NOTE BY NANCY:  I am sharing Geoffrey West’s FINAL WORDS from his Cosmic Vision News broadcast of September 15,2017, because I know that I and many others have worked for years—in one form or another—to bring about positive systemic change in our world.

But what are we—with our present mindset—actually manifesting?  I agree with Geoffrey—WAITING! … Waiting for the NESARA/GESARA LAWS to be announced … waiting for St. Germain’s Prosperity Funds … waiting for the worldwide currency revaluation to be implemented … waiting for Ascension into the Golden Age of Peace, Love, and Abundance for all.

I realize now why I intuitively felt so strongly drawn to Dr. Scott Werner’s book THE NEXT STEP IN HUMAN EVOLUTION.  The arrival of the Golden Age requires more than many of us have personally realized.

We’ve repeatedly heard and stated the words:  The Golden Age begins within each of us.  It is incumbent upon each of us to raise our vibrations to those of Peace, Love, and Abundance for all.  WAITING is not the way to raise our vibrations.

Although Dr. David R. Hawkins book, Power VS Force, does not give a frequency rate for WAITING, we know from experience that waiting for something to happen can fill us with fear (frequency rate of 100) that it will not manifest … create anger (frequency rate of 150) that it has not manifested … cause some to become apathetic (frequency rate of 50), we can deem the frequency rate of WAITING to be low, thus revealing to us that WAITING for systemic change creates a low frequency force field on our planet.  These low frequency rates cannot manifest the Golden Age of LOVE (frequency rate of 500), PEACE (frequency rate of 600), and the JOY (frequency rate of 540) of experiencing the Golden Age.

The Ascended Master St. Germain (Catholics know him as St. Joseph) leads the Way of the NEW AQUARIAN AGE (i.e. Golden Age) as Jesus led the Way of the Age of Pisces.  (Each Age is approximately 2000 yrs. in duration.)

One of the characteristics of the NEW AQUARIAN AGE is that humanity’s DNA is to increase back to the level it was when Mother/Father God created us in Her/His image and likeness.  As Jesus told us—thru John Smallman’s 9/24/17 channeling:  “When [Mother/Father] God created you, [She/He] gave you everything [She/He] had.”

In order to assist us in once more becoming ONE WITH MOTHER/FATHER GOD, St. Germain dictated a method to Dr. Scott Werner for us to use.  Instead of WAITING, we can use St. Germain’s meditative method with the INTENT of increasing our DNA, which will allow us to achieve the frequency rate of ENLIGHTENMENT (frequency rate of 700-1000).  “Infinite Peace is beyond into pure joy into the emotion of natural blissful ecstasy.” (Hawkins)

As we increase our frequency rate via increasing our DNA, we achieve the Christed Consciousness or ASCENSION TO THE HIGHER DIMENSIONS OF LOVE, PEACE, AND ANBUNDANCE.

An interview of Dr. Werner explains this process:



Geoffrey West

In this week’s FINAL WORDS:

It will be impossible to update everyone on everything that has been going on in my world in the last two months.   I’m still trying to figure out the best and most gentle way to share it all.

Recall how you felt when you began your process of awakening, and how others felt about you at that time, and how you may have felt about yourself.

We have been told that the current period we are in would bring massive changes and revelations in ways that may not be comfortable for all.

It would also be a period for intense personal reflection with new choices to be made.

To be completely honest and transparent with everyone, I no longer am sure about everything I previously was holding as ‘truth’ in my world.

After five years of reporting what I felt was information closer to ‘truth’ than the mainstream media, I am observing that we are all still doing one thing that we were all doing five years ago.  We are still waiting.

I am reminded of play written by Samuel Beckett in 1952, originally in French but translated as ‘Waiting For Godot’.   The play features two main characters, Vladimir and Estragon, who are awaiting the arrival of Godot, who never arrives.  The play focuses on the discussion between these two characters about their lives and their interactions with three other characters.

For five years, we have been discussing our lives, posting and sharing our opinions, beliefs and respective truths about how we are seeing the world, in the current moment of ‘now’, while waiting for ‘Godot’ to arrive.

Who is ‘Godot’ in our timeline, you may ask?  Take your pick. Some are waiting for the return of Jesus; some for Mohammed; and some for Buddha.  New Age believers are waiting for ‘Ascension’.  Others are waiting for something called an RV, a revaluation in specific currencies; others are waiting for a global currency reset and others still are waiting for a gold standard economy to be introduced.  Many claim:  ‘As soon as I have my funds, I will help humanity and our planet’.  I admit, I was among those who made this claim.

Some are waiting for financial projects they have started; others are waiting for a magical solution before they start their projects for global change while others still are waiting for a magical disclosure that will reveal our benevolent galactic families who will ‘save us’, even though, under Universal Law, they are not supposed to intervene until humanity is aware enough to ask for this intervention.

