Raising Chi and Healing Syria: Gergiev Orchestra’s Classical Russian Music In Palmyra Ruins

NOTE BY NANCY:  DON’T MISS THIS HISTORIC CONCERT… AN OUTSTANDING EXAMPLE OF MUSIC & LOVE EXPANDING LOVE! I am so very thankful for having had the privilege of visiting Palmyra before the destruction! Tears flow now remembering the lunch I shared with a little Syrian boy in Palmyra.. Now, healing can begin to take place. Thanks to President Putin, the Russian Gergiev Orchestra., and Russian Classical Music. I am more than ever convinced that Lord Maitreya is overshadowing President Putin. An amazing example of enlightenment – USING CLASSICAL MUSIC ON SITE OF THE WAR TORN DAMAGE IN PALMYRA!!!

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New Ask Lada episode. Just wanted to respond in a little more detail to a Twitter question:

Was wondering your intuitive feelings on the event today with Russian orchestra? Very big.

I replied:

Classic concert, esp this level, restores hope, aka positive energy + raises Chi. Syria needs it. Positive music kills ISIS.

This is RT video of the Palmyra concert by Gergiev orchestra:

‘Praying for Palmyra’: Russian orchestra performs concert honoring victims of Syria war.

Renowned conductor Valery Gergiev is leading a concert in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra to support the restoration of the UNESCO site and honor victims of the war. The city of Palmyra was devastated by Islamic State terrorists who occupied the site for some 10 months before it was liberated by Syrian troops with Russian air support.

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