We all know that change, even with a long range goal of Good for the people, very often is accompanied by chaos.  As our planet moves forward into higher dimensions, regime change in many countries will be required.  Corruption, cover-ups, wars must be left behind. 

Rumors are flying  and people who have not been aware of the Divine Plan unfolding for our planet may not understand.  As efforts are made to free humanity from debt slavery under the cabal, the cabal is fighting back.  Just an example of how vicious and serious the cabal can be when confronted with being toppled from power (economic and political), the last attempt to free the people by announcing and implementing the NESARA LAW, resulted in 9/11 and all that followed.   

To my knowledge, we had no forewarning that the 9/11 False Flag was about to occur.  This time (2017), a variety of warnings are being given–this is one of them!  One of the many rumors flying around is that the cabal will stage another False Flag to distract the people.

Within the last few days, I have read rumors regarding the use of nuclear weapons.  Our Galactic Family have told us they will not allow any more nuclear weapons to be used.  Instead, our Galactic Family will deactivate any nuclear weapons we attempt to use.  This Press Club video reveals their presence near nuclear sites.  The article containing this video is entitled:  “UFOs Deactivate Nuclear Missiles Around the World.” 

Although this article is dated 2013 and the video is dated 2010, they demonstrate the seriousness of our Galactic Family in preventing the use of any more nuclear weapons.  The 2013 Citizens’ Hearings at the National Press Club lasted several days with much information coming forth.  UFOs, i.e. our Galactic Family, have a history of demonstrating they are serious when they say, “No more using nuclear weapons.”

The article:

Video #1: 

Video #2 – from the 2013 Citizens’ Hearing

***Should the next weeks become more chaotic, to allow ourselves to become emotionally involved will be to do the very thing the cabal wants us to do.

Instead, we can do much more Good by remaining calm and holding our nation and planet in LOVE.  I found it very interesting that the Lenten lesson for today ended up being “”If Jesus Is A Wayshower, What Did He Show Us?- Part 9 of Series “The Power of Love”  A very sychronous time to be reminded of the Power of Love:  

I call to everyone to stay calm and BE/DO LOVE.  Love is the most powerful force in the Universe; Love can cancel out any potential chaos and allow events to unfold FOR THE GOOD OF ALL PEOPLE!


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