Archangel Metatron Channel via James Tyberonn The Angelic Realm – Part 2 ‘The Misconception of Fallen Angels’

Archangel Metatron Channel
via James Tyberonn
The Angelic Realm – Part 2
‘The Misconception of Fallen Angels’
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Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light. I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service & we greet you in a vector of unconditional love.
Dear Ones, we continue in this session with the final potion of our channel on the nature of Angels. We ask you to keep an open mind in the information we share, for portions of what we share may differ from your religious teachings.
Angels are Messengers of Gods, and as we have said are also the engineers of reality. We of the angelic realm have important roles in revealing God’s nature & purpose. We are intricately connecting to humanity. We have been & are now closely involved with important events in the evolution of humanity in the earthplane and duality realm.
As we have said, and we re-emphasize herein, pure Angelics are Divine Beings of formless light. But Humanity throughout the linear epochs of the earth-plane perceives Angels based on conceptual images, in culturally filtered interpretations based on their level of both light quotient & belief programming, to allow for more familiar interface. Angels ARE, exquisitely and splendidly ARE, and always have been ‘Keepers of Light’ place holders of this space and non-space of the eternal expanding ‘NOW’ of Alpha and Omega.
 All of Humanity are Beings of Light, powerful spiritual consciousness, as sparks of the Divine. The difference between Humanity and Angels is that Humans are an aspect of the Divine that evolves back into God expansion plurality, having chosen to experience free will and relearn creation through the magnanimous lens termed the ‘Duality’ earth- plane of cause and effect.
And in the slow evolution of expansive devolved societal influences, misunderstandings of the nature of God were construed and manipulated into  fear based religious ideologies , for manipulation & control by fear  of the populace.
The Keeper of Duality is An Angel
We will also tell you that the religious teaching of ‘Fallen Angels’ is a fear based inaccuracy. There is indeed a ‘Conscious Keeper’ of the specific Law of Physics that enables polarity/duality, which is the force that enables the ‘University of Earth’. And within that school of the duality causal plane, humanity is able to master the responsibility of creative forces. However the holder of duality is not fallen, is not evil. Your archaic religious metaphors of fear based patriarchal religions refer to an angel you have ironically named as Lucifer (Bringer of Light) as a fallen angel. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Insert:   The original Hebrew text from which is derived the Biblical accounting shown in the fourteenth chapter of Isaiah, referencing ‘Lucifer’ is not about a fallen angel at all, but about a fallen Babylonian king, who during his lifetime had persecuted the children of Israel. The original text contains absolutely no mention of a Demon, Fallen Angel, or of Satan, either by name or reference. Hebrew scholars speculate that some early Christian scribes, writing in the Latin language used by the Church, had decided for themselves that they wanted the story to be about a fallen angel, a dis-graced ‘evil’ anti-God creature, which again, is not even mentioned in the original Hebrew text, and they gave this ‘Fallen Angel’ the name ‘Lucifer.’ Edgar Cayce readings clearly state that the original texts of Holy Christian scripture were altered, with key passages removed and others changed. Most likely done at the Council of Nicaea. Later, the scholars who translated the King James Bible into English did not use the original Hebrew texts, but used versions translated in the 3rd & 4th century. Politically motivated ‘Theologians’ created the fear-based myth of hell, and the fallen angel concept, which over time became both Roman Catholic and Christian belief. – James Tyberonn
The Misconception
There are no evil or fallen Angels! Period. There is no vengeful God in the heavens. There are no Angels to fear. Rather, Angels are a magnificent family partner with a hand reaching out to you. A familiar hand from home. The idea of dark angels is indeed a manipulation, a skewed, archaic misunderstood analogy of the duality force. The only demons, the only evil that exists in duality planes are those created by inaccurate thought in the learning process of ‘free-will’. We say again, with emphasis…there are no ‘fallen angels’. How could a Being of Light created by Divine Source divert from what it is? Angels, do not have ‘free-will’ in your terms. Rather they have Divine Will.
