There are many starseeds on Earth!


We are presently enjoying watching many very advanced children incarnate and reveal extraordinary talents at an early age.  They are very likely Starseeds.

What is not as widely known to the general public is that many Starseeds have been incarnating for decades in preparation for the Shift of the Ages–a transition Earth is presently experiencing.  Each approximately 2000 years, the Earth shifts into a New Age.  We are presently shifting from the Piscean Age to the New Aquarian Age.  Patricia Cota-Robles describes this process in her Vlog #18.

Starseeds, who are conscious of who they truly are. feel out-of-place on Earth, but know they have a mission and that’s why they are here.   Starseeds can be hard for their family and friends to understand because they usually remember life being very different from what it is on the 3rd/4th dimensions, which are characterized by duality.  Earth is, and has been for thousands of years, a 3rd dimensional planet–now ascending through the 4th dimension toward higher dimensions.  As humanity develops the higher levels of consciousness of LOVE, PEACE, & PROSPERITY FOR ALL,  we ascend to higher dimensions where suffering and pain are no more.

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