Jesus has been the Heirarch & World Teacher during the Piscean Age.  As the present Age flows into the New Aquarian Age,  Jesus’ earthly father during biblical times, now known as Ascended Master St. Germain, will become the Hierarch for the Aquarian Age.

At least three (3) major teachings depict the evolutionary leap humanity is presently undergoing as we prepare for the the New Aquarian Age.

The 1st teaching is:  St. Germain has revealed the THE PURPLE TRANSMUTING FLAME, to humanity as a means of grace.  You may call to the Flame to transmute all karma–past, present, and future.  You may call to Flame to transmute all negativity within your personal energy field,  and within any group, even our entire planet.  You may learn about the Flame at:


The 2nd teaching is: “Pierce now the veil in your belief in yourself as mortals.” [ Jesus & Kuthumi (Dictated to Mark & Elizabeth Prophet), Prayer & Meditation].  We are to leave behind the belief in death.  We are not our physical body.  Heretofore, we have called it death when the Eternal Self, or Soul, left the physical body.  In truth,  the Eternal Self/Soul leaves its present habitat (the body) and journeys to another location within the vast cosmos, including returning to another physical body in the process we call reincarnation.

The 3rd teaching is:  “Understand, then, that it is movement to the God Self within that is your salvation in this age.” [Jesus & Kuthumi (Dictated to Mark & Elizabeth Prophet), Prayer & Meditation]  The God Self within is God within you.  As Jesus taught, “The  kingdom of God is within you.”   (Luke 17:21)  Salvation is a word that has been used in reference to “being saved from an eternity in hell–taught with the intent to control humanity via fear of  a  revengeful god that humanity created in its image.  We are to evolve spiritually beyond this concept of God and ourselves.  What has been called the 2nd Return of Christ actually means that humanity  is to  become Christed  by consciously becoming ONE with our own God Self (called the I AM PRESENCE by many).   

St. Germain’s gift of the Transmuting Flame clears away the negativity within our energy field, allowing us to awaken to a higher level of consciousness as to who we are and to our Oneness with Mother/Father God.

We can attune to Ascended Master St. Germain by listening to his musical keynote.  I now would like to refer you to a blog written by Dr. Kay Johnson-Gentile, entitled:  “Tales From the Vienna Woods:  St. Germain’s Musical Keynote.”  (  She includes some fascinating information about St. Germain, which I think you will enjoy as well as listening to his musical keynote–“Tales From the Vienna Woods:  St. Germain’s Musical Keynote.”

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