First meeting between Pope and Russian Patriarch in 1000 years aimed at Khazarian Satanists

First meeting between Pope and Russian Patriarch in 1000 years aimed at Khazarian Satanists

benjamin_fulford_4Benjamin Fulford, February 8, 2016

“The first meeting between the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Pope in 1000 years is aimed at cementing an alliance against the Satan worshipping Khazarian mob, Russian and Pentagon sources say. This is important because forensic research by this writer has shown the Pentagon ultimately reports to the Roman Empire (as publicly headed by the Pope) and the power behind Russian President Vladimir Putin is the Russian Orthodox Church. “Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church agrees to meet the Pope in Cuba on Feb 12 as East-West unite to fight [the Khazarian mafia],” was how a Pentagon official described the planned meeting. Rockefeller stooge Henry Kissinger was “forced to accept a multipolar world and declare Russia not a threat but essential partner,” the official continued….”


NOTE BY NANCY: Additional signs that the world is uniting to rid our planet of the Khazarian Mafia—the world-wide criminal mafia that has secretly ruled our planet. Much truth is revealed in the above paragraph.   1. The ultimate source of rulership on this planet; 2. The Vatican is actually ruled by a man known as the Black Pope (meaning behind the scene); 3. The ultimate sources of power on our planet have agreed to meet on 2/12/16 in Cub; 4. Russia is an ally, not an enemy; 5. An additional conclusion may be made that the human trafficking of women and children will be greatly reduced. (Satanic rituals are known to include the drinking of menstrual blood and/or the torturing and/or sacrificing of young children as a means of supplying innocent blood for the participants to drink.)





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