I treasure my guardian angel.  Many times, I have walked into the dark (figuratively speaking) while feeling my guardian angel’s presence enfolding me.  Her oresence felt like a soft blanket wrapped around me and I experienced intense gratitude.  I truly felt no harm could come to me.

Several years ago, I had a vivid experience that intensified my trust in her protective presence.  I had stopped for a red light.  When it turned green I entered the perpendicular right lane to drive across the road and make a left turn.  Just as I did so, a speeding pick-up ran his red light, rendering us both in the right lane.  With my car in his way, he sped onward … traveling on the right lane, THRU MY CAR!  There was no contact and I sat stunned, while those who had stopped for the red light sat wide-eyed with shock at what they had just witnessed!  The driver of the pick-up sped on, appearing not to know anything unusual had happened.  Talk about being thankful for my guardian angel … I could have easily been killed!

Now, I would like to quote from a blog Dr. Kay Johnson-Gentile wrote before  we were reunited as Soul Sisters.  Kay states:

“My purpose is to demonstrate the importance of recognizing that each of us has a Guardian Angel and that it would behoove us to get to know our heavenly emissary.

Angels are heavenly spirits, created by our Father God.  They have intelligence, emotions, and will.  They were created by God to protect, nurture and guide humanity.  In fact, you might think of angels as divine messengers sent directly to us by our loving Father.

There is more good news.  Our God supports each of us so much He has assigned one angel to be “our special angel,” or the angel commissioned to specifically guard each one of us.  Not only does this angel protect us, but our Guardian Angel does her best to preserve us from evil by helping to keep our thoughts, words, and works pure and good….

Let’s get to know – up close and personal — this potential best friend.  To start, I would suggest beginning and ending your day with a prayer to this heavenly messenger….    You might find a prayer suitable for you [Or] you could even write your own Guardian Angel prayer.

The important thing is to find a prayer that works for you and say it in the morning as you arise, and in the evening just before you retire for the night.  As time goes on and you develop a closer relationship with your angel you will likely want to say your prayer a good deal more than twice a day.  In fact, you may find yourself having an ongoing conversation with your angel, just like you would with a best friend.  If you reach this state, you are just where the angel and, more importantly, God wants you to be.

I do hope you will get to know your Guardian Angel – and know her well.   A way to help with that might be to spend time listening to a beautiful — shall I say angelic — music selection.  Eêve Angélique, or Angel’s Dream, by Anton Grigorevich Rubinstein, a Russian composer, pianist, and conductor, is a beautiful composition that reflects the musical rhythm and harmonies congruent with our heavenly messengers from on high.  Please listen to this music of angels and invite them to spend time with you.  Remember, if you want angelic support, you must ask them for it.  They never infringe upon your free will.  (Please click on YouTube URL below.)

 Thank you, Kay, for you insights and sharing your musical knowledge with us!

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