Opposites, and this may be difficult for you to understand, but be assured that opposites do not exist in non-polarity realms. Therefore that you terms as evil, the opposite of good, only exists in duality.
The Supreme Gestalt of ‘All That Is’ is the substance of the reality that underlies all appearances and manifestations that are called Life, including matter, anti-matter, non-matter, energy and non-energy, thought and the absence of thought.
And we tell you, there is that which exists even beyond this.
You may not fully comprehend this axiom from your duality perspective, or perhaps do not feel that this is within your field of conception, yet we would tell you otherwise. But it is ever your discernment that must be honored in order to expand as you grow into greater awareness of your God Self.
Think NOT that we desire to forcefully impose or have you change your chosen stance on God, religion or the nature of your own being. Your beliefs, values and chosen opinions are sacred steps of your free-will and are fully endorsed by the ‘ All That Is’, of which you are a Divine Aspect.
Dear Humans, the mode and manner, the expediency and format of your evolution is your own creation, and that is by individual design. You are here to learn responsible creation, to become the wise co-creators of the earth, and of every aspect of your journey. There can be no other way to complete the University of Earth. It is not the role of the Angelic, nor the Ascended Masters Councils to make choices for you; we are holders of information that you may utilize, refashion, reject or accept. It is your choice, and we tell you that each of you will graduate in time. Love is ever the key, and cause and effect are great and greater teachers that all of you will learn from. Experiencing duality and learning Mastery en route is why you entered the course.
But we wish to emphasize , that the intimate connections between each human soul, and the God source, the Divine ‘ All That Is’  can never be severed, because you are a part, an original spark of prime creator, that you term as God. And in that sense, there is indeed a focal awareness from Creator God toward each soul, and divine love, unconditional love is projected to each human consciousness…to every soul in the Cosmos.
True spirituality is an ideology, a doorway to your divine nature.  Yet spirituality requires belief and faith in the expansive inner-knowing that you are much more than a body walking thru time. Faith is an immaculate catalyst, a spring-board of truth.  And on the planet of choice, spirituality is based in free will. It connects all that is sacred to the path of wisdom in the 3d University of Duality. Masters, each of you are ever the embodiment of Spirit, therefore you are always spiritual, even when you do not always feel that you are. And we of the Angelic Realm are with you, each of you along every step you take. We do not judge you, rather we honor and love you and see the beauty and courage within you, even when you do not.
Masters, a beautiful completion is occurring on the Earth. Life is expanding into great and greater realities. Being present on the earthplane at this time of 2016 and beyond to 2038 and to 2075, is a great opportunity, a celestial symphony is reaching a crescendo, leading to completion. The Ascension is sacred tapestry, a monumental event that all of you have co created. It is time that you illuminate to the great and greater aspect that has always been within you. The dreamer is awakening. The expansion of Light is the expansion of Truth, of Understanding and is the doorway to the return home. Like the Angels, you are Beings of Light. As yet, most of you have no idea how important you are, and how the evolution that you have created in your selves has expanded the Cosmos.
Before we complete, we ask you to do something very special.
Take a moment, and direct your energy to feel the energy of Light, of Angels. We are closer than you think, and we are not aloof, we are not separated from you. We are friends reaching out, extending our hand.
Now…Feel us.
Be absorbed in this angelic countenance of peace and well-being. It is a moment of solace, is it not? It is the energy of Source, of home, of Light, of Love. It is Angelic, and you Dear Ones are feeling the frequency of our nature…of your source nature in Angelic Beingness of Sacred Light.
It is nice, isn’t it?
Every Enlightened Being who has walked the Earth in final Mastery, exuded an energy that feels a lot like what you just felt. People were attracted to them, loved them. All life responded, blossomed in their presence. They created joy effortlessly, because that is the energy of LIGHT…and Dear Ones, you are human angels, and can and will evolve in kind as you return home.
And in that sacred path, we of the Angelic Realm honor you, and beckon to you, with open arms. We await you, and promise to leave the lights on for your serendipitous return.
I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these Truths! You are Beloved!      
And so it is…
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