FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 6-6-16… “Rothschild Khazarian mafia using delaying tactics but time is running out”

I debated whether or not to post Benjamin Fulford’s report for this week of June 6, 2016. I decided to do so because I feel that not to do so would be an insult to your intelligence and capacity to know the true conditions of our planet without becoming all wrapped up in it emotionally. We increase the negative when we feed it with our emotions, NOT when we know what is truly going on and INSTEAD, consider what you as an individual can do that will positively influence the situation. This response is the WAY OF MATURITY & LOVE! IT IS WHY YOU AND I INCARNATED ON THIS PLANET AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME!

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benjamin_fulford_in_canoe_77Here’s the full weekly report from Ben.

“The noose that is closing on the Khazarian mafia and the Rothschild family nexus controlling it is getting tighter. Having missed one deadline to meet with a representative of the White Dragon Society, a representative of Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild is supposed to meet with a messenger from the White Dragon Society tomorrow (June 7th) in the US. If the Rothschilds miss this meeting or fail to reach an agreement in principle then, open season will be declared on that entire genocidal family group WDS, gnostic Illuminati and other allied groups promise.

“…economic discussions center on what parts of the American economic infrastructure the Chinese will be allowed to buy up, with the US threatening to close its markets to China as its main bargaining card to prevent a total Chinese take-over of the US economy. The other related topic of discussion will…

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