Russia-US 4D Wars: Putin expels 755 US Diplomats; New Sanctions and Nord Stream 2 War

NOTE  BY NANCY:  Lada Ray’s website is the one I go to learn about Russia and what is really going on.  Although Lada is a native Russian, she has lived and worked in other countries too, including the United States.  She is an excellent, intuitive writer who truly helps us to understand.  This article will assist the reader in viewing Russia in an objective manner, not as the “enemy” the American mainstream media portrays.    Thanks, Lada!

Futurist Trendcast


Denny Hunt, the host of WhyIsThisTrue, and I have recorded a new interview. In the interview we discuss why some people in the West feel a mysterious connection to Russia when they seemingly have no Russian heritage. What is behind this attraction — past lives? Or is it the fact that people are awakening to the fact that Russia – The Great Balancer is the only force on the planet which can provide stability and balance? We also discuss: the forbidden history of Russia and how the history of the world was falsified; The New Chronology by Fomenko and Nosovsky, and how and why 1000 years were added to the so-called ‘medieval times.’

This interview should come up in a few days (I’ll let you know and provide the links)!

Russian foreign ministry bldg in Moscow

The historic building of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow


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