Gender Switching From Kryon Live Channeling, “The Akashic Circle”

NOTE BY NANCY:  In a world of LOVE, we understand the following concepts and allow every individual to BE WHO SHE/HE IS.  Withholding knowledge of reincarnation is one of the most diabolical actions of the Christian religion.  In doing so, all types of criminal behavior result … like murdering a person’s self-esteem, destroying the individual’s ability to be comfortable in expressing who he/she truly is, physically harming the person, and in a myriad ways making the individual feel “not okay.”
Gender Switching
From Kryon Live Channeling, “The Akashic Circle” 
July 2011 in Totowa, NJ

Old souls, let me tell you something. If you are old enough, and many of you are, you have been everything. Do you hear me? All of you. You have been both genders. All of you have been what I will call between genders, and that means that all of you have had gender switches. Do you know what happens when it’s time for you to switch a gender? We have discussed it before. You’ll have dozens of lifetimes as the same gender. You’re used to it.. It’s comfortable. You cannot conceive of being anything else, yet now it’s time to change. It takes approximately three lifetimes for you to get used to it, and in those three lifetimes, you will have what I call “gender confusion.”

It isn’t confusion at all. It’s absolutely normal, yet society often will see it as abnormal. I’m sitting here telling you you’ve all been through it. All of you. That’s what old souls do.

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

To Our Dear Lightworker friends and companions, from Kathryn and Christine, on the night of May 15, 2016:




To Our Lightworker Friends and Companions on the Night of May 15, 2016

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To Our Dear Lightworker friends and companions, from Kathryn and Christine, on the night of May 15, 2016:

We want you to know that we have not left.  We are doing the work that Mother and Father have asked us to do for now, as you are.  We are working day and night, with you at our sides.  We are feeling the terrible pain and discomfort this night, and know that you are feeling it too.  You, the front-line Lightworkers of this New Earth project, have been courageous and determined.  We call out to you – your Higher Selves and your Earth selves, to tell you we are here with you.  We join hands and hearts with you.  Your faith is so mighty and your devotion is so great; you are fulfilling a vital role.

We know you are taking the brunt of this painful moment, that you are feeling as exhausted and sick as we are…and yet you keep going.  It doesn’t matter if you know the details of your Mission in this, Earth’s recovery and Ascension; you who are reading this are all contributing mightily, with your steady Vision and your bright Light.

A single moment at this time in our Earth’s history matters more than ever before.  Choice by choice by choice we are stepping into the New Golden Age.  This is how we walk in together, choosing Love at every moment, in the face of crashing waves of colliding energies, dark and Light.  Aligning always with the Light, we are forging ahead, creating harmony and Love in our wake.

We send you our love and gratitude for your steadfast dedication through this difficult Mission.  We will be back soon with newsletters and radio broadcasts. In the meantime, we keep going, in gratitude and wonder, with you at our sides.

With Love and dedication to our shared Dream,
Kathryn and Christine

Mother wishes to say a few words to us.

Mother God:

My Dearest Children of the Light, you could not know when you came here just how valiant and how important your contribution to this historic project would be.  Father God and I look on with wonder and great Love as we see your courage in the face of ongoing discomfort and uncertainty.   You labor still behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, and yet you awaken more each day, remembering in your hearts and souls that your devotion is to this great effort to bring Light and Love back to Planet Earth.

We know you are tired, Beloved Ones.  We know many of you are ill, not knowing why you suffer in your bodies even while your hearts and minds are filled with hope.  I want you to be reassured that these illnesses are in great part the resulting rawness from your powerful Transmutation and Lightbearing effort on behalf of our dear Gaia and all humanity.  You are helping, moment by moment, to clear away a part of the residue of thousands of years of pain, disease, sadness and fear, and to carry into the musty, dark corners the Light and Love of this new day.  Your Galactic Brothers and Sisters and your entire Company of Heaven are working full out, round the clock with you as well.

Your skillful Arcturian healing teams are with you at all times, eagerly assisting you through this difficult last phase.  Call to them, each and every one of you.  Their joy is to be in service to you.  You will feel their presence and mine, soothing, holding and healing you.

Remember me as you drink pure, clean water – lots of it.  We will bless every drop, to bring you healing and Peace.  Remember each other in your prayers.  You will feel the power of your connection.  You are Unity, Harmony, and Love.  No one could have accomplished this great Mission alone.  Only by the combined energies of your uniqueness and your consciously shared Unity could this great effort have been accomplished so surely.

I have told you that This Story Ends in Glory.  You, beloved ones, are Glory itself.  I love you with all my heart.

I am your Mother God, and I am at your side, always.

Transcribed by Kathryn and Christine, May 15, 2016.

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