We have been told that we are approaching an ‘Ascension’ and many different sources seem to have their own ‘take’ on how this event could happen.  Multiple timelines collapsing, moving towards a magical solution that will uplift those who are allegedly within a certain vibration who can handle this shift

Others rejected us as we moved through our awakening at that time. I have reported over the years how this group that I have called the ‘global cabal’ plays both sides of the conflicts that we have experienced over the last one hundred years at least, and arguably much longer.

Yet, in this ‘Oneness’ we all claim to believe in, we resist this group; we resist immigrants; we resist all that we claim we are not, while never fully accepting that we are it all.  We are the poor; the immigrants; the militant police; the corrupt politicians, bankers, lawyers, journalists, priests, judges or others.  We are those who are enslaving humanity and destroying our planet.

Yet, we wait…and we wait….and we wait for some kind of answer that never arrives, and we blame others while not taking responsibility for our role in creating and being it all.

We are witnessing many around the world who are awakening; we are witnessing revelations that are exposing a group of people committing unprecedented crimes against humanity and our planet; we are witnessing grave suffering among humans in various man-made or natural events and human compassion has been lacking.

Our excuses range from not having money, not having time or we do not trust sources that claim to want to help the people who need assistance.

Some fall into greater fear as they witness the revelations coming out now, worrying about their retirement pensions, or their savings accounts.  Some fear losing their jobs to technology or to artificial intelligence or just to immigrants who are being thrust upon various western nations in a man-made attempt to destabilize countries or the European Union.

Consistent messages from numerous sources have stated that we are close to some kind of ‘event’ – although we do not know if this ‘event’ will be political, financial, astrological, astrophysical, galactic, celestial, spiritual or some combination of all of the above, or possibly even none of the above.

As a journalist, and as one moving along this timeline with each of you, I have to entertain a growing possibility that much of this ‘new age’ stuff that we have been living and breathing, may be part of the same psy op mind control program that keeps us addicted to waiting while looking for answers and saving from external entities instead of focusing on creating the change where it must first happen – within each one of us.

What seems to be becoming more clear, at least to me personally, is that whatever is going to happen, is going to have to require greater participation from each and everyone of us claiming to want to create a better world.

It is time to stop listening to messages from other sources – and I have to include my own newscast in this.  Each week, I keep on reporting global events, while waiting for disclosure, or some kind of society-changing event, or to just receive enough financial support to keep going.  Yet, I keep waiting… and we all keep waiting for something that never arrives.

After much of this reflection, I was invited to stay with a good friend in Australia a few weeks ago, who is now teaching more about how to work with Bitcoin and alternative currencies. He is creating a charity garden in his city, that will eventually provide food a charity restaurant.  While learning how to make money, I am now volunteering at the garden, and also at one of several of these charity restaurants.

I have stated however that the answer lies within each and every one of us, and each soul will begin to connect to a new truth when she or he ready for it.

My reflections over the last number of weeks have revealed that I can no longer wait for answers that are not coming.  IF positive change is going to happen, IF there is going to be some kind of ‘Ascension’ or financial shift in the world – I am going to have to participate more in its creation

Instead of sitting behind a computer consistently, reporting on these events that I am no longer clear about, I am realizing that I have to participate more directly in this change I am claiming to want for our world.  If I am going to be a better journalist, a better human being, and a better custodian for this planet that gives us life, I have to step up to the plate and become the example I was trying to inspire within all of you.

It is for my health and my spiritual growth and service, but it is also to help me come out of this shell I have built around myself over the years.  I realize I have taken on so much negativity that is impacting me personally.  Of course, it does not come through so much on this newscast, but my life has been impacted in profound ways, requiring me to take greater responsibility for my healing, and my own experience of this event called ‘Ascension’.  Now I am meeting and serving humans who are challenged much like myself.   It is my way of returning to others the great support that a few of you have given to me over the years, and to my shamanic practitioner friend in Europe and the friend who invited here to help me make some much needed change in my life.

We each have choices to make, and then we have to begin living some choices that will help create the communities that we are claiming to want to live in, that will help lift the vibrations that will create the shift that we are all waiting for, and claiming to want.

While doing more community service over the next two months at least, I’m not sure I will be able to deliver a newscast every week. I’m doing what I can to help prepare myself, and I gently encourage all of you to do the same thing.  Instead of waiting for all these messengers on the internet, start learning practical skills to create community and change. Volunteer at projects where you can serve or learn new skills.

My ego has been humbled to a certain degree and I know that I cannot be a voice that you can trust, unless I am able and willing to practice what I have been empowering within you.

CVN is likely going to change…although I am not exactly sure how just yet.

If there are listeners who feel disappointed or angry with what I am sharing, I can only apologize, but I cannot change the soul I am moving towards being.  If I am still a voice that you feel you can trust, then I gently guide you towards taking a greater responsibility in the creation of the world we are claiming to want, instead of waiting for others to deliver it, or to continue delivering messages of hope and anticipation of something happening tomorrow, this weekend, next week, or next month.

IF one of those miracles happens, then great – we can celebrate and create!  Until then however, if you choose not to participate and create actively – you’ll be waiting for Godot, and making excuses along the way.

Create a wonderful week – until our next moment of ‘now’!