Light approaching

NOTE BY NANCY: I am posting this roughly 22 minutes of a synopsis of reports via Cobra, David Wilcock, and Corey Goode—all of whom have regular access to high level insiders who leak information to them for the purpose of educating and preparing the people for major events that must and will happen at some point in time. I encourage everyone to at least listen to this report. The reader’s voice is disguised, for safety reasons, so don’t let that cause you to think this is “fun and games.” I have worked with this information for the past 21 years, as have thousands of others, and know that it is real.

We are now at a planetary crossroads … we have never been here before … and we cannot know for sure just what will happen. One thing is certain … our world is changing in a very big way!

Listening to this recording will at least introduce you to the possibilities that may be forthcoming. I encourage you to listen with an open mind and resist having knee jerk reactions. Remember: NO ONE ON THE PLANET KNOWS WHAT “THEY DO NOT KNOW.” Therefore, it behooves all of us to listen with an open mind just in case some or all of the information comes in handy at some future time.

No one is asking you to believe anything you choose not to. We are suggesting that you really might be glad you had a little time to wrap your mind around the information and not be caught totally off guard as you suddenly watch the OLD EARTH societal structures crumble. NO ONE KNOWS WHEN THE EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE!

FEAR IS A VIBRATION OF DARKNESS. So, when we respond in fear, we literally energize the dark. That’s why prior knowledge is imperative as a means to avold falling into fear. FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN CREATES ENERGETIC FOOD FOR THE DARK.

I suggest listening … take in the information without allowing yourself to become emotionally involved … place it on a shelf and go on with your life, remembering to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! … then, when The Event occurs, you know what is happening and can assist in calming those around you.




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