Stephen Bassett

PRG International will set up a base of operations in Europe on April 4, 2017 and from there seek speaking engagements throughout Europe and beyond as well as meetings with government officials of nations tired of waiting for the resolution of the extraterrestrial presence truth embargo by the United States. 
If the United States Government continues to sink further into a morass of institutional lying and American journalists are willing to stand down in sufficient numbers to let this happen, the outcome for the nation is both predictable and writ large in history. Therefore, let the necessary age of reform begin elsewhere. 
To all PRG’s supporters anywhere in the world outside the United States: if you can set up a substantial venue after April 4, 2017 for PRG International to speak on the history of the greatest lie ever perpetrated on the peoples of nations and the absolute necessity for the formal acknowledgment of the extraterrestrial presence (Disclosure) now, not later, please contact PRG International to make arrangements.
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