previous lifetime.  Lying on the wet sand, I knew a prior death to my physical body by drowning was the reason I had feared water.

We will increasingly have memories and experiences that will require a consideration of reincarnation in order to be understood.  It is for this reason that I encourage you to view the following video.  Notice how soul memories impact the lives of those in the video (watch the videos that follow the stories of the 5 children.)

Learning and accepting the truth of reincarnation as a part of our Soul’s eternal life will be of benefit as we continue to expand in conscious awareness–i.e. ascend to higher consciousness.  You will find it a fascinating subject as well as a therapeutic benefit!