Arcturian Group Message May 2016

Arcturian Group Message May 2016

ArchturiansFri, May 6, 2016

  “Dear Ones, we welcome you in these times when new and higher states of consciousness are rapidly becoming the norm within a growing majority. Many children being born at this time are actually very evolved Beings of Light who have come not to resolve karma or clear personal energy but simply to assist the ascension process through the addition of their Light….

 This can be observed as you become aware of the many “child prodigies” that seem to be showing up in the world at this time–children far ahead of what has been considered normal in intelligence, artistic, and psychic abilities. In reality there are no children for every soul has been through many previous lifetimes. Allowing the soul in a child body to evolve into their own person is the sacred task of every parent or caregiver.

Dear parents and grandparents, if you have been blessed with one of these “special” children, do not expect or try and force them into the societal mold you were raised with. These “new age children” need independence accompanied by love and structure. Many a parent of one of these children has discovered that they do not easily fall into blind obedience to some societal rule or another. Their views need to be listened to and honored, but within the structure of loving guidance and rules tailored to fit their needs and abilities.”



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