Universal Law & Ascension, Fall of the Elite-with James Gilliland

NOTE BY NANCY:  Mother Earth is ascending … we have now reached a stage where if we want to go with her to a higher dimension of Light, Love, Peace, & Prosperity for ALL, we must focus on these Qualities, rather  than on anger, fear, hate, and the other negative, very low vibratory frequency energies.  LOVE has a vibratory frequency of 500; PEACE of 600.   FEAR is a vibratory frequency of 100 … ANGER 150.  If we feel shame with a frequency of 20, and/or guilt with a frequency of 30 because we have been taught we are sinners … these low frequency energies will not be able to enter a dimension that vibrates at the frequency of LOVE & PEACE.   GOD IS LOVE–nothing else.  We must leave behind doctrines that were actually created to hold us back from ascension.  This interview of James Gilliland could be very helpful to those who need to understand and re-focus on the higher energies.  (FREQUENCY RATES FROM – http://www.infinite-manifesting.org/VibrationFrequencyCode.html)

But first, listen to Paul Luftenegger’s song, “My Heart,” and hear the song as a message from Mother/Father God to YOU!   These words illustrate the words God would speak to YOU–NOT that you have sinned–meaning missed the mark.

Listen to this song as if God is singing to you!   Since Paul writes inspired music, God IS singing to you thru Paul.  God sees YOU as a Radiant Being!  Know that!