IF JESUS IS A WAYSHOWER, WHAT DID HE SHOW US? A Series Of Biblical Metaphysics Lessons to use for Lenten FASTING (Giving up old beliefs that have been used to control you) and FEASTING UPON (to integrate into your life expression new, true beliefs).


A Series Of Biblical Metaphysics Lessons to use for Lenten FASTING (Giving up old beliefs that have been used to control you)  and FEASTING UPON (to integrate into your life expression new, true beliefs).
Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.



+The Bible is not the enemy; those who insist on a literal interpretation are!

The Bible is mistreated! Its riches frequently remain untouched by a literal reading of its words. Reading the surface words leads to distortions and gross misconceptions. The true meaning is hidden from view.

In Truth, the Bible is alive, vibrating with layer after layer of hidden wisdom. The Bible, as a Sacred Text, is connected with the higher realms of intuitive knowing and inspiration. It comforts us … guides us … thrills us with its fathomless depths of symbolic meaning. Interpreted metaphysically, the Bible shows us the Way to Ascension. The life stories of the biblical characters, including nations, are our life stories. In no other book can we find such multiplicity of life stories that speak the very words we need to hear in the moment.

The Bible is permeated with an enormous energetic field that extends into the heavens. For thousands of years, people—from all walks of life—have turned to the Bible in times of sorrow, pain, and joy. We have prayed with the Bible … cried with the Bible … sought guidance in the Bible … felt extreme reverence as the Holy Spirit reveals to us the hidden wisdom within its surface words. God speaks to us.

I encourage you to read the metaphysical Bible lessons contained in this “Wayshower” series.  Jesus taught us in John  14:12:  “whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”   

Who are we?  Jesus taught us that by believing in his teachings, we possess the potential to do ALL the works he did AND MORE.  (John 14:12 – my paraphrase) 

Is this the individual you believe yourself to be?  Why would Jesus say this?  On another occasion, Jesus  responded to the Jews preparing to stone him: “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, you are gods?’”( John 10:34)

Jesus is quoting Psalm 82:6 … “I say, ‘You are gods, children of the Most High, all of you.”  (Even those preparing to kill me …in Jesus’ words–all of you.

The Psalmist, A’saph (a former incarnation of the Soul of Jesus) wrote Psalm 82 and others, so in telling the men preparing to stone him, “You are gods, Jesus is illustrating continuity of consciousness–a skill we all develop as swe ascend in conscious awareness to the Christed Consciousness.  Jesus remembered his past lives and knew them to be a part of his Soul’s journey on Earth.  (Lives of the Master:  The Rest of the Jesus Story, by Glenn Sanderfur.  More fascinating reading for Lent, based on the Edgar Cayce Readings.)

As you study the Wayshower series, be open to entering a higher level of consciousness. Listen to the messages relating to your life … consider how to integrate these revelations into your lifestyle. Allow them to lead you along the pathway to your ascension into 5th dimensional awareness and living.  Allow them to teach you how to perform even greater works than Jesus did.



FAST on the old and incorrect teaching of the traditional church telling you that you are a sinner, born in sin … that you are dust and will return to dust (relates only to your physical body; not your Soul).

FEAST on knowing that YOU ARE A GOD, as Jesus taught even those preparing to kill him.   The Soul within you is PART of the WHOLE OF GOD, thus you are a god.  As Jesus taught, believing in him, i.e. his teachings, guides you in developing your “godness” and performing the works that Jesus did.




 Part 1: “We Are Interconnected Within the Divine Plan
» Part 2: The Journey of the Soul
» Part 3: Jesus Walked in the Presence
» Part 4: Jesus’ Approach to Healing
» Part 5: I Have Overcome the World
» Part 6: Awake From the Dead!
» Part 7: The Universal Law of Giving & Receiving
» Part 8: Lord, Teach Us To Pray
» Part 9: Why Reincarnation?
» Part 10: The Power of Love
» Living The Lord’s Prayer for Planet Earth


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