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Yesterday, I shared an article regarding the pressure under which President Obama has worked for the past 8 years–entitled “Porda: Obama, RV, NESARA, Disclosure” that I found on the GoldenAge of Gaia website.  This article follows my explanations below.


Many of us have remained faithful to our intuitive knowing of Obama as a highly evolved soul. Not many have known the intensity of pressure from the cabal that Obama has withstood. In this article, Porda tells us about Obama. Since I, and likely many, have not known of the Mushaba Disciplines, I include two URLs and encourage all to check them out and to begin to think in terms of the vast cosmic community of beings in which we live. Many from other locations within the cosmos volunteered to come to Earth to help the planet and its people overcome the darkness that has enveloped it.

“The Mushaba in its essence is nothing but total love! When you speak Love, you speak Mushaba. When you speak Mushaba, you speak Love! They are one in the same.” (http://www.mushabaforce.com/force.html)

The 2nd relevant URL on Mushaba is: http://www.mushabaforce.com/master-anakhanda.html

obamaThe article on President Obama may be found here:  http://goldenageofgaia.com/2016/11/18/porda-obama-rv-nesara-disclosure/



Today, I would like to share a post regarding President- Elect Donald Trump.  This article was channeled by Veronica Keen from her beloved late husband, Montague Keen (Website: The Montague Keen Foundation).

“Humanity, with one voice, called out to be spared World War III.   Clinton, supported by nine arms companies, was so sure that she would lead humanity into a deadly nuclear war that would ensure a huge loss of life, and this was her plan. You needed someone who WAS NOT a politician. Trump came forward and he took on this task. He already had everything he could ever want. HE DID NOT NEED THIS. BUT HE DID THIS TO SAVE YOU.

Your controllers, who think that they own you and yours, were not happy. WAR is what they want, and surely, they will continue to fight for it. Like BREXIT in England, the cabal is still trying to overturn the will of the people. By voting for BREXIT and for TRUMP, humanity has bought itself time. Time to understand what is being done to you, and time to understand that everything is being destroyed. Trump is not ideal, but he had the courage to put himself forward on your behalf. Humanity owes him a debt of gratitude. Without his intervention you would be deep in a war so deadly, such as the Earth has never seen before. Your only hope lies in the hands of Mr Trump.

The American people are so mind controlled that they are totally blind to the dark control that took over America without them even noticing that anything had changed. Trump is all you have got. Work with him, so that together, you can try to rescue America and the rest of humanity. Stop creating false divisions, you are all in the same boat. DIVIDE AND RULE is how the cabal always wins. You are all Americans, so work together for a better future. If you had any idea what Mr Trump saved you from, you would be on your knees, thanking your God for a second chance. All outside of America are praying that with your help, Trump will deliver peace.”


In summary, what we can see unfolding within the DIVINE PLAN FOR EARTH & HER INHABITANTS is God’s use of two men who were/are willing to carry the tremendous burden of being president of a nation that is secretly controlled by those whose intents are NOT for the good of the people. 

Let us forget about political parties (the Constitution does not refer to political parties) and learn to cooperate together for the GOOD of our nation!


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