About Ben Fulford’s notes on the North Carolina Hillary video… “Lots of Video Discrepancies to see here, folks!”

THANKS, KP, for doing this analysis for us!

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hillary_clinton_160915_nc_0001_cell_phone_no_flags 00:01 Cell phone shows no flags

hillary_clinton_160915_nc_0007_cell_phone_no_hillary 00:07 Cell phone shows no Hillary (even though she’s right in front of it)

[Kp note: all of the images are essentially full size. And I am not “making fun” of Hillary in this… just pointing out the video discrepancies.]

I looked at the video Ben Fulford made a note of in his latest post (Kp blog link) (go to the end of this post to view Ben’s statement on this). Talk about discrepancies! Something’s going on here.

Upper left and right show cell phone screens that do not have either flags or Hillary, even though they are directly in front of the cell phones.

Below are several examples of “Hillary wash out”. Note that only Hillary “washes out”, not the red and white stripes behind her. My presumption is that the Hillary part of this video was made separately from the…

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