Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div. with Twin Flame, Uriel (in spirit)


The western world has long ignored, even forbidden, two areas of study that can be so very helpful to individual self-understanding and therefore, to avoiding detours in our spiritual evolutionary journey:  esoteric astrology and reincarnation.  As a result, the prevalent point of view of life tends to be “one life to live.”  Many believe that if they do not experience their dreams coming true within the present incarnation, they will have no other opportunity.

Spiritual evolution, i.e. growth, involves developing all parts of our being, including both the male and female energies within every human being, to the point of balance, i.e. androgyny.  Because the West has provided no way to explain this process, by not including esoteric astrology or reincarnation as valid explanations, many have resorted to a mostly physical explanation for androgyny and the process entailed in achieving this spiritual state.  This has resulted in some very destructive misunderstanding of individuals.

Sociologists define androgyny :

Metaphysics—the study of natural processes beyond the physical—includes esoteric astrology and reincarnation—both of which provide answers to life’s questions that I was unable to find in any other way.  (I share my search for answers in my book entitled A NEW AGE CHRISTIAN:  My Spiritual Journey … available at

Metaphysics teaches that in order to advance spiritually, each of us must develop both the feminine qualities like nurturance, empathy, gentleness and the masculine qualities like assertiveness, analytical, and bold.  In order to develop both the feminine and masculine qualities, we must incarnate as female in some lifetimes and as male in other lifetimes.

Esoteric astrology is based on reincarnation and teaches that each Soul incarnates for specific learning opportunities and service to others.  It is through these opportunities to learn and serve others that we attain androgyny.

Living a series of lifetimes as either a female or male requires a period of adjustment when the Soul decides to change gender for the next incarnation.  For example, a Soul that has lived several lifetimes as a male may very likely feel more masculine, even though incarnated in a female body.  A Soul that has lived a series of lifetimes as a female will tend to feel more female, even though incarnated in a male body.  (The degree to which this is true can vary based on how long the Soul has chosen to remain in spirit between incarnations.)

Because the West has largely attempted to understand spiritual evolution without the aid of either esoteric astrology or reincarnation, many have suffered greatly while in physical bodies of the gender to which they are forced to adjust.  I say forced to adjust because when a Soul incarnates, it is usually without a conscious memory of why they transferred to the opposite gender.  Knowing esoteric astrology would make the adjustment much easier because there would be a reason for the feelings of being in the wrong body.  The Soul has to adjust and the time it takes can vary greatly, maybe including the detour of several lifetimes.

Knowing the Soul can and will choose to incarnate as long as it takes to learn a particular lesson—like achieving androgyny—would relieve the stress felt particularly in the first incarnation after making a gender transfer.  Knowing esoteric astrology would allow the individual the comfort of understanding nothing is wrong with him/her. 

From the Soul level point of view, the ideal choice would be to accept the incarnation as his/her opportunity to develop the qualities of the gender his/her body is.  However, there is NO TIME LIMIT.  Understanding what the Soul intends to accomplish is much more productive.  The physical body is nothing but the Soul’s vehicle; the body will return to dust while the Soul will progress spiritually with each lesson learned.

If the individual chooses to transform his/her body into the opposite and more comfortable feeling gender, there is no divine condemnation.  There will be more opportunities to develop the particular gender qualities the Soul intended for the present incarnation.

Uriel and I share this information at a time when the state of being transgender is highlighted by Trump’s declaration of “No transgenders in the Military.”  We say:  “The situation is an inevitable result of having knowledge of the metaphysical (meaning beyond the physical) nature of the Soul denied.

The vast majority of Souls incarnate many times (reincarnation) and for specific learning/serving  purposes (as revealed in esoteric astrology).






Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.