Reunion with a Soul Sister


Nancy, with Twin Flame Uriel

As Gaia (the name of  the Soul incarnated as Mother Earth) ascends to the 5th dimension and higher, her human inhabitants  will increasingly be reunited with our Soul Family Members.   Many will also become consciously aware of their Twin Flame, the majority of whom still reside in the realms of spirit.

I was blessed during the early 1980s to be reunited with my Twin Flame Uriel.  Although Twin Flames do not interfere in a marriage, they do re-appear once the marriage has ended .  I married in 1988 and was married 3 years and 2 months when my husband returned to spirit following surgery for a malignant brain tumor.  Uriel reappeared in my life a little over a year later.  He has assisted me in my research, writing, and–while I still did them–with interpreting esoteric astrological natal charts, which I called SOUL MAPS.

Near the end of September, 2015, Uriel was instrumental in reuniting me with a Soul Sister via the internet.  I have not written specifically about my Soul Sister, Kay Johnson-Gentile, before now because it is difficult to explain in words what happens on the Intuitive level and how it feels to have a 5th dimensional level relationship to manifest on the 3rd dimensional physical plane.  Even though we still have not met in person, it is astounding to trace the cosmic energy cords linking  Soul Sisters (Twin Sisters in at least one physical incarnation).  Our Souls were connected AS IF we called each other on the phone periodically and decided what to do together while we were in different states.  There are many examples of this Soul Communication link.  One major example is that Kay is the only other individual whom I know that is also trained in esoteric astrology.  She is the only astrologer that I have ever recommended.  Now that I no longer interpret charts, I send anyone–who comes to my website and wants an esoteric astrological natal chart interpretation–to Kay.  I trust her work completely, even though I have never read one of her interpretations.  I trust and recommend her work due to the Soul level knowingness that we share.  Nothing we share was cultivated during this physical incarnation; instead, it simply manifested as a result of Souls sharing  during our incarnational journey on Earth while our physical bodies resided in different states.

The reason I am finally tonight writing about Soul Sisters reunited is that Kay’s book, entitled “My Walk of FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE” came out this week and my copy arrived today.  The moment I held it in my hands, my Intuition screamed:  “This book will take on a life of its own!”

My endorsement of Kay’s book describes my feelings best.

A book you will never forget! Just thinking of Kay’s life and how she  has served others regardless of her own pain brings tears of reverence for such an indomitable, highly talented woman! Read MY WALK OF FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE. Allow it to inspire you to achieve greater heights! Your life will never be the same because Kay demonstrates the effectiveness of living in attunement with *”I can do all things through Christ who  strengthens me.”*  (Philippians 4-13)  —*Nancy B. Detweiler, Author*

I have been with Kay on the Soul level and know that she is a woman who is highly esteemed by the Company of Heaven.  As Lady Master Kwan Yin told me in meditation:  “Kay has fulfilled her Soul Contract with flying colors!”

To read her book and listen to the CD featuring music she composed while healing from cancer, and used to help others heal, will stir within you the knowledge that:  “Yes, I, too, can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!”


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